Style Battle S1 Finale Review

Style Battle S1 Finale

1) Tracer X vs AR Fox- They tie up twice and trade wristlocks and headlocks. Fox grabs a headscissors but Tracer kips out. They criss-cross and Tracer throws a hurracanrana and a dropkick. Fox goes outside briefly then springboards over Tracer who hits a dropkick. Fox backdrops him to the apron but Tracer hits a forearm. Fox hits him with kicks, a chinbreaker and a facebuster. Fox throws an elbow and hits a clothesline in the corner. Fox gives Tracer a senton and applies a chinlock. Tracer fights out with punches but Fox gets a neckbreaker. Fox drops an elbow and goes for a suplex but Tracer small packages him twice. They trade schoolboys and hit stereo head-kicks. Tracer throws a clothesline, some forearms and an enzuiguri. Tracer gives Fox a pumphandle suplex. Tracer goes for another one but Fox elbows him and avoids a clothesline to hit an enzuiguri. Fox gives Tracer a fisherman buster. Tracer rolls outside and avoids a dive by Fox and hits a headkick on the apron and a tope suicida. Tracer rolls him inside for a facebuster. Tracer goes to the top rope and goes for a superplex but Tracer headbutts him to the mat. Tracer misses a 450 but gets a boot in Fox’s face in the corner. Fox gives him lo mein pain and hits a 450 splash for the win.

2) Anthony Henry vs Jason Kincaid– Kincaid takes out the knee of a charging Henry. Henry grabs a wristlock but Kincaid flips out and grabs a headlock. Henry grabs a headscissors and Kincaid attempts a double stomp then grabs a headscissors and Henry tries a double stomp. Kincaid knees Henry on the apron and tries to sunset flip powerbomb him to the apron but Henry escapes. Kincaid knocks him to the apron and flips over the ropes into a double stomp. Henry knocks Kincaid off the ropes and kicks him in the chest and back. Kincaid fights back with strikes but Henry hops him and kicks his knee. Henry gives him a double stomp and continues with kicks. Kincaid kicks back and Henry forearms him and hits a basement dropkick. Henry throws some uppercuts but Kincaid clotheslines him against the ropes. Henry kicks him off the mat and Henry flips outside where Kincaid misses a bodypress and takes a uranage on the apron. Henry takes him inside and kicks and chops him. Henry hits a palm strike but takes a kick to the head. Henry falls to the outside and Kincaid hits a jumping forearm from the second rope to the apron. Kincaid this a clothesline and an elbow and a slingshot neckbreaker. Kincaid does a handspring knee and a handspring reverse DDT. Kincaid gives him an X Factor but gets hiptossed into the turnbuckles. Henry misses a top rope double stomp but hits a bicycle kick. They both go for a kudo driver and then Kincaid hits one. Kincaid takes Henry to the top rope and kicks him in the chest. Henry gives him a German suplex and a head-kick. Kincaid escape a powerbomb attempt and throws some tsuppari slaps. Kincaid goes for a roll-up but Henry hits a heel-kick and a half nelson suplex. Henry hits a top rope double stomp. Henry continues with kicks on the mat and elbows to the head. Kincaid fights back with a chop and they trade several strikes. Kincaid hits an uppercut but Henry fires back with a spinning lariat. Kincaid hits a running knee and crucifixes Henry into a submission attempt. Kincaid rolls him up and applies a crossface. Henry picks him up and gives him a cutter in the ropes Kincaid is outside and Henry goes for a dive but Kincaid hits a cutter. Kincaid misses a top rope double stomp and Henry gives him a powerbomb followed by a single leg crab and elbows to the back of the head for referee stoppage.

3) Snoop Strikes vs Matt Riddle – Strikes is a replacement for Dave Crist. Strikes dropkicks Riddle to the floor and hits a pescado, a tope suicida and a twisting plancha. Strikes rolls Riddle inside and misses a top rope dive but gets Riddle in a crucifix bomb. Riddle takes over with chops and elbows and they trade strikes. Riddle gives Strikes a German suplex then hits forearms in the corner and a suplex. Riddle hits a senton and then a knee to the ribs. Riddle gives Strikes two gutwrench suplexes. Riddle kicks him in the chest but misses an up-kick and takes a head-kick and a standing Sliced Bread #2. Strikes goes for a Code Red but Riddle gives him a Bro 2 Sleep, a powerbomb and a knee to the face for the pinfall.

4) Keith Lee vs Nick Gage– Gage attacks Lee as he takes his jacket off. Gage kicks away at his knee, throws some punches and bights his ear. Gage keeps going after the ear with punches. Gage goes for a belly-to-belly but Lee blocks him. Lee floats over Gage in the corner and then shoulder-blocks him to the mat. Lee stomps Gage on the mat but Gage gets up and fights back with headbutts and elbows. Gage goes to lift Lee again but gets knocked to the mat. Gage throws strikes and a headbutt but Lee fires back with forearms. Gage throws punches and an elbow and chops Lee in the corner and bights his face. Lee throws a forearm and smashes Gage’s head into the turnbuckle. Lee tosses Gage across the ring. Lee misses a charge in the corner and Gage throws more forearms. Lee hits one as well and charges Gage who hits a spinebuster. Gage hits a back elbow in the corner and a face-wash. Gage goes for another face-wash but Lee grabs his boot and then hits a forearm and a clothesline. Gage throws forearms and chops but Lee fires back with chops and a headbutt. Gage flips him off and Lee hits a spinning forearm for a very close near-fall. Gage throws more forearms but Lee slams him and hits a spirt bomb for the pinfall. Gage attacks Lee with a chair after the match and works over the knee. An official from the Louisiana Boxing Commission tells Gage he has two choices, to get out of the ring or have his license suspended. Gage leaves and then two referees help Lee to the back.

5) AC Mack vs Shawn Dean vs Adrian Alanis vs Alan Angels vs James Bandy vs Kavron Kanyon – Fox introduces his students from the WWA4 Wrestling School for the match. Dean delivers a bunch of backbreakers to start. Alanis clotheslines him outside and then he and Bandy shoulder-block each other. Bandy slides outside and dropkicks Dean. Bandy returns inside and Alanis gives him an overhead belly-to-belly and then an enzuiguri. Bandy delivers a head-kick. Angles interrupts them and gives them chinbreakers. Angels double-stomps Bandy on the apron and hits a rolling senton to the floor. Angles this Alanis with a forearm and a kick to the chest in the ring. Mack comes in and hits Angels with double-knees in the corner and a dropkick. Mack clotheslines Dean and misses knees in the corner but hits a back elbow. Kanyon flips into the ring and this Mack and Angles with kicks and does a kick/backbreaker combination. Kanyon hits a jumping springboard forearm on Mack and then hits a kick on Angels who is on the top rope. Dean hits a running knee on Bandy in the corner Alanis gives Mack a lungblower but takes a frog splash from Angles. Bandy goes for a snowplow on Kanyon but takes a blockbuster from Bandy. Kanyon hits an ace crusher but then takes one from Bandy. Angels hits one on Bandy and then Mack messes one up on Angels. Mack goes for a double ace crusher but Alanis hits Angels with an ace crusher. Alanis charges Bandy who hits him with an ace crusher. Bandy goes after Dean but Dean hits a back-cracker. Angels gives Dean a standing Spanish Fly. Alanis suplexes Angels. Mack takes a side slam from Alanis. Alanis goes up top but Mack hits an enzuiguri and a meteora. Kanyon breaks up a pin and gives Mack a buckle bomb and a running kick. Kanyon gives Mack a facebuster. Bandy misses a clothesline and takes a kick from Kanyon. Bandy gives a flipping fisherman buster or something like that. Dean spears Bandy in the corner but Bandy hits a knee-strike. Angels hits a knee on Bandy and a slingshot lungblower. Dean small packages Angels and gives him a butterfly into a backbreaker for the pinfall.

6) Anthony Henry vs AR Fox– Fox charges Henry who puts him in the corner and chops him. They trade strikes and Fox spills outside. Henry follows him and chops him around ringside. Fox hits a superkick and runs Henry’s head into the apron and rolls him inside. Fox goes for a suplex but Henry knees him and dumps him head-first. Henry kicks him in the head. Fox rams Henry’s head into the bottom turnbuckle and lays in elbows. Fox chinlocks Henry who gets to his feet and fights out with chops. Fox hits a back elbow. Fox kicks Henry around but Henry fights back with chops and Fox rakes his eyes. Fox goes for a piledriver on the apron but Henry fights out and they trade forearms. Henry gives Fox an air raid crash on the apron. Henry rolls Fox inside but misses a double stomp. Fox gives him a boot to the face on the top rope and then charges but takes a kick to the face. Henry jumps off into an ace crusher by Fox who then hits a top rope senton. Fox goes up top and misses a 450 allowing Henry to hit an enzuiguri and a brainbuster. Henry kicks him in the head and does another brainbuster and a number of kicks to the head. Fox gives Henry a brainbuster. They get to their feet and trade forearms. Fox hits a back elbow and Henry this a running forearm. Fox throws a bicycle kick, an enzuiguri and a springboard cutter. Fox hits a 450 for a near-fall. Henry gives him a pop-up powerbomb and goes for a half-crab but Fox small packages him with Henry reversing into a small package for the pinfall win.

7) Matt Riddle v Keith Lee– Lee limps to the ring and referees try to stop him in the aisle but he continues to the ring. Riddle and Lee shake hands then trade strikes. Lee knocks him down with a spinning forearm. Lee goes for another one but falls to the mat. Riddle hits a knee-strike for the pinfall.

8) Matt Knicks and Stevie Fierce vs Chance Champion and Omar Amir vs Blake Wilder and Purple Haze vs Aero Boy and Crazy Boy vs Jimmy Lloyd and Tony Deppen vs Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne– I won’t like, I am on my sixth show review in four days and don’t think I can go as in depth on this one as I don’t know the guys and won’t be able to keep track. I honestly feel like I’m cracking like Jim Carrey in The Number 27. I see words like enzuiguri and 450 over and over again. My feeling now is much like Martin Sheen in the hotel room in Apocalypse Now, the video flashing in and out. There seriously is a mouthpiece manager named Skinny Minnie who gets gorilla pressed onto everyone on the outside. There is a chunky luchador named Crazy Boy, whose name makes me feel like it might actually be me under his mask given how I’m feeling right now. The Pump Patrol of Matthews and Wayne look impressive. . then lo and behold they get a lungblower into a nelson slam on one of their opponents for the win. I am unfurling from the fetal position and getting ready to review two more matches with 35 minutes until the Mania pre-show, hopefully with what’s left of my sanity intact.

9) Logan Creed vs Joey Ozbourne vs Francisco Ciatso vs Andrew Jackson (not the president) vs Blanco Loco– And the multi-man madness continues. These guys are from ACW. All the best to these guys getting to be showcased on this show but I won’t be doing play-by-play. Instead I will tell you that I am feeling better after the last match. This match does seem set up to showcase Loco, as in the luchador and not my mindset, as he is a good flyer. Jackson misses a dive and takes a nasty spill to the floor. Creed is a big guy who hits a tope on everyone. Ciatso a hits a nice powerslam on Creed, both are big guys. Creed’s valet distracts Ciatso and Creed slams him for the pinfall.

10) Matt Riddle vs Anthony Henry in Style Battle S1 Finals– This is Riddle’s eleventh match in three days. They shake hands to start. Henry gets Riddle’s back and works the arm. Riddle gets his arm and they end up in the ropes. Henry shoots for the leg and goes for a cross armbreaker with Riddle getting the ropes. Henry grabs a headlock and holds onto it as Riddle rolls him around. Henry hits a German suplex and a running enzuiguri. Henry gives Riddle a uranage on the apron then rolls him and hits a top rope double stomp. Henry kicks him in the chest repeatedly. Riddle stands up and takes more kicks. They trade chops and Riddle hits an up-kick and then running forearms in the corner. Riddle hits a release T-Bone suplex. Riddle hits two sentons for pin attempts. Riddle starts kicking Henry in the chest. Henry catches a kick and they trade slaps. Henry hits a spinning heel-kick, a German suplex and a Death Valley Driver. Henry goes for a kudo driver but Riddle escapes and hits a powerbomb and a knee-strike. Riddle gets Henry on his shoulders with Henry throwing elbows but Riddle still hits Bro 2 Sleep and a bridging German Suplex. Riddle throws three more sentons. He goes for another but Henry gets his knees up Henry hits a knee-strike, a clothesline and a powerbomb. Henry rolls into a single leg crab and starts throwing hammer-fists to the back of Riddle’s head. Riddle throws an up-kick but Henry starts throwing strikes. Riddle applies the Bromission and throws some elbows as well and Henry taps out. After the match Riddle says that other companies can’t sign him as he isn’t going anywhere.

I won’t lie, the multi-man matches on this show were a detractions and although they gave the guys experience they weren’t great experiences for me. That being said, the tournament matches were all great other than Lee vs Riddle which I thought was good storytelling. And the finals were solid to wrap up an incredible weekend for Riddle. This show is worth watching, at least the tourney matches, and WWN had a great weekend, with this show being an artistic success if not a commercial as there were as many people in the multi-team scramble as there were in the crowd. I can’t blame people for catching NXT or ROH live instead of this but it is well worth watching on demand.

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