Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast: 5/9/17

Space City is back. Pete and Johnny discuss the new website. Also on the agenda.

1. Gino Hernandez vs Tiger Conway Jr. 11/30/79
-We discuss their origins as opposite side of the coin young boys.
-Gino’s early gimmick and his evolution.
2. Tiger Conway Jr vs The Spoiler 8/14/81
-Is it a fake spoiler?
3.Bobo Johnson vs Tiny Tom 8/14/81
-Paul Boesch cracks us up. Find out why?
-What’s the difference between dwarfs and small people? Boesch explains it all!!!
-We discuss Tiny Tom as a face vs him being a heel.
4. Tiger Conway Jr/Bobo Johnson vs Spoiler/Tiny Tom 8/14/81