Second Print Comics Podcast Ep. 07: Maximum Carnage – Marvel’’s Maximum Cash Grab!

“Maximum Carnage” was an epic 14-part 1993 crossover in which Spider-Man and “anti-hero” Venom, along with various other superheroes, team up to take on Venom’s murderous spawn, Carnage, who forms his own band of villains to wreak havoc on New York City. This storyline became so much more, as it achieved huge sales numbers for Marvel Comics and became a pop-culture phenomenon, even inspiring a video game and theme park attraction. In todays Second Print Comics Podcast, Marc leads Remso through this epic event, as they look at the good, the bad and the….never ending stream of B and C list characters in our breakdown of “Maximum Carnage!” Along the way, you’ll learn earn more than you ever wanted to know about such random, irrelevant characters such as Shriek, Demogoblin, Carrion, Deathlok, The Molten Man, Nightwatch and more! 

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