Scott’s Main Event Recap 5/29/13

Sheamus faces Wade Barrett in the Main Event
Sheamus faces Wade Barrett in the Main Event

WWE Main Event
May 29, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta

We have a brand new announce team as Josh Matthews is the PBP guy joined by The Miz and…Ricardo Rodriguez? That’s probably temporary. Having to hear Josh as the main voice will be…difficult to say the least. We get started with our highlight match.

MATCH: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
A little Northern European war between two guys who aren’t afraid to put a little extra into their moves. Of course the worst thing here is that Barrett, the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, will job to a heatless Sheamus, who needs to turn heel in the worst way. This show has turned from a legitimate show where we get really awesome matches between equal guys, to a showcase for the babyfaces that lose on Raw and Smackdown. They win matches here, most of the time against guys who need to keep credibility with wins. Thus the reason Antonio Cesaro’s US Title reign went down the stinker in the end. Barrett booted Sheamus in the arm/elbow right before the break. Barrett has dominated the action in this second segment. Great spot where Sheamus was down on the floor near the ramp, and Barrett did this Mankind-esque elbow off the apron to the floor. I’m realizing that the WWE has the “50-50” philosophy because they believe the audience must see their babyfaces win as many matches as possible to make sure they don’t get upset and maybe stop watching. The heels get some promos during the live shows and beat down the lowlife jobbers, but on the big stage the heroes must win! This is a great topic for an article, so I’ll hold off. Sheamus regains control with strikes, and you can definitely tell neither guy is holding back. Ricardo is doing the match in Spanish. Is that why he’s there? Too cheap to have guys lay audio down separately! Oh it’s the gimmick. Haha. Sheamus hits White Noise, so guess what? Sheamus is pumping up for the Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks and hits the spin slam for 2. The crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME”, so that means Sheamus has to win or the place will riot! They should have made this for the IC Title, otherwise, WHY HAVE IT? Barrett hits Wasteland but Sheamus kicks out. Barrett loading up for the Bull Hammer but of course he misses, and Sheamus does his clubs to the chest. Then in a total shock, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win. Wow, Sheamus wins. I’m stunned. What’s Barrett’s record since winning the IC Title, like 3-15? I honestly think WWE is no longer booking for anyone over the age of 13. It was a great match, but it would have been nice to maybe put the Champion over? What a concept.

After the match, Miz is taunting Barrett, because he’s now a babyface. Barrett walks away.

The Raw Rebound is Cena and Ryback’s crap from Monday. We now have a Three Stages of Hell match at Payback, and Cena will win.

We go back to Monday night when Chris Jericho called out CM Punk to Paul Heyman, and set up what will be the highlight match at Payback.

Randy Orton faces Dean Ambrose Friday on Smackdown. The US Title isn’t on the line, so either Orton wins clean or we have a Shield run-in.

MATCH: Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro should go to TNA, as they could use more muscle and he’d get a bigger push. This announce team is the shits. Josh is bad, Miz is boring and I think Ricardo left, but he brought nothing to the table either. Oh Ricardo is there. Miz is now trying to justify having a corner man referring to Alex Riley. Problem is Miz was a heel, and he’s trying to explain it as a face. It was awkward. Cesaro wins clean. Wow a heel wins, I’m impressed.

MATCH: Tons of Funk & R-Truth vs. 3MB
Maybe let 3MB win a match sometime? I mean I guess they are positioned on the card as jobber heels. There’s not much time left on the show, so my guess is this will be a squash. Drew McIntyre used to be a very accomplished wrestler in the ring, and now he just kicks and punches. And I miss that awesome theme music he used to have. The good guys win, in case you had any doubt. With that…we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: The opening match was great, even if the end was uninventive. Otherwise, nothing spectacular.