Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Heroes/Princes #50-41

We now kick off the Wonderful Lists of Disney with our first list highlighting the Heroes and Princes, and we start things off with #50-41 here:

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50. Maggie (Home on the Range)

At the bottom of the barrel is the former prize cow who is brought to Patch of Heaven and leads the charge to save the farm from foreclosure. She is fairly unmemorable and at times unlikeable though she does have the best interest of the farm at heart, but she has no other qualities that set her apart and as a result, she winds up at the bottom of the list.

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49. Chicken Little (Chicken Little)

The tiny chicken who believes that the sky is falling may not be a hero in the sense of the word, but he does end up saving his town from aliens and earns the love of his father though he deserves his spot here at the bottom of the list.

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48. Tod (The Fox and the Hound)

The adorable fox who becomes unlikely friends with a bloodhound naively thinks that friendship will last forever, but after they get older things almost fall apart though in the end they maintain a bit of that friendship. While Tod maybe a memorable character, he doesn’t not rank that high as a hero and lands right here.

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47. Copper (The Fox and the Hound)

Fitting that Copper lands right next to Tod here in the rankings since they are the best of friends, but Copper gets the slight bump due to his protecting of Tod in the end from Amos though this is still the highest he ends up getting.

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46. Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

The genius orphan who longs to find his mother ends up going on an incredible journey where he ends up seeing what his future becomes and he also has to keep a pair of bad guys from changing it. While he goes on a journey about himself and becomes a better person, there are still 45 other heroes and princes more memorable than him.

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45. Kenai (Brother Bear)

The young man who is transformed into a bear as punishment for his actions learns to show love especially to young Koda even after Koda learns the truth, and everything comes full circle as he decides to stay as a bear after everyone receives closure. Again, the remaining heroes and princes are more memorable which is why Kenai lands here.

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44. Emperor Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove)

One of the most unlikeable and conceited characters when we first meet him, Kuzco becomes a llama and goes on a journey to change himself back as he changes on the inside as well and becomes a more caring ruler. He goes from being rude and obnoxious to benevolent and understanding, but there are still more memorable heroes than him.

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43. Taran (The Black Cauldron)

The timid young farmboy goes on a scary adventure to save the the world from a great evil, he is ultimately upstaged by Gurgi who makes the final sacrifice to stop the Horned King. He is about as basic a hero as you could get and lands at the right spot on the list.

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42. Dumbo (Dumbo)

The baby elephant with abnormally large ears is made fun of by others and is reduced to being a lowly clown, but by accident learns that he can fly and uses this to become a media sensation. After his mother is locked up for protecting him, he ends up helping have her set free and while he is a memorable character, this ranking on this list is about right for him.

Why Disney's Bambi, with dreamlike Chinese landscapes and innovative  animation, remains a classic | South China Morning Post

41. Bambi (Bambi)

Dubbed the future “Great Prince of the Forest” when he is born, Bambi goes through much in his life including the tragic death of his mother as we as fall in love with Faline, and after saving the other animals from the fire he officially takes his place as Prince and has a family himself. Much like Dumbo, Bambi is a very memorable character though in the purposes of this list, there are characters more memorable than him.

That concludes this part of the list, next week we reveal #40-31.