Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Films #10-1

It’s time now to finally finish these lists as I now unveil my picks for the Top 10 films in Disney history:

Pinocchio (film) - D23

10. Pinocchio

The second film released by Disney is a major step forward with memorable characters, legendary songs, and beautiful animations and it is still one of the greatest animated films ever done.

Conceptualizing Disney's 'Big Hero 6' | Animation World Network

9. Big Hero 6

Coming out amongst a slew of perfect films, this film ranks right up there as one of the most underrated films in history and is one of the best films of the last decade.

Sleeping Beauty (film) - D23

8. Sleeping Beauty

The last film based on a fairy tale that Disney would do for 40 long years, it is a tremendous film that still ranks high as one of the greatest fairy tale films in cinema history.

The Jungle Book (Animated) Movie Review

7. The Jungle Book

With colorful animations, memorable characters, and fun songs that become earworms, this film still ranks up there as one of the greatest films in Disney history and was my first film to get a perfect score which it deserves.

Moana' Directors Reveal How the Story Changed – The Hollywood Reporter

6. Moana

Serving as a nod to Polynesian folklore, this film is a fantastic film that was the last perfect film of the 2010s and time will tell if it still holds up as one of the greatest films in Disney history.

Did a Disney animated film really say that? If it's 'Zootopia,' prepare to  be shocked - Los Angeles Times

5. Zootopia

Serving as an allegory to modern society with animals taking the place of humans, the film does a great job in providing that balance and ends up being an excellent film that should hold up well over time.

Aladdin Movie Review

4. Aladdin

The second film in what I call the trilogy of greatness, it shouldn’t be discredited as to how amazing this film is and it still remains one of the greatest films in Disney history.

Frozen (2013) - IMDb

3. Frozen

Harkening back to the glory days of the Disney Renaissance, this film easily goes down as the greatest Disney film of the 2010s and holds strong against some of the Disney classics of the past.

The Lion King | Disney Movies

2. The Lion King

The third film in the trilogy of greatness, this film has everything from amazing visuals, a great villain, memorable songs, and so much more as it is considered by many the greatest of all time including me though it falls just short on this list.

And now, the greatest film in Disney history:

Beauty and the Beast' Review: Movie (1991) – The Hollywood Reporter
  1. Beauty and the Beast

With stunning visuals, memorable characters, legendary songs, and the distinction of being the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture, the first in the trilogy of greatness more than deserves its place as the greatest film in Disney history.

That concludes all of the lists and next week, I will officially put a bow on this project with my epilogue.