SmackDown Report for 7/31/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #44
SmackDown Episode # 1,093
Orlando, FL – WWE Performance Center

We open the show just like we have over the past couple of weeks with our mini promos hyping up tonight’s show, the promos we got were from The Golden Role Models, Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss, Big E, The Miz & John Morrison, Lacey Evans, Naomi, Gran Metalik, and finally AJ Styles. 

We then go straight into a new edition of Firefly Funhouse where Wyatt shows up wearing a snorkeling mask and he says that he was looking for Braun Strowman in the swamp but he had no luck. Wyatt says that part of Strowman’s soul will always be trapped in the swamp, but with that said he wants to make it clear that he never meant to hurt Strowman he only wanted to help him. Wyatt says that now The Fiend is awake he wants something that Strowman has and until he gets what he wants nobody is safe, Wyatts says to let him in and then waves goodbye as the Firefly Funhouse ends. 

I liked that we got a Firefly Funhouse right away on this episode as it did a great job setting up what would happen at the end of the night. 

We then go into the PC where we are starting the night out with a title match.

Match #1: AJ Styles © vs Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado (WWE Intercontinental Championship)
Both men feel each other out and then lockup and Styles pushes Metalik into the corner and then we have a clean break, we get another lockup and this time Metalik pushes Styles into the corner and this leads to another clean break. We get a tease of a knuckle lock but Styles kicks Metalik in the gut and then clubs him down to the mat and puts the boots to him and then sends him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Styles chops Metalik in the corner and then hits him with a backbreaker in the center of the ring and follows up with a suplex which gets him a 2 count. Styles puts Metalik in the corner and drives his shoulder into the midsection of Metalik. Styles whips Metalik hard into the turnbuckle and then sets up for the Styles Clash but Metalik is able to escape. Metalik tries to make a comeback but Styles cuts him off with a cross chop to the throat. 

Metalik reverses a whip into the ropes and we get a leapfrog from Metalik and then he tries to roll back but Styles catches the legs and goes for an elbow drop but Metalik is able to move out of the way, Metalik takes Styles out of the ring with a flying headscissors and then looks to dive out with a plancha but Styles rolls into the ring and Metalik is able to catch himself and land on the apron but Styles kicks his leg out from under him sending Metalik to the floor, Styles slingshots out to the apron and Metalik gets his payback as he sweeps Styles’ leg out from under him and Styles crashes down hard on the apron and falls to the floor. Metalik hits Styles with a hurricanrana off the apron and that sends us to commercial. 

We come back from commercial and see Metalik climbing up to the top rope looking for a moonsault but Styles crotches him on the top rope, Styles joins Metalik up top but gets knocked back down to the mat with a back elbow from Metalik and then Metalik comes off the top with a big crossbody but it is only enough to get a 2 count. Styles crawls over to the corner and Metalik hits him with some strikes, Metalik tells Styles to get up and when he does Metalik tries for a monkey flip but Styles shoves him off and then hits him with a couple of kicks to the chest and then he catches a kick from Metalik and kicks him in the hamstring and then Styles ties his leg up in the ropes and starts wrenching on it and then hits him with a knee drop on the leg. 

Styles continues to work over the leg as he locks in a half crab but Metalik reaches the ropes quickly. Styles picks the leg of Metalik but Metalik fights back with forearm shots until Styles pushes him off into the ropes but Metalik catches him with a schoolboy for a 2 count. Styles picks Metalik up in a fireman’s carry but Metalik slides out the back and hits Styles with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a 2 count, Metalik walks the ropes and comes off with a dropkick for another 2 count. Metalik sets up for the Metalik Driver but his knee gives out and this allows Styles to hit the Styles rush, Styles slowly drags himself out to the apron and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Metalik ducks and Styles rolls through and then Metalik hits Styles with an enziguri and both men are down. Metalik walks the ropes once again and dives off but Styles chop blocks him in mid-air and then Styles locks in the Calf Crusher and really wrenches back hard and it doesn’t take long before Metalik taps out.
Winner: AJ Styles via Submission   Match Rating: ***

After the match, AJ Styles beats up Lince Dorado and hits him with the Styles Clash. 

This was a really fun match and I was glad to see Metalik get a spotlight on him against Styles. I look forward to seeing who Styles faces next and I hope it’s another underrated midcard talent who needs to shine against someone who is as good as Styles is. 

We cut to the back and see that Shorty G was watching the match and then King Corbin walks up and says that Shorty could be the one facing Styles if he had the right friends, this surprises Shorty and he asks if Corbin is supposed to be his friend now after all the short jokes and insults, Corbin says that they have always been friends and the reason he did all of that stuff in the past was to motivate Shorty. Corbin actually calls him Chad and reminds him that he is a former Olympian but he is always getting ignored whereas guys like Matt Riddle come in and get opportunities immediately, Shorty starts to pick up on what Corbin is trying to do as he wants Shorty to take out Riddle but Corbin reassures him he doesn’t want anything as he is just stating facts and he thinks Shorty has all the abilities but just never gets the opportunities. Corbin says the king’s ransom is open to anybody who can prove that Riddle doesn’t belong on SmackDown and then tells Chad to think about it as he walks off. 

In a world full of scripted promos this interaction between Shorty and Corbin felt very natural and did a good job setting up what would happen a little bit later on in the show. 

We get a highlight video of last week’s bar fight and then we see Hardy walking backstage as a group of people cheer for him and congratulate him on the win, this includes Otis lifting Hardy off the ground with a bearhug. 

Hardy is coming out to the ring after the commercial. 

Hardy comes out and says the last few months dealing with Sheamus has been tough and he has been a constant reminder of his demons and he just has to remind himself how bad those demons can be because sobriety is a never-ending battle but beating Sheamus in the bar fight showed him that he is on the right path. Hardy says that while he may be an alcoholic he is also so much more than that and he is grateful for the support from his family and friends and he never wants to let anyone down ever again. Hardy says he is going to fight the struggle that is sobriety and he wants to make the most of his life because he is grateful to be alive and well. 

King Corbin comes out and says he has heard enough of Hardy talking about his sobriety and then says he gets that Hardy’s life sucks but he needs to shut up and deal with it. Corbin talks about how he feels like SmackDown aka his kingdom is turning into an insane asylum after having to deal with people like Hardy, Riddle, and that idiot Drew Gulak who he will be facing tonight. Hardy comes back and says that maybe Corbin is the problem. Corbin says he is disappointed in Hardy because he thought Hardy would want to stay in the king’s good graces so that Corbin would come to him and offer the king’s ransom for taking out Riddle but now he doesn’t think Hardy would do it, Corbin continues to berate Hardy until Gulak attacks Corbin from behind and this leads to a brawl between the two men that leads into the next commercial break.

The Hardy promo felt like the same promo we have heard over and over for the past month and by this point I’m tired of hearing it and I’m glad his feud with Sheamus is over. While I liked the interaction that Corbin had with Shorty G earlier in the night this promo was right back to being a typical Corbin promo and thankfully Gulak ended the promo before it went on even longer.   

Match #2: King Corbin vs Drew Gulak
The match starts already in progress with Gulak working Corbin over in the corner and then takes control of the arm which he uses to get Corbin down to the mat only for Corbin to immediately stand back up and hit Gulak with a knee to the gut. Gulak then tries to target the legs as he kicks Corbin a couple of times and tries for a dragon screw but Corbin blocks so Gulak goes back to the arm but Corbin comes back with a kick to the leg and a knee to the gut. Corbin goes to kick Gulak in the gut but Gulak catches his leg and punches it and then takes Corbin down with an arm wringer. 

Gulak locks in a nasty looking hammerlock for a moment and then delivers a headbutt and some strikes in the corner. Corbin tries to turn things around but Gulak ducks a clothesline and continues his assault on Corbin in the corner. Gulak goes back to the arm but Corbin drives him into the corner and delivers a couple of body blows and then sends Gulak into the corner, but Gulak goes up and over Corbin only to run into a right hand to the throat. Corbin drives his elbow into the neck region of Gulak and then locks in the patented Corbin rest hold, Gulak eventually gets back on his feet and fights out of Corbin’s grasp. 

Corbin charges at Gulak in the corner and Gulak gets a boot up but Corbin catches him and hits him with a spinebuster and then transitions into a half crab, Gulak rolls on his back to try and escape and when Corbin goes to hit him with a big right hand Gulak catches the arm and locks in the LeBell Lock, Corbin slides out of the hold and Gulak drills him with elbows and then locks in an armbar but Corbin quickly gets to the ropes. Corbin catches Gulak with a back elbow but Gulak fires back with a dropkick and when Corbin attempts a clothesline Gulak ducks and hits another dropkick which staggers the King and then Gulak hits a third one which finally knocks Corbin down. Gulak goes up top and takes Corbin down with a flying clothesline which gets him a 2 count. 

Gulak goes for the Gu-Lock but Corbin looks to transition it into a slam but Gulak slides out the back and runs off the ropes where he is caught with the Deep Six and at that moment Matt Riddle makes his way out onto the ramp to serve as a distraction. Gulak tries to surprise Corbin with a small package but Corbin kicks out and then he hits Gulak with the End of Days and that is all she wrote.
Winner: King Corbin via Pinfall  Match Rating: **¼ 

After the match, Riddle runs out and attacks Corbin and even hits him with the ripcord knee strike and this leads to Shorty G running down and hitting Riddle with the Chaos Theory. Shorty does the money sign with his hands toward Corbin and the two of them walk up the ramp together. 

This was a decent match but nothing too special as it was basically paint by numbers. Shorty attacking Riddle and taking Corbin up on his offer was a bit of a surprise but I kind of like it as Gable needs something new as this whole Shorty G gimmick just isn’t doing it and it would be nice to see a heel Gable as we haven’t seen that since back in NXT when he was still apart of American Alpha. 

Match #3: Big E vs The Miz w/ John Morrison
We get a lockup and Big E is able to overpower Miz as he pushes him back into the corner until the referee backs him up and then Miz charges in with another lockup and is once again overpowered. Miz then goes behind Big E with a waist lock but Big E quickly breaks the grip and throws Miz over his shoulder to the mat and now Big E is feeling confident as we get some hip-swiveling. Miz calls for a test of strength but when Big E goes in for it he is kicked in the gut and then Miz goes to work with punches and kicks, Miz runs off the ropes which leads to a dropdown and leapfrog spot and then Big E catches Miz in an abdominal stretch, we get some Miz butt spanking and then Big E releases the hold and takes Miz down with a back elbow for a 2 count. 

Big E allows Miz to get to his feet and this leads to The Miz smacking him in the face and as soon as Miz tries to run Big E grabs him by the throat and then tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Big E goes out after Miz as he slams his head into the announce table and then sends him into the ring post and then follows that up by sending Miz into the plexiglass before throwing him back into the ring. While the referee is checking on Miz we see Morrison leap off the steps and hit Big E with a side flip kick and then moments later Miz hits him with a wrecking ball dropkick. 

Miz rolls Big E back into the ring and then goes up top and hits Big E with an ax handle smash for only a 1 count. Miz locks in a reverse chin lock but Big E is able to quickly get to his feet and elbow out of it and then he backdrops a charging Miz out to the apron and then takes him down with a clothesline which leaves Miz laying on the apron, Big E pulls Miz halfway out of the ring and delivers some clubbing blows to Miz’s chest and then goes for the big splash on the apron but Miz moves out of the way sending Big E crashing down gut first onto the apron and this takes us to commercial. 

We come back to see that Miz has Big E in a chin lock but Big E quickly gets to his feet and then Miz jumps on his back and the weight causes Big E to go down to one knee momentarily but he gets back up and runs back sending Miz back first into the turnbuckle and this causes Miz to break his hold and when Miz tries to lock it in again, Big E throws him off but Miz comes back with a big boot to the face for a 2 count. Miz hits Big E with some mounted punches and then starts to toy around with him and this starts to anger Big E as he gets back to his feet and then he blocks a couple of punches but gets caught by Miz and it looks like Miz is going for his backbreaker and neckbreaker combination but he only gets the first half as Big E pushes him off into the ropes and then he hits Miz with the belly to belly trifecta. Big E hits the big splash and then calls for the Big Ending but Miz sees him and crawls over the ropes and tries to get out of the ring but Big E grabs him by the trunks only for Miz to connect with a back elbow. Big E catches Miz coming off the ropes and gets him in position for the Big Ending but Miz slips out the back and sets up for Skull Crushing Finale but Big E breaks the grip and then throws him over his shoulder but Miz rakes the eyes and escapes once again and then hits Big E with the basement DDT for a 2 count. 

Miz hits Big E with the It Kicks but when he goes for the roundhouse Big E ducks and lifts Miz up for a powerbomb but once again Miz slips out the back and when Big E charges at him Miz dropkicks him in the knee. Miz ties Big E’s leg up in the ropes and starts kicking away at it. Miz hits the running knees in the corner a couple of times but when he goes for the third one he is caught with a uranage from Big E for a 2 count. Miz rolls out to the apron and when Big E goes for the suicide spear he is met with a knee to the head. John Morrison hops up on the apron and hits Big E with an overhead kick which stuns Big E enough for Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but somehow Big E is able to kick out. 

Miz locks on the figure-four on Big E and after a minute of struggling Big E finally gets to the ropes and Miz takes full advantage of the referee’s five-count before he breaks the hold. Miz drives his knee into the leg of Big E and then places him across the middle rope and goes to distract the referee so Morrison can interfere, but the referee catches him anyway and throws Morrison out of the match. While Miz is pleading with the referee to change his mind Big E catches Miz in a schoolboy but Miz kicks out and then Big E locks in a stretch muffler and it doesn’t take long before Miz is tapping out.
Winner: Big E via Submission   Match Rating: **¾ 

This was a pretty good first match for Big E’s return to singles action and I liked that he won with the stretch muffler as that is something new that people wouldn’t expect to end the match since everyone is so used to him using the Big Ending. Solid match and I have no complaints. 

We go backstage where Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura are still celebrating winning the tag titles when Lucha House Party walks up and they have words with each other which include Cesaro making fun of Metalik for losing his Intercontinental Championship match earlier in the show. 

I’m completely down for Cesaro and Nakamura feuding with the Lucha House Party as those matches could be really fun. 

The commentary hype up the next match which is Lacey Evans vs Naomi as we go to break. 

We go to a promo from Sheamus who is still dressed the same way he was during the bar fight. Sheamus says that fighting Hardy in the bar was a bad idea after all as it turned into a handicap match with himself against both Hardy and Hardy’s partner alcohol, but he isn’t going to complain or make excuses because it’s only a matter of time before Hardy is back off the wagon. Sheamus says he is done with Hardy and that’s bad news for the locker room because now he is their problem. 

Seeing as Sheamus was still wearing his bar fight attire makes me wonder if that could become his new look going forward. As I said before I am glad we are done with the Hardy vs Sheamus feud and look forward to seeing what Sheamus does next. 

Match #4: Lacey Evans vs Naomi
We get a lockup and Lacey pushes Naomi into the corner where she tries to tie her hair up in the ropes once again but Naomi block it and then puts her boots up and kicks Lacey across the ring, Naomi tries to hit the running hurricanrana but Lacey catches her with a powerbomb. Lacey slams Naomi’s face into the canvas numerous times and then scrubs her forearm across Naomi’s face. Naomi crawls over the to the corner but Lacey pulls her back into the center of the ring where she plants her face-first into the mat with a horrible looking DDT and then transitions into a gator roll which she uses to roll Naomi next to the ring post so she can bow and arrow Naomi’s body around the ring post and then delivers several kicks to the back of Naomi’s head. 

Lacey then sends Naomi into the ring post and then she traps Naomi on the outside by putting her braids in between the top and bottom halves of the steel steps at ringside. Naomi rolls back into the ring and is immediately bield across the ring, Naomi rolls out to the apron where Lacey tries to hit her with a shoulder strike but Naomi dodges and lays in a couple of kicks to Lacey’s chest and one to her back and this Lacey falling out of the ring to the floor. Naomi gets back in the ring and runs off the ropes and attempts to hit a sliding Canadian Destroyer but it ends up getting completely botched. Naomi rolls Lacey in the ring and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Naomi grabs Lacey by the ponytail and twists it and then tries for the bulldog into the middle turnbuckle but Lacey pushes her off into the corner where Lacey once again tries to tie Naomi’s hair into the ropes but Naomi quickly escapes and then catches Lacey with a backslide and that is enough to end the match.
Winner: Naomi via Pinfall   Match Rating: *½ 

This match was going alright but that big botch really hurt it and it’s surprising they would keep that in considering this show has been taped for quite a while, not sure why you would want to show two of the people who work for you messing up that bad when you have the ability to edit the video, it’s as if somebody has an agenda against one of the women and wants to embarrass them on national television. I love Naomi but this feud is just not doing much for me and the reason is mainly because Lacey is back to being her over the top stereotypical southern belle heel character which I have no time for or interest in. 

We cut backstage to Otis and Mandy who are talking about going to a BBQ joint for their next date and Mandy has even made reservations for a table way in the back. They eventually part ways to get ready for their date and then we see that Sonya Deville had been watching them and this sends us to break. 

We come back and Mandy is in front of a mirror applying makeup when Sonya Deville walks up behind her and this leads to Sonya beating down Mandy and in between beating her up she smears lipstick all over Mandy’s face and then slams her face into the floor. Sonya then grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting chunks of Mandy’s hair because she wants to ruin Mandy’s life by destroying her looks. Sonya then looks for something else to terrorize Mandy with and she grabs an electric razor but before she can use it the referees and agents get between them and then Heavy Machinery runs over to check on Mandy. 

Thankfully Kayla Braxton is on the scene to fill us in on what just happened even though we watched the whole thing and then out of nowhere Miz and Morrison show up and start making jokes about what just happened and this included every hair pun in the book, eventually Tucker runs them off. 

It was nice to see the trio of Otis, Mandy, & Sonya back on SmackDown after a few weeks as they have been missed. Just like everything else, Sonya does this beatdown on Mandy was really great and very brutal. I’m glad they finally followed up on Sonya’s promise to ruin Mandy’s life by messing up her looks as I was beginning to think that it was going to be yet another thing on the long list of storylines that WWE drops out of nowhere. I like that Sonya is going as far as cutting Mandy’s hair in order to fulfill her promise to make Mandy’s life a living hell and a part of me wouldn’t mind if this feud ends in a hair vs hair match. I thought the whole part with Miz and Morrison wasn’t needed as it took away from the seriousness of the beatdown that just happened especially since all it could possibly lead to is a throwaway tag match on SmackDown. I look forward to the follow up on this story on next week’s SmackDown. 

Nikki Cross along with Alexa Bliss make their way to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial. 

Match #5: Bayley © w/ Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss (SmackDown Women’s Championship)
Nikki is so fired up for this match that she rips her vest off during her introduction.

Nikki charges at Bayley right as the bell rings but Bayley sees it coming and steps out of the way. Nikki goes in for a lock-up but Bayley kicks her in the gut and then hits her with a couple of forearms before sending Nikki into the ropes where Nikki keeps ducking clothesline attempts by Bayley and then fires away with her own forearms to the chest of Bayley. Nikki backs Bayley into the corner where she delivers the ten mounted punches and then she hits Bayley with a running dropkick which knocks Bayley off her feet. Bayley quickly gets back to her feet and tries to create space by walking to another corner but Nikki follows her and hits Bayley with a monkey flip out of the corner. Nikki sets Bayley up for the Purge but Bayley counters it only to be taken down with a Thesz press. Nikki sends Bayley into the ropes but ducks her head too early which allows Bayley to kick her in the face and then she tries to capitalize on that by hitting a running strike but Nikki side steps and sends Bayley sliding out to the floor. 

Bayley and Nikki stare at each other down momentarily until Nikki goes out after Bayley where she hits her with some more forearms to the chest and then rolls Bayley back into the ring and as Nikki gets back up on the apron Bayley kicks her leg out from under her which causes Nikki to be draped across the bottom rope and this allows Bayley to hit her with a leg drop across the back of the neck for a 2 count. Bayley hits some mounted punches and then moments later stomps a mudhole into Nikki in the corner, Bayley takes her focus of Nikki in order to taunt the crowd and when she goes back over to get Nikki she is met with a boot and then Nikki sends Bayley ribs first into the ring post which causes Bayley to retreat to the floor. Nikki dives off the apron onto Bayley with a crossbody and is now fired up as she jumps up on the announce table and this sends us to commercial. 

We come back to Nikki fighting out of a reverse chin lock until Bayley slams her down to the mat by her hair. Bayley slams Nikki headfirst into the top turnbuckle a couple of times and then hits her with a Saito suplex for a 2 count. Bayley backs Nikki into a corner and drives her shoulder into Nikki’s midsection and then Bayley tries for the running back elbow in the corner but Nikki is able to move out of the way. Nikki comes back with some cross chops and midsection headbutts and then a running dropkick followed by a running crossbody for a 2 count. Nikki goes for an avalanche in the corner but Bayley moves out of harm’s way only to be hit with a back elbow and then a tornado DDT for another 2 count. 

Bayley crawls out to the apron and Nikki follows her so she can hit Bayley with an inverted DDT on the apron which sends the champion to the floor. Sasha walks over to check on her bff, Nikki dives off the apron and is thankfully able to land on her feet when Sasha rolls back into the ring. Nikki runs back into the ring where Bayley tries for a big right hand to the gut but Nikki is able to avoid it and then she hits Bayley with the necktie neckbreaker which gets another 2 count. As Nikki rolls off Bayley from the cover she notices that just like at Extreme Rules Bayley has the Boss brass knuckles which really pisses Nikki off and she throws them at Sasha. Nikki hits a back suplex but yet again only gets a 2 count. 

Bayley rolls out to the apron and when Nikki goes after her she grabs her by the hair and stuns her across the middle rope. Bayley climbs up on the announce table to mock Nikki but ends up paying for it as Nikki pulls Sasha’s leg out from under her and then sends her into the barricade, Nikki hits Bayley with an avalanche as she is up against the barricade and then she rolls Bayley back into the ring. Sasha jumps up on the apron to distract Nikki but Alexa quickly takes care of her and then Nikki hits Sasha with a dropkick through the ropes for good measure.

Nikki goes up top and hits Bayley with a crossbody but Bayley rolls through into a pinfall but only gets a 2 count as Nikki counters into an inside cradle for another near fall. Nikki charges at Bayley but Bayley leapfrogs over her, but lands on all fours which allows Nikki to catch her in an Oklahoma roll but Bayley kicks out. Nikki catches Bayley in a backslide pin but yet again Bayley kicks out, but when Bayley rolls back to escape the pinfall attempt she sees an opening and hits Nikki with her arm-trap headlock driver and that is enough to finish off Nikki.
Winner: Bayley via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¾ 

After the match, Nikki is still distraught about her second straight loss against Bayley and when Alexa tries to console her she wants none of it as she shoves Alexa down to the mat and storms off to the back. Alexa stays in the ring looking both sad and confused, however, those feelings soon turn to fear as the lights go down and when they come back up The Fiend is standing behind her, The Fiend reaches out his hand and teases her as he very slowly moves his hand toward her face until finally he locks in the Mandible Claw on Alexa and then the lights go out and that’s the end of the show. 

Once again a match involving Bayley and/or Sasha delivers a really good match; they are the current MVPs of both Raw and SmackDown much like Asuka was a couple of months ago. I am really interested to see where Nikki Cross goes from here as it seems like she may be in for a heel turn with the way she has been acting lately, but then again given what happens next it may be Alexa turning heel, regardless of who turns heel it looks like the team of Bliss Cross AppleSauce is coming to an end very soon. 

I absolutely loved the closing segment involving The Fiend and Alexa because it left me with so many questions which is always a great thing when it comes to episodic television and when it comes to WWE cliffhangers are few and far between these days as most of their shows have very anticlimactic endings. I wonder if Vince and Bruce had plans to use Alexa in this story outside of her role during the Swamp Fight or if they saw the positive reaction it got and decided to roll with it, either way, I look forward to seeing what happens next week as they have me hooked.

I liked how during the Swamp Fight the backwoods cult leader Wyatt used Alexa in a positive way so he could play with Strowman’s heart and try and incentivize Strowman to rejoin him whereas The Fiend is going to use him hurting Alexa as a way to get into Strowman’s head so he has no choice but to want to face The Fiend for the title. I do wonder if this leads to her joining up with Wyatt (perhaps she turns on Strowman at SummerSlam) because as we all know everyone changes once they have a run-in with The Fiend, but then again it could just be a way to turn her heel and still have her doing her own thing in the women’s division. I think it could be fun for Alexa to be joined up with Wyatt as that way they could accentuate her positives which are the acting and promos while hiding what she needs to work on which is her ring skills it would be like what they did with AJ Lee in 2012 where she was featured on TV every week but her time in the ring was much more limited, I don’t want to get my hopes up but if they do pull the trigger it could be a lot of fun. 

This was a really fun episode of SmackDown and it had a lot packed into it, we had some really good in-ring action and the closing segment was really great and left a cliffhanger. I look forward to next week’s show but it better be really good in order to catch my attention because I will be splitting my time on Friday nights between SmackDown and the Big Brother All-Stars Live Feeds. 

That’s it for this week I’ll be back next week for more action from the blue brand.