Scott’s Main Event Recap 7/3/13

Damien Sandow and Christian battle on this week's WWE Main Event (Courtesy WWE).
Damien Sandow and Christian battle on this week’s WWE Main Event (Courtesy WWE).

WWE Main Event
July 3, 2013
Topeka, Kansas

They changed up the intro video a little bit, mostly CM Punk’s clips. More babyface-like. Josh is with Cody Rhodes, who does get it as a commentator, just like his dad. “YEAHHH, THAT’S MY SON..” We open up our show with one competitor from each MITB match.

MATCH: Christian vs. Damien Sandow
Sandow quotes himself when he says “In the valley of the stupid, the half-wit is king.” I say that most days at work. SILENCE! He calls Christian a “troglodyte”. Josh is trying to stir the pot relating to Team Rhodes Scholars’ relationship. Cody comments he has the most MITB experience in his match. He’s still putting over Sandow. It’s been a pretty good match going back and forth. Josh is doing his best to fracture the relationship of Team Rhodes Scholars. It’s his best commentating in months. Sandow has a bruise on his right hip. It’s like Dusty’s “bump”, only smaller. It’s nice to see Christian back as it mixes up the Main Event guys (meaning this show). No more rotating of Sheamus, Orton and Cesaro. This match continues to impress, mostly with Sandow dictating pace. Christian has made a couple of nice comebacks but can’t put Sandow away. This has been a week of great matches. Del Rio-Cena on Raw, and now this one. Christian went for the Kill Switch but Sandow reversed into an Edge-cutioner, which Cody pointed out. Christian finally does hit the Kill Switch and gets the win. That was a fantastic match.

MATCH: Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger
We have another Smackdown MITB competitor here against Sin Cara. Zeb comes out to talk about the flag and the 4th of July. Swagger chucks Sin Cara all over the ring and almost wins by countout. Eventually Sin Cara taps to the Patriot Lock. A glorified squash (except for one Sin Cara high cross body) that helps get Swagger back some heat that was completely destroyed in the Del Rio feud.

We get the Wyatt Family vignette with the empty shed/rocking chair.

We get the Mark Henry history piece from Monday night. I can’t believe it took so long to give Mark Henry the perfect gimmick.

MATCH: Big E. Langston vs. Curt Hawkins
Hawkins gets his obligatory jobber offense but Big E takes over with big power moves and wins pretty easily. AJ was on commentary and as usual the highlight. With that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: Anytime Main Event can fit three matches into an hour I’m impressed. Good show.