Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #7

It’s WCW: Outta the Box as Andy and Tim proudly welcome Special Guest Star and Place to Be Bookerman, JT Rozzero to Survey Says! JT brings his extensive knowledge and personal recollections growing up as a fan in sampling some of the more unusual presentations, high concepts, and themed shows that would go down in history as uniquely WCW. We’re talking Spring Breakout! The MGM/Disney tapings! Beaches Blast AND Bash (and Brawl?) The very first Nitro! Sturgis!  Uncensored! All this, plus: Turner Time, how does it work? A coincidental PTB connection to SnowBrawl. JT’s dreadful Souled Out rewatch. Tim’s mom’s favorite wrestling match. And Young Andy’s near-tragedy at the Mall of America. Don’t miss this yacht-rocking good time with the Purveyors of the Plundah on Survey Says!