Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Songs #90-71

We continue to inch closer to the cream of the crop in ranking the Disney songs by revealing #90-71:

90. Love is an Open Door (Frozen)

This duet that Anna and Hans sing as they grow close is a fun song that leaves Anna blissfully unaware of what’s to come.

89. Something There (Beauty and the Beast)

This song that is performed as Belle and Beast start to come closer is a fine song for the cast to sing.

88. Give a Little Whistle (Pinocchio)

This song that Jiminy sings to explain to Pinocchio how to call for him is a fun and memorable song for Cliff Edwards.

87. When Will My Life Begin? (Tangled)

This simple song that Rapunzel sings as she laments about her life in the tower is a fine showcase for singer Mandy Moore.

86. Ma Belle Evangeline (The Princess and the Frog)

This nice song that Ray sings about his love while Tiana and Naveen continue to grow close is a good song.

85. Lost in the Woods (Frozen II)

This song that Kristoff sings as he reflects on his relationship with Anna is a pretty powerful song for him.

84. Thomas O’Malley (The Aristocats)

This fun song that Thomas sings as he introduces himself to Duchess is a fun song to show off his personality.

83. Savages (Pocahontas)

This song that the settlers and Native Americans sing as they prepare for war is a powerful song to further the tension between the two groups.

82. Kiss the Girl (The Little Mermaid)

This nice song that Sebastian sings to try and get Eric and Ariel to kiss is a nice song to set the moment.

81. When I See an Elephant Fly (Dumbo)

Despite the controversy surrounding this song, it is still a fun song sung by the crows as they sing about seeing Dumbo fly.

80. When Can I See You Again? (Wreck-It Ralph)

This fun song that is performed during the beginning of the closing credits is a fine showcase for the band Owl City.

79. I Bring You a Song (Bambi)

This simple ballad that is sung as Bambi and Faline start to fall in love is a nice and lovely song for the film.

78. The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down (The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh)

This simple song that is sung as the Hundred Acre Wood becomes flooded is a catchy song given the severity of the situation.

77. Love (Robin Hood)

This nice ballad that is performed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian reconnect is a fine showcase for Nancy Adams.

76. I’m Wishing (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

75. One Song (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

This pair of songs that Snow White and the Prince sing as they start to fall in love is a good pair of songs that fit perfectly together.

74. Down in New Orleans (The Princess and the Frog)

This fun song that is performed as Tiana goes about her life while Naveen arrives to the city is a good song for the film.

73. Some Things Never Change (Frozen II)

This song that everyone sings about where they are in life at that time is a fun song as none of them are aware of what is coming.

72. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Frozen)

This nice song that Anna sings to try and get Elsa to play with her as they grow up is a pretty memorable song for the film.

71. I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) (Moana)

This song that Moana and her grandmother sing as Moana accepts who she is is a pretty powerful song and moment for her.

That concludes this portion of the list and next week, we continue to inch closer to the end by unveiling #70-51.