Seen Your Video #1: UK Rampage 1993

Join Rory McNamara for a brand new series of shows here on the Place To Be Nation Wrestling Feed, as he trawls his way through the Home Video Classics section of the WWE Network! In this first episode he is joined by fellow PTBN Special Relation Calum McDougall to look at UK Rampage ’93. They break down every match, scoff at how easy Lex Luger makes it for them during his interview segment, and along the way take in every thing from glasses being smashed in a Glasgow pub to Rory not getting over his beloved Aston Villa FC not winning the Premier League 27 years ago! So dust off your VCR in the attic, pop in the tape, reset the timer to 0000 and press ‘play’ for the inaugural edition of Seen Your Video!

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