Tag Teams Back Again Episode 19: Sayonara


Kelly and Marty continue their journey through 1988 WWF, with stops at Wrestlemania IV, MSG, Boston Garden and the Spectrum, along the way taking time to bid adieu to some of their favorite tag teams. Bonus mini Summerslam/NXT review at the beginning! (Desperate attempt at relevancy)


Tonight we examine:


Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls 3/5 Boston

Bulldogs/Koko B. Ware vs Islanders/Heenan 3/27 Wrestlemania IV

Strike Force vs Demolition 3/27 Wrestlemania IV

Strike Force vs Demolition 4/25 MSG

Bullldogs/Ware vs “Islanders”/Heenan 5/21 Spectrum

Demolition vs Strike Force 6/1 Oakland

Strike Force/Ultimate Warrior vs Demolition/Mr. Fuji 6/4 Boston

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