Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 2/27/17

Pete and Johnny marvel at the variety of footage we get this week. Plus Pete was 13 at the 9/27/85 show for his early 14th Birthday.

On the agenda for the show.
1. Lord Humongous vs Tony Falk -9/27/85
– Pete and Johnny debate what movie character Humongous is based on.
-Tony Falk roles in wrestling
2.Misty Blue vs Linda Dallas 9/27/85
3.Jake Roberts vs Barbarian 9/27/85
-Pete will piss off Bret Hart fans here.
-Pete and Johnny talk up Jake.
4. Fantastics vs Dundee/Mantell 9/27/85
-Whip on a pole match.
-The guys explain why Memphis style workers make great tag workers.
5. Bob Sweetan vs Ricky Morton 2/26/82
-The guys bag on Sweetan for being a nasty person.
-Does the footage of young Morton help flsh out his career as a great wrestler.
-Was Ricky Morton a state of the art worker?
6. Dusty Rhodes vs Hacksaw Duggan 2/26/82
– 1st time these guys wrestle each other on tape?
-Umbrella story telling, what is it?
-Does Boesch do a hard sell to get Dusty over?
-The guys discuss promos,promos, and more promos.