Streaming the Classics: Royal Rumble 2000

On this edition of Streaming The Classics, Andy Atherton, Eric Eells & Scott Grimes get together for a live watch of Royal Rumble 2000. Originally broadcasted live on Stream Lounge, the guys field questions and comments with their guests who are watching along in the chat room as well discuss: Tazz’s debut; the first ever Tag Team Tables Match between The Dudleys & The Hardys; the surprising result of the Miss Rumble 2000 swimsuit contest; the great Street Fight between Triple H & Cactus Jack and the Rumble match, including: Too Cool’s fun spot, Taka’s legendary face plant, debate whether or not wrestlers should be doing double-duty, the interferences of The New Age Outlaws and Mean Street Posse, the fun final four and how predictable who the winner would be was.

To watch along on Stream Lounge, click this link: