Shaking Things Up: How To Freshen The WWE Rosters

With WrestleMania in the rear view mirror and the unofficial beginning of the WWE new year in bloom, it’s time for a few changes.  Vince McMahon announced on RAW that there will be a Superstar Shake-Up this coming Monday and Tuesday. The RAW and SmackDown Live rosters are both loaded with an unlimited amount of talent that are trying to reach for the brass rings and make an impact in the WWE.  Who will switch brands and who will benefit from this?  Let’s explore some roster moves that could shake things up in the WWE. 

Roman Reigns to SmackDown 

THE GUY moving HIS YARD to Tuesday nights is a no-brainer that has to happen. With his huge win over the Undertaker at WrestleMania and having plowed through many top superstars on RAW, Roman’s presence on SD Live would not only give the show a big name, but would give them a guy who can work with anyone of the roster. Despite how some fans feel about Reigns, he’s one of the best in-ring workers in the company today. With the rumors of John Cena cutting back down to a part-time performer again, Roman could certainly become the face of the blue brand. Along with that, he would certainly be a top contender for this brand’s championship belt. Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Shinsuke Nakamura and others better take notice of the Roman Empire.

AJ Styles to RAW

Perhaps the best worker in the company today, AJ would be reunited with his fellow Club members, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on Monday nights. Much like Roman, AJ is a guy that you can stick in the ring with anyone and will steal the show. AJ is arguably the MVP of the WWE over the past year and there are some familiar faces on RAW that would love to get in the ring with the Phenomenal One again. Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are among those who have created magic in the ring with AJ in the past. Oh yeah, and the new RAW general manager, Kurt Angle also has a history with Styles.

Charlotte to SmackDown

The Queen of the RAW women’s division moving her royal throne to SmackDown would be a massive addition to the blue brand. Charlotte has been in feuds with Sasha Banks and Bayley over the past several months and let’s face it, she could use some fresh competition. This is a move that would bring Charlotte to the same brand as her fellow Four Horsewomen member, Becky Lynch. A Charlotte and Becky feud is something that would be must watch TV on Tuesday nights. In what could be considered a dream match, the Queen in the same ring as Mickey James would be a lot of fun to watch as well.

Alexa Bliss to RAW

To me, Alexa has been the WWE main roster Rookie of the Year. A late round pick in last years draft, both her character development and in-ring work have been a been factor in SmackDown Live’s success. New RAW general manager Kurt Angle knows all about making an impact in the WWE during his first year with the company and the addition of Bliss to RAW would be a nice pick up. Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and the rest of the red brand’s women’s division would have their hands full with Little Miss Bliss.

Sami Zayn to SmackDown

When you talk about a superstar who has unlimited potential, Sami’s name is one of first that comes to mind. A guy who has gotten lost in the shuffle on RAW and is only used in high profile feuds when they need him. Zayn would benefit largely from being on a show that is faster paced and has room for a guy like him. We all saw what Sami and Nakamura did at NXT TakeOver: Dallas last April and this is a feud that has money written all over it. Along with Nakamura, guys like Miz and Randy Orton would be excellent match ups for Sami.

Apollo Crews to RAW

Was it too soon for Crews to get moved up to the main roster last year?  This is a question that has been asked over and over again. In order for Apollo to shine on the main roster, he needs to make some changes. Lose that smile, forget about shaking hands with fans and unleashing some ruthless aggression are a few things that Crews needs to do. He’s a big guy with plenty of ability in the ring. In fact, maybe Crews could find what he needs in a tag team. Plenty of guys have found their spark by joining forces with someone.

Big Cass to SmackDown

This guy has all of the tools that Vince McMahon loves, but there’s one thing holding him back and that’s his partner. The big man from Queens needs to dump his little mamaluke sidekick and begin the next step in his career. Cass would join a roster where his real life girlfriend Carmella already exists. Sticking these two together and having Cass unleash his inner beast would be for the best. If he does want to stay in the tag division for now, putting him with someone like Baron Corbin would be cool as well. A new Skyscrapers type team with these two along with Carmella as their valet? There’s a half baked idea.

Mojo Rawley to RAW

The winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal seems to be on his way to good things. Here’s a guy who has plenty of charisma, but still lacks some in-ring skills. Putting him in feuds with guys like Kevin Owens, Cesaro and even Big Show could help him advance his brawling skills and further develop his act.

Big E to SmackDown

He’s one-third of the Power of Positivity and his time to branch out on his own in NOW. When he was brought up to the main roster in 2013, E achieved some success as a single competitor, including the IC championship, Over the past few years, he’s been the muscle behind New Day and has improved greatly in the ring. It’s time to trade in the unicorns, Booty O’s and rainbows for some gold of his own. New Day has ran its course and E could be a monster addition to the blue brand. He’s a former NXT champion and would bring in some fresh competition for the likes of Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and others.

Rusev w/ Lana to SmackDown

The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian are in need of something new. Not only would Rusev be a force to reckon with, but Lana would add some flavor to the women’s division. She’s been trading in the business suits for  ring gear at the Performance Center and NXT house shows and now it’s time for her to do her thing in the ring on the main roster. Rusev is one of the most underrated in-ring workers in the company and would be an instant contender for the big blue belt. There’s nothing wrong with keeping these to together and having Lana remain the brains behind his brute.

Dolph Ziggler to NXT

In a bit of a wildcard move, the Show Off desperately needs a change of scenery. A break from the main roster could help Dolph find himself again and give NXT a little help elevating some new comers. With the recent addition of Kassius Ohno, Aleister Black and Drew McIntrye, Ziggler would be the perfect guy to send down there, help put these guys over and get them ready for Bobby Roode.