Survey Says #16

We’re swapping our metal detectors for surveying implements with a WCW summertime tradition that promises to be a BLAST! At long last, Andy and Tim proudly welcome “Miss nWo” Jennifer Smith as our special guest, for a fond look back at Beach Blast 1993. Enjoy Jenny’s recent, yet enviable wrestling origin story and the surprising role that WCW played in that experience. Then we dive into a treacherous sea, where the the following wonders await:

* A time bomb-toting miniature shark-man
* WWE Network easter eggs?!?
* The infamy of WCW’s mini movies
* Sting and Davey Boy Smith’s apparent audition for Baywatch Nights
* A svelte, sexy, and spry Tony Schiavone
* Paul Orndorff’s Good Friend, The Equalizer, who’s ready to get evil on a lot of people
* Cutting-edge, theme-setting 1993 production values
* A salute to “Too Cold” Scorpio
* Lord Steven Regal vs. a left-out-in-the-sun-too-long Mike Rotundo?
* Arn Anderson, Daddiest of Dads, putting his “brown fat” theory to the test
* Crowd control, Hollywood Blonds style
* Jenny’s son’s favorite wrestling match (or: how to lose fans and alienate people, 25 years later)
* Controversy Creates Confusion in the Ric Flair/Barry Windham finish
* Most Extra Professional Wrestler: Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
* Davey Boy Smith: 2010 Ass-Off Tournament Oversight

Become your own multicolored anatomical hot take and join us at the cabana for a Mai Tai or seven! In addition to her guest spots for Place To Be Nation Wrestling, Jennifer Smith is the co-host of Geek & Sassy and Talk’n Pop for Place To Be Nation POP! Follow Jenny on Twitter @JennyCruz2814 as she takes wrestling fandom by storm (thirsty hoes, however, should slide on past her DMs).

Next time: a dedicated episode for a “wild” show that always seems to fall into our orbit. The Summer of Survey Says continues, and at a nonspecific accelerated rate!

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