Super J Cup 2016 Round One Review

Super J Cup Round One 7/20/2016

1) Matt Sydal (ROH) vs Kaji Tomato (K-Dojo)

Tomato is a colorful character who comes out waving his own pom-poms and is wearing a tomato-themed outfit. Tomato grabs a hammerlock early. Tomato throws Sydal outside with a spinning headscissors and then hits a tope. Back in the ring, Tomato comes off the top and hits a senton on a standing Sydal. Sydal comes back and does dragon sleeper into a legdrop. Sydal applies a leglock and bridges back into a Muta-lock variation. Sydal stretches out Tomato who gets a rope break. Tomato hits kicks but Sydal takes him down and hits his knee-tuck standing moonsault. Sydal throws an elbow but Tomato hits a springboard dropkick. Tomato criss-crosses and hits a flying forearm. Tomato charges Sydal in the corner twice and then hits a seated dropkick. Sydal takes Tomato to the top rope for a superplex but Tomato knocks him off. Sydal jumps up and hits a rana. Sydal misses a kick and Tomato gets him in two ocean suplexes in a row. Sydal gives him a head-kick but Tomato grabs him in a small package. Sydal responds with a roll-up and then a head-kick and a corner clothesline. Sydal hits double knees off the top rope for a near-fall. Sydal goes back up top and does a shooting star press to get the pin.

2) Kenou (NOAH) vs Guruken Mask (Ryuku Dragon)

Guruken throws some leg-kicks to start. Kenou hits a big kick to the face. Guruken dropkicks Kenou out of the ring and goes for a tope but Kenou’s second hits him with a kendo stick. Kenou runs Guruken’s head into the ringpost then takes him back inside. Kenou kicks him in the back and then applies a single-leg crab. Guruken struggles and gets the rope break. Guruken starts throwing chops and Kenou goes after his eyes. Kenou bodyslams him and goes to the top rope where Guruken gives him a head-kick. Guruken knocks Kenou’s second off the apron and gives Kenou a rana off the top rope. Kenou rolls to the floor where Guruken hits him with a tope. Guruken does a dropkick and then a senton back in the ring. Kenou fights back and does a seated dropkick to Guruken’s back. Kenou grabs an ankle-lock. Guruken kicks him off but Kenou gets the ankle again and sinks in the ankle-lock. Guruken gets the rope break after another struggle. They trade several kicks to the chest until Guruken clotheslines Kenou. Guruken gives Kenou an air raid crash followed by a moonsault. Guruken gives Kenou a head-kick and Kenou responds with one of his own. Kenou does a dragon suplex and a kick to the chest for a near-fall. Kenou then does his Ragou finisher, which is a cross-armed Gory special into a sitout powerbomb (thanks Wikipedia) for the pinfall.

3) Yuma Aoyagi (AJPW) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun)

Taichi stalls a lot before starting the match, causing Aoyagi to charge him a couple times. Taichi finally takes off his gear and Aoyagi hits him with forearms and a dropkick. They go outside where Aoyagi beats Taichi down. Aoyagi rolls Taichi inside and goes to the top rope but Taichi rolls back outside. Aoyagi follows and gets distracted by El Desperado (seconding Taichi) allowing Taichi to attack with a chair. Taichi takes Aoyagi in the ring and kicks him in the face. Aoyagi replies with uppercuts but Taichi rakes his eyes. Taichi has the timekeeper’s hammer and hits and chokes Aoyagi with it. Taichi rolls Aoyagi to the floor where Desperado attacks him. Taichi brings him in for a pin attempt. Aoyagi fights back with uppercuts but Taichi clotheslines him in the corner. Aoyagi misses a dropkick but gets Taichi with a crossbody. Aoyagi continues with uppercuts and knocks Taichi to the floor. Aoyagi hits a corkscrew tope on Taichi and Desperado. Aoyagi catches Taichi with a crossbody in the ring, then bodyslams him and hits a senton and a running shooting star press. Taichi gives Aoyagi some head-kicks. Aoyagi backdrops Taichi and does a fisherman buster. Aoyagi tries to suplex Taichi who grabs the referee to stop it. Taichi hits a buzzsaw kick. Aoyagi gets some roll-ups including a bridging O’Connor Roll. Taichi hits more head-kicks. Taichi superkicks Aoyagi then does a last ride powerbomb and gets the pin.

4) Jushin Liger (NJPW) vs Eita (Dragon Gate)

Eita attacks Liger before the bell, dropkicking him to the floor and hitting a tope con giro. Liger whips Eita into the ringpost and charges into the ringpost when Eita gets out of the way. They enter the ring and Eita stomps Liger and works his arm. Eita is busted open. Eita gets out of a suplex attempt by Liger who gives him a backbreaker. Liger gives Eita a vertical suplex on the floor. Eita beats the referee’s count to get inside but Liger gives him a powerbomb. Liger puts Eita in the Romero Special briefly. Liger chops Eita but takes a head-kick. Eita gives Liger a missile dropkick and then a back elbow in the corner. Eita misses another charge but then kicks a charging Liger. Eita dropkicks Liger and does a standing moonsault.  Eita hits a back elbow and then gets Liger in a Fujiwara armbar. Liger gets out and gives Eita a clothesline. Eita gets Liger in a variation of the Rings of Saturn with Liger getting the rope break. Liger gets Eita in a Thesz Press followed by a clothesline. Liger gives Eita a brainbuster and gets the pinfall.

5) Titan (CMLL) vs Will Ospreay (NJPW)

Ospreay does some wristlock work early. Titan grabs a keylock but Ospreay gets out with his multiple kip-ups and grabs a headlock. They go back and forth and Titan does a flying headscissors. Titan slams Ospreay and goes for a split-legged quebrada but Ospreay avoids it. Titan knocks Ospreay to the floor with a Pele Kick. Ospreay avoids a dive and then does a dropkick through the ropes. Ospreay does a shooting star press on Titan from the apron to the floor. Ospreay hits Titan with forearms in the ring then applies a modified octopus hold. They trade forearms and Titan avoids a clothesline. Titan goes to the apron and Ospreay knocks him down with a spinning kick. Titan sends Ospreay outside with a body-scissors and then hits a top rope springboard moonsault to the floor. Titan takes Ospreay inside and gives him a springboard splash. Titan gives Ospreay a dragon-screw legwhip and applies a figure four. Ospreay rolls over to the ropes. Ospreay ties up Titan in the top turnbuckle and superkicks him. Titan rolls to the floor where Ospreay hits a space flying tiger driver. Titan runs back in the ring where Ospreay hits a springboard flying forearm followed by a shooting star press and a second rope phoenix splash. Ospreay gives Titan a corkscrew kick and a springboard ace cutter for the pinfall win.

6) Bushi (NJPW) vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru (NOAH)

Bushi goes to the second rope for his ring introduction and then does a missile dropkick on Kanemaru who rolls outside. Bushi goes for a dive but Kanemaru hits him with a chair. Kanemaru gives Bushi a DDT on the wooden floor and then chokes him with a chair. Kanemaru runs Bushi into the ringpost and then slams his head into the commentary table. Kanemaru takes Bushi into the crowd and runs his head into a door. Kanemaru goes for a suplex on the concrete but Bushi knees him in the head then DDT’s him on the concrete. Bushi then does a crossbody on Kanemaru from the top of an entrance. Bushi returns to the ring to officially start the match and Kanemaru makes his way back to beat the referee count. Bushi kicks Kanemaru in the ring and they trade forearms. Bushi elbows Kanemaru in the leg and applies an STF. Kanemaru gets the rope break and Bushi chokes him with a t-shirt. Bushi chokes him on the ropes. They trade forearms again and Bushi hits the ropes only to be tripped by Desperado who is out with Kanemaru. Bushi gives a charging Kanemaru a head-kick in the corner. Kanemaru hits a clothesline and a bodyslam. Bushi throws Kanemaru into the corner and hits him with double knees. Bushi does a rolling neckbreaker. Bushi dropkicks Kanemaru in the knee then comes off the top but Kanemaru catches him with a dropkick. Kanemaru gives Bushi an enzuiguri and a vertical suplex. Kanemaru goes to the second rope and does a flying DDT on Bushi. Kanemaru goes for another vertical suplex but Bushi shoves him off then rolls him up. Bushi grabs the referee for a backslide and blows mist at Kanemaru who avoids it. Kanemaru hits a low blow and a brainbuster to get the pin.

7) Ryusuke Taguchi (NJPW) vs Daisuke Harada (NOAH)

There is a lot of back-and-forth until Harada starts throwing forearms. Harada goes for a sunset flip and Taguchi tries to sitdown splash him but misses. Taguchi gives Harada a hip attack. Taguchi continues hitting him with his hip/buttocks. Harada hits a few up-kicks and Taguchi starts working his leg. Taguchi does a seated dropkick and starts doing sitdown splashes on Harada including a slingshot version. Harada fights back and gives Taguchi an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Harada hits him with elbows in the corner and then nails a clothesline. Harada gives Taguchi a death valley driver. Taguchi suplexes Harada who then dropkicks him. Harada gives Taguchi a northern lights suplex. Harada goes for a German suplex but Taguchi elbows out and then avoids a second attempt and dropkicks Harada. They trade forearms and Taguchi blocks a knee-strike and catches Harada in an ankle-lock. Taguchi hits v with hip attacks in the ropes. Taguchi goes outside and tries to dropkick Harada who avoids it and nails Taguchi with a slingshot double stomp on the apron. Harada goes for a German suplex on the apron but Taguchi hip attacks him. Harada gets Taguchi up and gives him a death valley driver on the apron. They both beat the referee count to get back inside. They are on their knees in the ring trading elbows. They get to their feet and Taguchi hits an enzuiguri. Harada hits double knees to Taguchi’s face. Harada hits another elbow followed shortly by a knee to the face. Taguchi rolls up Harada into an ankle-lock but Harada counters into an ankle-lock. Taguchi grabs the ankle-lock again and holds on until hitting Dodon (chickenwing facebuster) for a near-fall. Taguchi then hits Dodon’s Throne (doublewing double knee gutbuster) and pins Harada to win the match. Again, thanks to Wikipedia for the assist on move names.

8) Kushida (NJPW) vs Taiji Ishimori (NOAH)

They trade wristlocks to start. Ishimori takes Kushida to the mat but Kushida gets his back. Ishimori hits a dropkick. Ishimori hits a big boot but Kushida responds with a front-kick. Ishimori does a rana and then fakes a dive to the outside. Kushida takes his time coming back in and Ishimori catches him with a knee-strike. Kushida hits an inverted atomic drop, a dropkick to the knee and a kick to the arm. Kushida cartwheels into a seated dropkick on Ishimori. Kushida controls the arm and grabs a kimura with Ishimori getting a rope break. They trade chops and Kushida kicks Ishimori in the arm. Ishimori gives Kushida a head-kick from the apron then nails a springboard dropkick. Kushida rolls outside where Ishimori hits him with a dive. They go back inside where Ishimori hits double knees in the corner. Kushida starts kicking Ishimori in the arm. Ishimori does a handspring and Kushida dropkicks him in the face. Ishimori goes outside and Kushida does a twisting plancha. Ishimori is crawling back in the ring when Kushida dropkicks him in the face. Kushida goes up top and does a moonsault but Ishimori gets his knees up. Ishimori goes to the top and Kushida gives him a handspring kick.  Kushida brings Ishimori into the ring in a cross armbreaker attempt. Ishimori maneuvers out and drops Kushida with both knees in his chest. They trade forearms and kicks. Kushida hits a rolling elbow. Ishimori blocks a second one with a superkick. Kushida knocks Ishimori down with an elbow but Ishimori nails him with a clothesline. Ishimori takes Kushida up top but Kushida goes for a kimura. Ishimori headbutts Kushida and gives him a belly-to-belly moonsault slam from the top rope. Ishimori goes back up top and does a 450 splash but Kushida gets his knees up. Kushida gives him a soccer kick. Ishimori hits him with a forearm. Kushida goes for the hoverboard lock and can’t get it so he throws a head-kick. Kushida does a tornillo and goes for the kimura. He gets it on and Ishimori taps out.

This was a good but not great show. The last match was really good as was Ospreay vs Titan. I do think the show feels disjointed being a month before the second round and they should have done them on back-to-back days. That being said, it is worthwhile checking this out and hopefully the finished product of the entire tournament turns out well.