Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Songs #170-151

Our journey to rank all of the songs in Disney history continues as I now unveil #170-151:

170. Something That I Want (Tangled)

This upbeat song that is played during the beginning of the closing credits is a fine song to close out the film.

169. Little Wooden Head (Pinocchio)

This nice little song that Gepetto sings while dancing around with Pinocchio is a pretty basic song for him.

168. Listen With Your Heart (Pocahontas)

This simple and basic song that Grandmother Willow sings to help guide Pocahontas on her way is a fine enough song.

167. Immortals (Big Hero 6)

This unique song performed by Fall Out Boy is a fun and good song to play as Hiro and his friends get prepared.

166. Goodbye So Soon (The Great Mouse Detective)

This song that Professor Ratigan sings to taunt Basil and Dawson when he prepares to kill them is a good showcase for Vincent Price.

165. Casey Junior (Dumbo)

This fun and catchy song is a pretty basic song to put over the train carrying the circus across the state of Florida.

164. Very Good Advice (Alice in Wonderland)

This sad ballad that Alice sings as she resigns to the fate that she is stuck in Wonderland is a pretty emotional song.

163. Frozen Heart (Frozen)

This song that is performed by the ice harvesters at the beginning of the film is a fine song to start the film off.

162. Strangers Like Me (Tarzan)

This simple song that is performed as the Porters and Clayton attempt to civilize Tarzan is another good showcase for Phil Collins.

161. A Place Called Slaughter Race (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

This unique and fun ballad that Vanellope sings as she reflects on her personal struggles is a good song for the film.

160. The Caucus Race (Alice in Wonderland)

This simple and fun song that the Dodo sings as everyone is running around him is a basic song to serve as to what is in store for Alice.

159. Daughters of Triton (The Little Mermaid)

This quick song to introduce the daughters of Triton is a basic song that is cut short due to Ariel’s absence.

158. Up, Down, Touch the Ground (The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh)

This simple song that Pooh sings as he exercises and prepares for a meal is a good showcase for Pooh.

157. Col. Hathi’s March (The Jungle Book)

This basic march that the patrol of elephants sing as they go on their march is a fine song for them.

156. Whistle Stop (Robin Hood)

This basic song that is performed during the opening credits is a fun song that features no lyrics and is just whistling and riffing.

155. Baia (The Three Caballeros)

This song that Jose sings as he describes the city to Donald is a fun song for the film to showcase the city.

154. Not in Nottingham (Robin Hood)

This sad ballad that Alan-a-Dale sings as the townspeople are in jail is pretty sad and emotional.

153. With a Smile and a Song (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

This nice song that Snow White sings to the animals is a fine showcase for the actress Adriana Caselotti.

152. Honor to Us All (Mulan)

This basic song that is sung as Mulan is prepped to meet the Matchmaker is a fine enough song.

151. Never Knew I Needed (The Princess and the Frog)

This song that is performed during the closing credits is a fine showcase for rapper Ne-Yo.

That concludes this portion of the list and next week, we roll on with #150-131.