SmackDown Report for 7/10/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #41
SmackDown Episode # 1,090
Orlando, FL – WWE Performance Center

The show opens with our intro video and then we go straight to the ring for another edition of MizTV. 

Miz gives this long introduction for their guest tonight which is Jeff Hardy and while he is doing it Morrison is cutting in and insulting Hardy but Miz tells him to be serious but moments later Miz starts mocking Hardy as well and eventually we get Hardy coming down to the ring. Miz and Morrison apologize for their behavior and then ask Hardy if he wants to show his amazing video clip, but Hardy has no clue what Miz is talking about and this eventually leads to them playing the clip which is a recap of the Sheamus and Hardy feud over the past few weeks. 

Miz and Morrison continue to take jabs at Hardy and then says that Hardy is his daughter’s favorite wrestler but he is worried about that because he doesn’t want her to put her faith into someone who is going to let her down after he self-destructs once again. Hardy continues to defend himself against Miz and Morrison’s doubts about him and then says it is going to take more than taunts from Sheamus to make him go back to the dark place he was in before. Hardy admits that the loss to Sheamus does bother him but he is going to do everything to destroy Sheamus and put their issues behind him. Hardy wants to be a beacon of light and a positive influence for addicts and show that change is possible if they stay sober.

Miz and Morrison mock Hardy’s inspirational words and then say they want to help Hardy and that is why they think Hardy should face Sheamus once again so he can get redemption for his loss, but this time Hardy should face Sheamus where he has home-field advantage and somewhere where he feels secure and comfortable and this is why Hardy should face Sheamus in a Bar Fight. Hardy laughs and says he gets it because they think it will be a handicap match as it will be Hardy against both Sheamus and the alcohol and then he accepts the challenge after he realizes that Sheamus put them up to this and he will show he is on a road to redemption and he will never let anyone down again. 

Hardy then has a challenge of his own and asks Miz and Morrison which one of them wants to face him tonight because if they thought they were going to come out and ridicule him to his face and not get punched in the face then they are sadly mistaken. Hardy attacks both men until Morrison gets a cheap shot in but Hardy fights back and sends them running and this sets up our first match which will begin after the break. 

Match #1: Jeff Hardy vs The Miz w/ John Morrison
Hardy charges right at Miz when the bell rings but Miz bails immediately to strategize with Morrison. Miz slides back in the ring and Hardy goes after him in the corner until the referee backs Hardy up and this gives Miz an opportunity to take advantage as he locks in a side headlock but Hardy shoots him off into the ropes only for Miz to come back with a shoulder block and then Miz runs off the ropes where he gets hit with a hip toss by Hardy. Hardy locks in a side headlock and uses it to take Miz over to the mat but Miz gets back to his feet quickly and then grabs Hardy’s hair until he is able to shoot Hardy into the ropes and when he comes back Miz throws him over the top but Hardy lands on the apron and then tries to shoulder block Miz but Miz catches him with a knee and then slides under Hardy’s legs and out of the ring and then he sweeps the leg of Hardy causing him to land hard back-first on the apron. 

Miz rolls Hardy back into the center of the ring and lands some kicks to the ribs before he picks Hardy up and whips him into the ropes but Miz ducks his head too early so Hardy kicks him in it and then lands some punches before attempting to whip Miz into the ropes but Miz reverses and hits Hardy with a kitchen sink followed by a running boot which gets a 2 count. Miz drives his knee into the back of Hardy and then locks in a chin lock which Hardy quickly fights out of only to be cut off and sent into the ropes once again but when Miz tries for another kitchen sink Hardy catches him with a rollup out of nowhere which gets a 2 count. Miz charges at Hardy in the corner but Hardy backdrops him to the apron only to turn around into a few right punches which creates enough distance to allow Miz to attempt a springboard ax handle but Hardy catches him with a kick to the gut and a Twist of Fate, Hardy goes up top looking for a Swanton but Morrison pulls Miz to the outside so Hardy dives out onto both of them and that sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to Hardy slamming Miz’s face into the turnbuckles and then he whips Miz into the corner but when Hardy charges toward Miz he is backdropped onto the apron and then Morrison pulls Hardy off the apron while Miz distracts the referee. Miz hits Hardy with a wrecking ball dropkick which sends Hardy into the announce table and then Miz sends Hardy into the plexiglass. Miz throws Hardy back into the ring and slams Hardy chest first on the apron and then hits him with a knee lift while Hardy’s head is still draped halfway off the apron. Miz catapults Hardy throat first into the middle rope. Miz is feeling very confident as he lands some kicks in the corner and then hits a couple of running knee strikes and then hits his signature corner clothesline. Miz once again goes for the springboard ax handle and just like last time he is caught with a kick but this time Miz counters the Twist of Fate into the basement DDT for a 2 count. 

Miz hits the It Kicks on Hardy to the tune of MC Miz and Johnny Drip Drip hit song “Hey! Hey Hey” but that is not enough to keep Hardy down as he kicks out at 2. Miz drapes Hardy across the middle rope and jumps on him with a leg lariat. Miz pulls Hardy up to his knees and lands some right hands until Hardy comes back with somebody blows and then he ducks a clothesline and hits the sitout jawbreaker which knocks them both silly. Hardy blocks some punches from Miz and lands some of his own and then hits Miz with a running forearm and an inverted atomic drop followed by a double leg drop, a basement dropkick, and a standing splash but that is only good enough for a 2 count. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate but Miz counters that into an attempted Skull Crushing Finale, but Hardy reverses that into a victory roll for another 2 count. 

Hardy hits Miz with a mule kick and then the elevated dropkick in the corner, Hardy knocks Morrison off the apron and then goes up top but before he can hit the Swanton Sheamus pops up on the screen to distract Hardy and tell Hardy how great the beer he is drinking is, Miz tries to use the distraction to pick up the win with an O’Connor roll but Hardy reverses into a pin of his own and this is enough to get the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¼

This whole thing involving The Miz, John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, and the cameo from Sheamus was so bad, the whole Hardy having to face his “demons” story ran its course weeks ago and they are still going with it to the point where now Hardy and Sheamus are going to face off in a bar fight which is just bad taste and I feel for anyone who has had a history with alcohol and drug abuse and are watching this show as they have turned a serious issue into a trivial wrestling storyline. The match itself was average at best and wasn’t good enough to make up for the awfulness of the MizTV segment that opened the show. 

Bayley and Sasha Banks are making their way to the ring when Nikki Cross jumps them at the top of the ramp and then Alexa joins in as we have a brawl between all four women as we go to commercial. 

Match #2: Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss
Nikki runs toward Sasha but before she can get to her Sasha puts herself between the ropes to force the referee to back Nikki up. Sasha ducks a lockup attempt and slams Nikki to the mat by her hair and then lands a few punches to a seated Nikki. Sasha tags in Bayley and then holds Niki so Bayley can deliver a kick to the chest of Nikki, Bayley drives a knee into the back of Nikki and then drags her into the heel corner where she tags Sasha back in, Sasha kicks Nikki down in the corner and then mocks Alexa. We get another tag to Bayley and both heels stomp a mudhole into Nikki and then Bayley chokes her in the corner. Bayley sends Nikki out to the apron and looks to hit the twist of fate on across the middle rope but Nikki escapes and quickly jumps to the floor so that she can trip up Bayley and pull her between the ring and the ring skirt and then she fires away with forearms to the back of Bayley. Nikki rolls Bayley into the ring and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. 

Nikki drags Bayley into the babyface corner and then tags in Alexa, Alexa whips Nikki into Bayley who is in the corner and then Alexa gives Sasha the sweet innocent angel pose and looks to hit the quick stop slap but Bayley covers up so Alexa smacks her on the stomach first and then delivers one to the face. Bayley connects with a knee to Alexa’s gut and then she picks her up and drives her into the heel corner where Sasha tags herself in. Alexa is able to escape the heel corner by ducking a clothesline and then she takes Sasha down with a drop toe hold and follows up with an arm wringer before tagging Nikki in. Nikki hits Sasha with a running dropkick and a necktie neckbreaker. 

Nikki tags Alexa in and she knocks Bayley off the apron, Nikki pushes Sasha into the ropes but Bayley pulls Sasha out of the ring to avoid more harm being done to her best friend. Bayley and Sasha yell at Michael Cole and Corey Graves and as they are doing this Nikki grabs the SmackDown Women’s Championship and when they turn around she taunts them with it which leads to Bayley and Sasha attempting a double clothesline but Nikki ducks and then Alexa takes out both of the role models with a dropkick under the bottom rope. Nikki jumps up on the announce table and dives off with a crossbody onto Bayley. Nikki grabs the women’s title once again and poses with it as we go to commercial. 

We come back to Alexa landing some right hands on Sasha and then she hits her with a flying headscissors which sends Sasha flying out of the ring, but right before that Bayley had made a blind tag and when Alexa reaches out of the ring to grab Sasha she is hit with a stunner across the middle rope from Bayley which gets her a 2 count. Bayley chokes Alexa across the middle rope and then attempts a fisherman suplex, but Alexa counters it into an inside cradle but Bayley kicks out at 2. Bayley drags Alexa into the heel corner and tags Sasha who delivers an elbow drop. Sasha rolls Alexa up with a schoolgirl but Alexa kicks out at 2 so Sasha puts her in a chin lock, Alexa gets to her feet and elbows out of the hold but before she can follow up Sasha brings her back into the heel corner and tags Bayley. Bayley and Sasha send Alexa hard into the corner which gets another 2 count.

Bayley taunts Nikki and then hits Alexa with a sliding clothesline. Bayley argues with the referee and this gives Alexa time to get herself back together as she hits Bayley with a couple of back elbows and then tries to leap toward Nikki for a tag, but Bayley catches her and sends her back into the heel corner. Bayley tags in Sasha and then she catapults Alexa toward Sasha who just smacks Alexa and then she awkwardly pulls Alexa to the mat for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Alexa tries to crawl over and make a tag but Sasha stops her and then mocks Nikki by stretching out Alexa’s arm for a tag which is just out of reach, Sasha gives Nikki a kick to knock her off the apron and then sends Alexa back into the heel corner where Bayley chokes her as the referee is distracted by Nikki trying to get back into the ring, Sasha takes Bayley in and Bayley takes Alexa down with a vertical suplex which gets another 2 count. 

Bayley and Alexa get face to face and Bayley starts talking smack to Alexa and this fires Alexa up as she starts making a comeback with slaps that take Bayley down and then she hits her with the first part of Insult to Injury which allows her to roll right into her corner and tag in Nikki. Nikki takes Bayley down with a running crossbody and then goes after Sasha but she ducks so Nikki runs back toward Bayley with an attempted body attack but Bayley ducks and tags in Sasha but they are not able to get out of the way fast enough as Nikki hits them both with the avalanche as they are stacked in the corner and then Nikki hits Sasha with a running bulldog into the center of the ring. Nikki runs toward Sasha in the corner once again but this time Sasha backdrops her to the apron only for Nikki to block a punch and send Sasha headfirst into the turnbuckle and then takes a shot at Bayley on the apron for good measure. Nikki goes up to the middle rope and looks to hit the tornado DDT which she hits successfully but unbeknownst to her Bayley had made a blind tag and tries for a jackknife cover but Nikki is able to kick out. Nikki hits Bayley with another avalanche and tries for another tornado DDT but Bayley blocks it so Nikki hits her with The Purge which almost is enough to finish the match but Sasha breaks up the pin at the last second. 

Alexa pulls Sasha out of the ring and looks to send Sasha into the barricade but Sasha reverses and sends Alexa into the barricade instead, Nikki hits Sasha with a dropkick through the ropes and Bayley uses the distraction to her benefit as she slides in and rolls Nikki up in a schoolgirl and that is enough to finish the match.
Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¾ 

This match was the best thing on the show and it wasn’t even on the same level as some of the other stuff the women have been doing over the past few weeks. I do think Sasha and Bayley have been doing a great job on all three shows and have been a highlight on whichever show they show up on and as great as the feud between them will be (if we ever get it) I like them as a team and don’t really want to see them break up any time soon.

After the break, we get a replay of the Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt from Money in the Bank so I will be back when that is over. 

While this match was on I got to thinking what if WWE brought back Wyatt’s southern backwoods cult leader character so that they could create a new 3 Faces of Foley with Bray Wyatt (southern backwoods cult leader,  Mr. Rogers character, & The Fiend character), I think it would be a nice touch to his character and Wyatt is definitely the first guy since Foley that could pull off something that creative.  

Throughout the night we have seen the women preparing for the Karaoke Contest which is coming up after the break.

Jey Uso is in the ring to emcee the karaoke contest. Each woman sings a WWE theme of their choosing so Lacey Evans sings Jeff Jarrett’s  “With My Baby Tonight”, Dana Brooke sings Honky Tonk Man’s “Cool Cocky Bad”, Tamina goes crazy headbanging to Triple H’s “The Game” and Jey cuts her off and finally, Naomi does Dusty Rhodes’s “Common Man Boogie”. Naomi wins the contest and then Lacey attacks her which leads to them brawling and throwing shoes as Jey gets in between them.

Match #3: Naomi vs Lacey Evans
Lacey shoves Naomi and then Naomi takes her down with a Thesz press but Lacey quickly regains control and she hits Naomi with some mounted punches and then sends her face-first into the turnbuckle. Naomi makes a comeback momentarily until she is taken down with a drop toe hold and then Lacey tries to smother Naomi by using her dress but Naomi is finally able to land a kick to Lacey’s head. Naomi lands another big kick to Lacey’s head and then puts the boots to her which sends Lacey rolling to the outside, while Lacey is outside Dana gets in her face and asks her why she is being a bad sport for losing the karaoke contest but Lacey shoves her on her ass, but Dana gets up and gets back in her face and that’s when Tamina comes over to try and calm both women down but Lacey shoves her as well. Lacey rolls back into the ring and both Dana and Tamina follow and then all four women start brawling and the referee throws the match out.
Winner: N/A – No Contest  Match Rating: DUD

After the match, Lacey escapes up the ramp while the other three continue to brawl in the ring.

This was the worst segment and match on SmackDown since December when Roman Reigns got dog food poured on him. There was absolutely no need for this segment to happen, if they wanted to feature these four women then at least put them in a match from the start rather than having them go out and sing karaoke as that seemed so random and felt like it was a segment meant to entertain just two people (Vince McMahon & Bruce Prichard) because we all know they love watching people go out and embarrass themselves. If this segment was put on just so they could turn Lacey heel it was a God awful way of turning someone as this segment will be more remembered for how bad it was rather than Lacey turning heel. If the whole karaoke thing wasn’t bad enough, the fact that the match was terrible and ended without a winner made it even worse, this whole segment was Wrestlecrap at its finest. 

We go to a backstage interview with AJ Styles who brags about how he embarrassed Drew Gulak and says that if that is the competition he is going to have to face as Intercontinental Champion then he will be champion for a long time because nobody is worthy of challenging him for the title. Sarah Schriber then informs Styles that he will have to defend his title next week against Matt Riddle, Styles tries to play off how worried he is by asking who Riddle ever beat and when Sarah reminds Styles that Riddle beat him he storms off. 

New Day make their entrance as the SmackDown Tag Title match is coming up after the break. 

Match #4: New Day © vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)
Kingston and Nakamura start out the match and right away Kingston tries to hit Nakamura with a running kick but Nakamura side steps and knees Kingston in the ribs and then he takes Kingston down to the mat and drives his knee into Kingston’s ribs. Cesaro tags in and hits Kingston with a European uppercut in the corner and then slams Kingston across the top turnbuckle which allows Nakamura to hit a running knee strike to Kingston who is laid out horizontally across the top rope which gets a 2 count. Nakamura wrenches on the arm of Kingston and Kingston tries to escape but Nakamura pulls him back into the heel corner where Cesaro tags back in. 

Cesaro hits Kingston with a gut wrench suplex which gets another 2 count and then Cesaro drops an elbow for another 2 count. Cesaro tags Nakamura and then holds him so that Nakamura can kick Kingston in the chest. Nakamura places Kingston between the top and middle rope and tries for something but Kingston fights him off with a back elbow but Kingston’s comeback is short-lived as Nakamura knees him in the gut once again and then we get yet another tag from the heel team. Cesaro and Nakamura send Kingston into the ropes and look to hit him with a double big boot but Kingston slides under them and then the heels run toward the New Day corner where Kingston hits Cesaro with a back elbow and Big E backdrops Nakamura to the floor. Cesaro sidesteps a running Kingston and this allows Kingston to springboard off the rope with a dropkick, Kingston finally gets Cesaro in the babyface corner and we get the Unicorn Stampede from New Day and then Big E launches Kingston over the top rope but Cesaro catches him in mid-air with a European uppercut and this sends us to our final commercial break of the night. 

We come back and Kingston is still getting worked over by the heels as Nakamura hits him with some good vibrations in the corner and then locks Kingston in a front face lock and takes him down to the mat. Kingston fights to his feet and tries to escape Nakamura’s grasp but Nakamura transitions into a rear-naked choke and then tries for the back suplex but Kingston fights his way out and hits Nakamura with the S.O.S. and now both men are down. We get hot tags on both ends and Big E hits a couple of overhead belly to belly suplexes and then a side belly to belly suplex, Big E goes for the big splash but Cesaro moves out of the way. 

Cesaro looks to make a tag to Nakamura, but Big E knocks Nakamura off the apron so Cesaro rolls Big E up with a schoolboy but Big E kicks out and is then hit with a giant uppercut from Cesaro followed by a running one in the corner and then Cesaro works Big E over with strikes in the corner. Cesaro toys around with Big E in the corner and hits Big E with some mounted punches in the corner but as he does this Kingston is back up on the apron and he hits Cesaro with an overhead kick, Big E walks out of the corner with Cesaro in the powerbomb position and then Kingston comes off the top with the mushroom stomp to drive Cesaro to the mat, Kingston holds Cesaro down for a 2 count as Nakamura breaks the pin by hitting Kingston with a sliding knee. 

Nakamura hits Kingston with some mounted punches and then takes Big E off the apron with a big roundhouse kick. Cesaro tries to crawl over to the corner to make a tag but before he can Kingston catches him in an Oklahoma roll for a 2 count. Cesaro chokes Kingston across the top rope and then Nakamura delivers a kick to the back of Kingston and that is followed up by a clothesline by Cesaro. Cesaro makes the tag to Nakamura who hits Kingston with the back suplex for a 2 count as Big E breaks up the pin. Big E and Cesaro trade blows until Nakamura comes over and they throw Big E to the outside. Kingston tries to fight off both men until Big E comes back in and now all four men are brawling and the referee decides this is too much chaos for him and calls for the bell.
Winners: N/A – Double Disqualification  Match Rating: **½ 

After the match, the brawl between the two teams continues and then Cesaro pulls out a table and sets it up in the ring, Cesaro and Nakamura send Big E into the steps and then Kingston tries to make a comeback but is double teamed until Big E gets back in but they beat him down as well and then place Big E on the table. Cesaro hops up to the middle rope and then powerbombs Kingston through the table that Big E is laid out on and that is how the show comes to a close. 

This match was good but the finish ruined it for me because it felt lazy seeing as the match right before it also didn’t have a clean finish. It felt so abrupt and out of the blue that the referee called for the bell as there was nothing these two teams were doing that you don’t see toward the end of most tag matches so it felt very abrupt. I get they wanted to save the big table spot until the end of the show but I feel like this show would’ve been better served to have the women’s tag match as the main event of the show as it was the only match on the show that was well worked and had a satisfying finish. It was pretty obvious last week and now even more so that we are getting a table match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules. 

It didn’t think it was possible for an episode of SmackDown to be as bad as this one was without having King Corbin on it but this episode was terrible and there was not a sign of King Corbin to be seen anywhere. This episode was full of tasteless and terrible storytelling with the whole Jeff Hardy alcohol angle as well as turning Lacey heel during an all-time horrible segment that should’ve never made air. The show also had some very lazy finishes to the matches as we had two no contests back to back and as well as two matches that ended after some kind of distraction. What makes this show even worse is that none of the matches were good enough to make up for the rest of the shit on the show. I have probably said this before but this may be the worst episode of SmackDown that I have reviewed so far.

That’s all for this week, I hope you all enjoy this return edition of the SmackDown report after I took last week off. I’ll be back next week for the Extreme Rules: Horror Show go-home edition of SmackDown.