Scott’s Main Event Recap 6/19/13


WWE Main Event
June 19, 2013
Dayton, Ohio

We open with the same video montage from Payback that opened Raw. Josh then welcomes us to Dayton for Main Event. We open with the Hounds of Justice.

MATCH: The Shield vs. The Usos & Justin Gabriel
Josh is with The Miz and Cody Rhodes. Cody did a great job with the Payback Kickoff and during the show itself. He’s got a future doing commentary like his daddy when he retires. The official “Main Event” roster gets together, as the Usos and Gabriel are on practically every week in some capacity. This is a big match for the Usos as they’re currently on a winning streak that could lead them to a World Tag Team Title shot. Some of my colleagues think the Usos are not ready for the big time and are a little sloppy. They’re still somewhat green but I think with time and more matches they will be very solid. With the Shield finally getting their first loss the whole “undefeated” specter has been lifted and now teams can be given wins over them to help them out and not be buried. This has been a really fun match with a lot of movement and action, until Ambrose smacks Gabriel with his bulldog finisher to get the win. That was fine, the Usos weren’t pinned and Gabriel goes 50/50 anyway.

We go back to Sunday night at Payback when CM Punk made his triumphant return to defeat Chris Jericho, but then Monday night ate a shocking F5.

MATCH: Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro
I love that Cesaro is with Zeb Colter, he’s even more of a great heel asshole now. Colter pumps up Cesaro as a “Real American”. Ha, that’s awesome. I’m tired of this stupid lighting with Sin Cara matches. Wow Cesaro just threw Sin Cara into the barricade. He’s a monster, and needs to be utilized better. After a real pounding Cesaro tries to take Cara’s mask off but that doesn’t work. They go back and forth with some solid action but Cesaro hits his “Driver” for the victory. Good win for Cesaro as he reinvents itself.

Breaking news: Daniel Bryan has been cleared to wrestle after Monday’s injury, and he will get a rematch with Randy Orton Friday on Smackdown.

MATCH: Kaitlyn vs. Aksana
I only care about this match because I’ve become a huge Kaitlyn fan. I feel bad the fans aren’t responding to her emotions. The problem with this is that Aksana is terrible. This match is full of the usual rolling around and slapping each other with some tackles. Kaitlyn wins with a spear.

The vignette that stunned everyone…R…V…D is back! July 14…MITB. Philadelphia. Wait, I better not get too excited for fear I’m “pandering”.

We go back to Monday night and Mark Henry’s Oscar-winning performance during his “retirement” speech, then he drops John Cena like a sack of potatoes. With that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: This was a fun episode, with three pretty solid matches and a recap of all the hot Raw feuds.