SmackDown Report for 9/11/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #50
SmackDown Episode # 1,099
Orlando, FL – The Thunderdome (Amway Center)

We get a cold open for the show as a graphic appears in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks that happened 19 years ago. 

We then go to a video package that recaps everything that happened last week involving Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. 

We go inside the Thunderdome where Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. 

Heyman talks about what has happened over the past couple of weeks with Reigns making his return and winning the Universal Championship and then Heyman says that last week Reigns wanted him to tell everyone exactly what was going on as he wanted all the cards laid out on the table. Heyman then moves on to talking about Jey Uso winning the four-way match last week to earn a shot at Reigns and this leads to Heyman introducing Jey who comes to the ring. 

Uso comes out and brings up that Heyman and his family go way back and because of that he has a love for Heyman and furthermore he wanted to come out and thank Heyman to his face for getting him into that match last week, however, Heyman tells Uso that he owes him nothing and those thank yous should be going to Reigns because it was Reigns who came up with the idea for Uso to replace Big E in the match last week. 

Reigns says that Uso doesn’t need to thank him because they are blood and that’s what family does for each other and they have thought about this moment for a long time. Reigns says he and the family are proud of Uso for earning this opportunity because he is fixing to take home a huge payday to his family so this moment is all his. Reigns says that it won’t be Uso’s moment at Clash of Champions because he is going to beat his ass just like he did when they were kids because that title has to stay with him in order for the family to keep its reputation, but it’s all love. Uso reminds Reigns that they aren’t kids anymore and things are different now. 

King Corbin comes to the ring bitching about what happened last week and saying that it was all a conspiracy in order for Reigns to handpick his first challenger and he can’t stand watching Reigns walk around abusing the power that he has. Sheamus then comes to the ring and says that the match last week should’ve been a triple threat after he took out Big E and asks how he was supposed to have time to prepare for Uso last week. Uso asks him if he needs more time and Sheamus tries to hush him but Uso tells him not to tell him what to do because he isn’t his mama, Uso then proposes a tag match involving the four men in the ring and says it could be The Blood vs Butt Mudd. 

Sheamus goes to attack Uso but Uso backdrops out him of the ring and then he sends Corbin shoulder-first into the ring post. As all of that was happening Reigns didn’t move and let Uso take care of both guys and when he had disposed of them Reigns looked impressed with what he just saw out of his cousin. 

It is so cool to see someone who you thought would be a tag wrestler for his entire career get a run on his own and to make it even better he has a prominent role on the show and is going to be in a Universal Championship match. I am really enjoying the story they are telling between Reigns and Uso with Uso being so excited about having this opportunity to face his older cousin for a championship on a PPV, on the flip side while Reigns is happy for his cousin wants to give Uso opportunities to prove himself he also wants to make sure Uso knows that at the end of the day Reigns will be the one walking out with the championship. 

I loved that Reigns did absolutely nothing when Uso was fighting off Corbin and Sheamus because that was another opportunity for Uso to prove that he can hold his own and also why should he take a chance of getting hurt by brawling with these guys when there is nothing at stake as now he does the least that he needs to do in order to make money and that’s why his new mantra is to just simply Show Up and Win. I loved everything about this segment. 

We then cut to the announcers who hype up whats in store for the rest of the show. 

We cut to the production truck where Sami Zayn is having a fit because there was a graphic shown of the Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles Intercontinental Championship match and he wants the graphic deleted so he starts pressing buttings on the control panel which “accidentally” sends us to commercial. 

We come back to our first match of the night.

Match #1: Jeff Hardy © vs AJ Styles (WWE Intercontinental Championship)
We are in the middle of in-ring introductions when Sami Zayn comes out to the stage and says this match will just be an exhibition because there is no way it can be for the Intercontinental Championship because he is the champion and then starts talking about how he won the title and then took time off but never lost the title. Adam Pearce comes out with some security and tells Zayn he is there to escort Zayn out of the building, Zayn leaves on his own accord but is complaining the entire time. AJ Styles takes advantage of everything going on with Zayn as he hits Hardy with a cheap shot which is what gets the referee to call for the bell to start the match. 

Styles charges at Hardy in the corner and looks to hit a flying forearm but Hardy moves out of the way and hits Styles with the Twist of Fate right out of the gate. Hardy goes up top for the Swanton but Styles moves out of the way and Hardy crashes to the mat as we go to commercial. 

We come back to Hardy elbowing out of a move from Styles and then Hardy runs off the ropes but Styles sends him out to the floor where he puts the boots to him. Styles grabs Hardy and looks to hit him with a move on the steps, but Hardy is able to take Styles’ legs out from under him sending Styles face-first into the steel steps and then out of nowhere Hardy leaps off the steps with poetry in motion which sends Styles and himself crashing into the barricade. Hardy throws Styles back into the ring and hits him with a running forearm and then an inverted atomic drop, Hardy goes for his double leg drop to the midsection but Styles is able to grab Hardy’s legs in order to block the move. Styles charges at Hardy in the corner once again but this time he is met with a back elbow followed by the Whisper in the Wind which gets Hardy a 2 count. 

Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate but Styles counters it into an Ushigoroshi for a 2 count. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Hardy blocks it and takes Styles down where he is able to successfully hit the double leg drop followed by the basement dropkick and then a splash, but once again Styles is able to kick out. Hardy slowly picks up Styles but is taking to long to follow up so Styles grabs the leg with the injured knee and hits it with some elbows but Hardy escapes by hitting Styles with the mule kick. Hardy goes for the elevated dropkick in the corner but Styles moves out of the way. Styles rolls out to the apron and slowly gets to his feet but before he has a chance to do anything else he is attacked by Sami Zayn which causes the referee to call for the bell.
Winner: AJ Styles via Disqualification   Match Rating: **½ 

After the match, Zayn sends Styles into the steps and then hits Hardy with the Helluva Kick. 

I definitely wasn’t expecting this match to be so short but I thought they put on a good match for the time they were given as they were able to get in a lot of stuff in less than 5 minutes. I enjoyed all of the chaos that Sami Zayn caused throughout the night with the highlight being him in the production truck earlier in the night wanting them to delete a graphic. I really hope the Hardy collapsing spot that happened a bit later isn’t leading to another Hardy battling his demons angle because I don’t need or want to see that again. 

The announcers talk about Bray Wyatt promising a new friend in the Firefly Funhouse.

We cut to the back where Jey Uso is excitedly talking over strategy for tonight’s big tag match while Reigns sits there completely unbothered. 

We then go back to see Hardy getting to his feet and he starts to walk up the ramp when all of a sudden he collapses and that sends us to commercial. 

We come back to a new interviewer who is standing next to the trainer’s room and she tells us that it appears that Hardy collapsed due to dehydration. AJ Styles suddenly appears and he is frustrated over the entire situation as he says he is the rightful champion because Hardy cheated in their title match and Zayn just suddenly showed back up after being gone for months. 

We get a recap of the segment from Raw where Cesaro & Nakamura show up and challenge the Street Profits to a champion vs champion match next week. We then cut to the back to see that the Street Profits have shown up on SmackDown. Cesaro tells them he doesn’t have time for their nonsense because he and Nakamura have a match coming up next, the Street Profits promise to keep their championship lounge clean for them while they watch their match in order to scout them for next week’s match. 

Lucha House Party gets an inset promo where Kalisto talks up his teammates but then says he is glad to be back as their leader and soon the tag titles will belong to them. 

Before we get to the next match we go back to the trainer’s room where Hardy is told that if he gets some fluids in him he should be just fine, Zayn walks in and asks if he is sure it’s just fluids that Hardy needs and this leads to a brawl between the two men as we go to another commercial break. 

Match #2: Lucha House Party w/ Lince Dorado vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura
Cesaro and Metalik start the match with a lockup but Cesaro knees Metalik in the gut and whips him into the corner, but when Cesaro charges in Metalik moves and then runs off the ropes where he hits Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Metalik lands a kick to Cesaro’s gut and then walks the ropes where he comes off with a hurricanrana Metalik tags in Kalisto who hits a splash on Cesaro off of Metalik’s shoulders. Kalisto looks to run off the ropes but Nakamura gets in his way and this allows Cesaro to get back to his feet and hits Kalisto from behind and then Cesaro makes a tag to Nakamura. 

Nakamura knees Kalisto in the gut and then snapmares him so he can hit the double knee drop for a 1 count. Nakamura gets Kalisto in the corner and gives him some good vibrations before tagging Cesaro back in. Cesaro hits Kalisto with an uppercut for a 2 count and then starts to crank on the neck of Kalisto, Kalisto is able to get back to his feet but is slammed right back down to the mat. We get another tag by the heels and then Nakamura hits Kalisto with a kick to the gut, Nakamura sits Kalisto up on the top rope and hits him with the running knee before tagging Cesaro back in once again. 

Cesaro grabs Kalisto in a gutwrench position and holds him so that Nakamura can come off the middle rope to the head of Kalisto and then Cesaro suplexes him. Nakamura knocks Metalik off the apron as Cesaro goes for a cover which gets him another 2 count. The Street Profits pop up on the screen and they have thrown a party in the championship lounge and this distracts the champions long enough for Kalisto to rolls Cesaro up in a schoolboy pin which is enough to pick up the upset win.
Winner: Lucha House Party via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¼

I know these two teams have faced each other numerous times but I never get tired of seeing them face off against each other which is something I can’t say for a lot of the matches that WWE decides to do to death. This match was unfortunately over before it had a chance to really get going which is a shame. It really shows how bad each show’s tag division is when you have to have the champions of each brand face each other as there are no other worthy opponents for either team to face on their own brand that we haven’t seen them face off against a million times already. 

We see Bayley walking toward the ring with the chair she used last week in her hand as we go to commercial. 

We come back to the party in the championship lounge and Lucha House Party arrives to celebrate their win. 

Bayley makes her way to the ring and takes a seat in the chair and then we go to a video package that recaps Bayley turning on Sasha Banks last week and brutally attacking her. 

Bayley says that ever since last week all she has heard is how is Sasha doing and when will she be back, but nobody cares to ask her how she feels. Bayley rhetorically asks if people thought she enjoyed destroying her best friend with a chair and it turns out that she loved every bit of it. 

Bayley wants to know if Sasha thought she was some kind of idiot because Sasha should’ve known that she knows her better than anybody and she knew that Sasha was just waiting for the right time to turn on her. Bayley says that Sasha pretended to be her best friend just so she could keep her close in order to use her, but then Bayley reveals that she knew what Sasha was doing because she was doing the exact same thing to Sasha. Bayley says she never cared about Sasha or their friendship she just wanted to use her and thanks to Sasha she was able to become Bayley Dos Straps, but now Sasha is completely useless to her. 

I really enjoyed this promo as Bayley’s reason for turning on Sasha made complete sense as she struck Sasha before Sasha had the opportunity to strike her which shows that she has learned from her past mistakes as in the past she would be the naive one that would be too trusting of Sasha and end up paying for it but she wasn’t going to let that happen to her again. I do hope that Bayley drops the whole ding dong schtick she has been doing over the past few months because that only worked when she was the obnoxious heel but now she is a vicious and no-nonsense type of heel. I just hope they don’t bring Sasha back too soon as I would keep her out until January and have her win the Rumble to face Bayley at Mania, but I have a feeling that we could see her back as soon as next month as something tells me we could get a Hell in a Cell match between Bayley and Sasha.On a side note that has nothing to do with the promo I just want to say that it looked like Bayley had all of the makeup available in the dressing room on her face, does she always wear that much makeup because I have never noticed it until they did a closeup on her during this promo? 

Bayley leaves the ring and starts her way up the ramp when Nikki Cross makes her entrance for the four-way match which is coming up next, Bayley and Nikki lock eyes for a moment and then Nikki continues to the ring but Bayley comes back and hits Nikki in the back with the chair and this sends us to commercial. 

We come back to the trainers checking on Nikki and Alexa Bliss is down there as well. Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring and as she takes her skirt off she throws it at Nikki and this pisses Alexa off as she wants to get at Lacey, but the referee is holding her back. Lacey gets in the ring to join Tamina who had already come out during the break and quickly after Alexa and Nikki join them as this match is set to get underway. 

Match #3: Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans vs Alexa Bliss vs Tamina Snuka (SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender Match)
Alexa goes after Lacey but gets taken down with a drop toe hold and while this is happening Tamina sends Nikki out of the ring. Lacey whips Alexa into Tamina who takes Alexa down with a big boot. Lacey charges at Tamina in the corner but gets backdropped to the apron where she ends up choking Tamina with her leg, Lacey pulls out her handkerchief and dabs herself off and then throws it in Tamina’s face. Lacey sweeps the leg of Tamina and then thinks about hitting the slingshot elbow but Tamina is able to move out of the way. Tamina takes Lacey down with a big headbutt. 

Alexa comes back in the ring and takes both women down with a dropkick and then goes to town on both of them with right hands and a dropkick to Lacey. Alexa hits the first part of Insult to Injury but rolls right into a clothesline from Tamina. Tamina hits Lacey with a vertical suplex and goes for a pin but it’s broken up by Alexa, Tamina picks up Alexa and looks to dump her out of the ring but Alexa is fighting with everything she has and then even attempts to hit Tamina with the DDT, but Tamina holds onto the top rope causing Alexa to hit the back of her head on the mat. Tamina hits Alexa with a boot and then whips her into the corner where she hits her with an avalanche and then Tamina chokes Alexa with her boot. Lacey grabs Tamina by the hair and rubs her face across the top rope and then goes for the elevated bronco buster on Alexa, but as she is coming down Tamina kicks Lacey right in the gut and this sends Lacey rolling out of the ring. 

Nikki returns to the ring and jumps on Tamina’s back until she is thrown off and then Nikki goes to work hitting Tamina with several forearm shots to the chest before running off the ropes and dropkicking Tamina in the knee and then she follows that up with a clothesline for a 2 count. Tamina rolls out to the apron but Nikki quickly knocks her to the floor. Nikki whips Alexa toward the ropes and she takes out the other two women at ringside with a baseball slide. Alexa then goes into a trance-like state as Nikki takes Lacey and Tamina down with a crossbody off the apron. Alexa looks like she is going to help Nikki get to her feet, but then she grabs Nikki and hits her with Sister Abigail and this sends us immediately to commercial. 

We come back to Tamina in control of Lacey as she has her in a chin lock but Lacey quickly gets to her feet and as Lacey is fighting her way out of the hold we are shown that during the commercial Alexa walked out of the match still in the same trance she was in when she hit Nikki with Sister Abigail. Back to the current time, we see that Tamina has put Lacey in the corner, but Lacey gets out to the apron, and when Tamina charges at her she side steps and lands some knee strikes to Tamina’s chest and then she snaps the back of Tamina’s neck across the top rope. Lacey sweeps the legs of Tamina and this time she is able to connect with the slingshot elbow drop for a 2 count. Lacey climbs up to the middle rope as she is looking for the moonsault but she takes too much time and Tamina clips her legs out from under her. Tamina charges in looking for the hip attack but Lacey sends her into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Lacey hits Tamina with the elevated bronco buster and then follows that up with the big double jump rotating moonsault for a 2 count when Nikki breaks up the pin. 

Nikki fires herself up as she hits a couple of avalanches on both women and then takes them both down with a bulldog and clothesline combo. Nikki picks up Tamina and sends her into the corner and then charges toward her but Tamina side steps and then tries to charge in at Nikki but gets hit with a back elbow and then Nikki hits her with a tornado DDT and then she counters a clothesline attempt from Lacey and turns it into a Regal Cutter which gets a 2 count before Tamina breaks up the pin. Tamina sends Nikki into the corner and then Lacey turns Tamina around only to be hit with a superkick which causes Lacey to bounce off the ropes and Tamina looks to hit her with the Samoan drop but Lacey slides out the back and nails Tamina with the Woman’s Right. Nikki looks to hit Lacey with The Purge but Lacey spins out of it and tries to hit the Woman’s Right but Nikki ducks and then hits Lacey with the rope draped version of The Purge only for Lacey to roll out of the ring before Nikki can go for a pinfall. Tamina looks to hit the Samoan drop on Nikki but Nikki slides out the back so Tamina goes for another superkick, but Nikki sidesteps and then catches Tamina in a pinning combination which is enough to finish the match.
Winner: Nikki Cross via Pinfall  Match Rating: **¼ 

This was an average match at best as the highlight of the entire match was Alexa hitting Nikki with Sister Abigail and then walking off in a trance. Not sure why Tamina was in a number one contender match when she hasn’t done anything to deserve it, could they have not put Naomi in the match instead after all she did beat Bayley last month and there has been zero follow up to that which is a shame because I would’ve much rather watched Naomi in this match over Tamina. I feel like the match between Bayley and Nikki is pretty predictable as it seems pretty obvious that Alexa will end up costing her the match. 

We cut to the back where we see Sheamus and Corbin talking about their tag match tonight, but we couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. 

Otis makes his way to the ring as he will be in action next. 

We come back to another vignette of the mystery woman we saw last week. This week we see her putting on a bra, stockings, heels, and she is dressed in something that looks like it came from Dancing with the Stars, we also are able to see that the mystery woman is blonde. The lady snaps her fingers and a man puts a fur coat on her, the camera starts panning up but before it gets to her face she spins around and the vignette ends. 

Well now that we know the mystery woman has blonde hair I guess that means any hope of Eva Marie returning is gone unless she decided to dye her hair. Judging by what we saw it looks like the mystery woman could be Carmella under a new gimmick as she and the mystery woman have a very similar looking physique, but hopefully, I’m wrong and it is Eva Marie, I’ll be crossing my fingers that it is. 

John Morrison comes to the ring and as he does we get a recap of what happened last week when Morrison stole Otis’ briefcase only to find out that Otis keeps his Money in the Bank contract in his lunch box. 

Match #4: Otis w/ Tucker vs John Morrison w/ The Miz
Miz is on commentary during this match.

Morrison runs right at Otis and tries for a jumping clothesline but Otis ducks and then takes Morrison down with a shoulder block which sends Morrison spinning through the air. Otis sends Morrison into the ropes but ducks his head so Morrison rolls over his back and comes off the ropes but is taken down with a back elbow from Otis. Otis goes to pick up Morrison but is hit with a jawbreaker and then Morrison starts to kick Otis, but this fires him up and eventually, Otis catches his leg and sends Morrison across the ring with an exploder. Otis hits Morrison with a spinning slam and is looking to hit him with an avalanche in the corner, but Miz jumps up on the apron to serve as a distraction In the ring Otis misses an avalanche as Morrison rolls out of the way and then Miz runs over and steals Otis’s lunchbox and then bolts to the back. Morrison takes his focus off of Otis in order to mock Tucker but it ends up costing him as Otis hits Morrison with an avalanche and then Otis hits Morrison with the Caterpillar elbow drop and then finishes the match with a Vader Bomb for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Otis via Pinfall  Match Rating: *¾

The only reason this match was on this show was to continue the stupid storyline where Miz and Morrison want to steal Otis’ Money in the Bank contract to use on their own. There was nothing of note to mention about the match itself.  

The announcers hype up that Firefly Funhouse is up next after the break. 

We come back to a recap of Sheamus’s attack on Big E last week. 

We then cut to the Firefly Funhouse where we see Ramblin’ Rabbit and Huskus painting a Welcome sign for the new Funhouse addition and this sends us to another commercial.

We come back and cut to Otis and Tucker in the back and Tucker is worried about Miz having the lunchbox, but Otis reveals that Miz took the wrong lunchbox as the one that has the contract is now inside the briefcase as if it were a Russian nesting doll. We then go over to Miz and Morrison opening the lunchbox and finding that nothing is inside of it except an apple core. Miz then takes out his phone to call in a favor. 

I am not liking this storyline at all because there is nothing entertaining about seeing how and where Otis can hide his Money in the Bank contract each week to prevent it from getting in the hands of Miz and Morrison. 

Before I go to the next topic I have to mention that on Talking Smack The Miz said that Mandy Rose had been traded to Raw and sure enough later in the day WWE would confirm this and to this, I ask WTF why would you move her to the brand away from Otis when you spent months on a storyline to get them together and it was one of the best love story angles that have been done in years, on top of that SmackDown needs to keep the babyface women they have and shouldn’t be losing any of them. Mandy would’ve been a perfect challenger for Bayley to keep her busy until Sasha makes her return, especially since they could play off Sonya turning on Mandy just like Bayley turned on Sasha, but I guess we are not supposed to have nice things or for things to make sense. Hopefully, Otis gives his Money in the Bank contract to Miz and Morrison in order to get his peach back on SmackDown. 

We then go to the newest episode of the Firefly Funhouse.

Wyatt welcomes us to the Funhouse and then tells us there is something that he has been meaning to get off his chest and then he picks something off his shirt and blows it into the air. Wyatt says that because of Roman Reigns there is something very special missing from the Funhouse, but that is okay because everyone experiences losses but it’s how you handle the loss that defines the person that you will become. 

Wyatt says that it’s now time for some fun as he walks over to a box that is sitting beside Huskus. Wyatt says that the newest member of the Firefly Funhouse is in the box and he is going to be an inspiration to all of the fireflies, Wyatt wants everyone to join him in welcoming Pasquale the Persevering Parrot to the Firefly Funhouse when Wyatt takes the top off of the box nothing appears so he tries to introduce him a couple more times and then he walks back over to the box and looks shocked and then we get a screen that says the show is experiencing technical difficulties. 

We come back and are informed that Pasquale has died because Wyatt forgot to cut holes in the box, so Wyatt just throws the box to the side. Devil Vince McMahon appears and he is not happy with Wyatt as he has lost the Universal Championship, the parrot, and worst of all he has lost Devil Vince’s trust and then he tells Wyatt that he clearly can’t handle the responsibilities of the Funhouse on his own. Wyatt tries to speak up but Devil Vince tells him not to sass him and then says that Wyatt better cooperate or else he is… Wyatt stops Vince before he can say the rest of his catchphrase and asks Vince what he has in mind, this leads to Devil Vince introducing Wyatt’s new special advisor to the Funhouse, a new puppet pops up and introduces himself as Wobbly Walrus. Wyatt looks back and forth between Walrus and Devil Vince and then says Yowie Wowie and then Vince says that this is some Good Shit. We are shown that this is to be continued as this episode of Firefly Funhouse comes to a close. 

WTF why? Why are we getting a storyline where Wyatt needs a special advisor that is mocking Paul Heyman when we already have him involved in a much more compelling storyline involving Alexa Bliss and how if at all are the two stories connected, my guess is they aren’t related and perhaps it’s a thing where the Mr. Rogers Bray Wyatt is involved in one storyline while The Fiend is involved in another one seeing as Alexa has never had any interaction with the Mr. Rogers character. I was so disappointed by this segment because I had my head and heart set on the new addition to the Funhouse being either a puppet of Alexa or just Alexa herself so when this super creepy looking Walrus popped up I was not thrilled, but I am willing to give it a chance and see where it goes because I try to look at WWE with a glass half full kind of attitude especially at a time like now when it seems like everyone else looks at it with a glass half empty attitude. 

King Corbin and Sheamus make their way to the ring as we go to commercial. 

Match #5: King Corbin & Sheamus vs Jey Uso & Roman Reigns
Sheamus and Corbin attack Uso as he makes his entrance and he tries to fight them off but Sheamus runs over him with a shoulder block and then sends him into the barricade before throwing him into the ring. Corbin charges in at Uso in the corner but Uso gets his boots only for Corbin to grab him by the throat and toss him into the heel corner but Uso is able to dodge a clothesline and escape the corner. Sheamus tries to enter the ring but Uso cuts him off with a big right hand and then delivers one to Corbin as well. Corbin picks up Uso and looks to drive him into the corner but Uso slides out and rolls Corbin up in a pinning combination but Corbin is able to kick out. Uso back kicks Corbin the gut and then looks to run the ropes but he is tripped up by Sheamus and this allows Corbin to hit Uso with the Deep Six for a 2 count. Corbin keeps looking back toward the entrance because he expects Reigns to come down since Uso is getting beat down, but there is no sign of the Big Dog. 

Corbin tags in Sheamus and then hits Uso with a big right hand that knocks him back against the ropes where Sheamus rips Usos’s shirt off and hits him with the 10 beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus gets in the ring and hits Uso with a swinging slam before tagging Corbin back in. Corbin puts the boots to Uso and then chokes him across the top rope, Corbin goes up to the middle rope looking to hit Uso with an ax handle but Uso moves and sends Corbin bouncing off the top rope and right into a back kick and an uppercut, Uso looks to go for the Samoan Drop but Corbin escapes and shoves Uso into the ropes which allows him to knock Sheamus off the apron. Uso hits Corbin with a superkick and is then able to hit the Samoan Drop. Uso looks to hit the running hip attack in the corner but Corbin is able to slide out of the way in time and then he makes a tag to Sheamus. 

Sheamus hits Uso with the White Noise and then sets up for the Brogue Kick, but when he does we hear the music of Roman Reigns as he has finally decided to join the match. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Uso is able to duck under it and then he hits Sheamus with the enziguri and he follows that up with the running hip attack. Uso dives out of the ring in order to take out Corbin. Uso comes off the top with a diving crossbody but he is caught for a moment but is soon able to escape and then he hits Sheamus with another superkick. Uso goes up top looking for the Uso splash but as he does that Reigns tags himself in, Uso hits the splash, and then when Sheamus gets back to his feet he is hit with a Spear by Reigns and that is enough to finish the match.
Winner: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¼ 

After the match, Reigns walks up the ramp and Heyman presents him with the Universal Championship, Uso joins Reigns at the top of the ramp and raises his arm, Reigns glares at him before he finally nods his head subtly and has a bit of a smirk on his face and that’s how the show comes to a close. 

This main event and post-match was very well done as Reigns once again let Uso prove himself by taking on both opponents on his own while at the same time letting Sheamus and Corbin beat down Uso in order to weaken him up for their match at Clash of Champions and then at the end he shows up, wreaks havoc, and wins just like he promised. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens at Clash of Champions because I could either see both Usos joining up with Reigns, one of the Usos joining Reigns, or both of them being against Reigns after its all said and done.

After a great show last week I felt like (with the exception of everything involving Reigns and Uso as well as Bayley’s explanation of why she attacked Sasha) this show was a bit of a letdown for me personally and I didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as last week’s show and I think most of my dislike comes from the disappointment I got from the Firefly Funhouse because as I said before I had my heart set on this being a major way to continue the Alexa story but they did something completely different that felt like it came out of nowhere and while I understand others enjoyed the debut of Wobbly Walrus it didn’t do anything for me personally, but I guess at least they did give me something by having Alexa use Sister Abigail on Nikki.

That’s it for me this week I’ll be back next week for more action from the blue brand.