Sellers Points #6: Long Live the Legion!


Sellers Points undergoes a bit of a change as Russell’s long-time friend and fellow ginger comic nerd, Kelley Poole joins him to talk a little shop. The two discuss all things comics from the last two weeks including DC’s incredible sales numbers from July, Kelley’s thoughts on Suicide Squad, Civil War II delays and, of course, the many misadventures of fine dining in Enterprise, Alabama.

Pro-tip: always get the chicken…unless it’s from Bojangles.

Then in the second half, Kelley gives us the storied history of the classic Legion of Super-Heroes. From the humble beginnings to their appearances in shows like Smallville and Supergirl, the Legion has been everywhere and, like most long-time teams, had its ups and downs. So sit back and relax as these two wax poetic about being fans of the fringe characters!

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