SPECIAL Hamburg Preview!

As a preview for this coming Monday’s Hamburg All Stars show, here is some audio from the 23/5/76 All Star Wrestling, for more info on how to receive audio like this then please visit thehistoryofwwe.com or follow Richard on Twitter @maskedwrestlers

-WWWF All Star Wrestling 5/23/76 (WRGB Albany feed airdate) (taped 3/31/76-original airdate 4/17/76)


Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca opening

Promo for Albany 5/28 – Vince McMahon interviews Ivan Putski


Joe McHugh intro

Billy White Wolf vs. Bugsy McGraw


Stan Hansen vs. Billy Berger


Vince McMahon update on Bruno Sammartino’s neck injury Рinterview with Stan Hansen & Freddie Blassie


Skandor Akbar  vs. Frank Williams


Jose Gonzalez & Johnny Rivera vs. Vincente Pometti & JoJo Andrews

Promo for Albany 5/28 – Vince McMahon interviews Freddie Blassie & Skandor Akbar


Vince McMahon ringside interview with Gorilla Monsoon discussing Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki

Vince McMahon closing