Scott’s Impact Review 10/3/13

Hulk Hogan finally came to his senses. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)
Hulk Hogan finally came to his senses. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling
October 3, 2013
Little Rock, Arkansas

We get a recap of last week, and the ultimate question: Will Hulk Hogan join #teamdixie? We head inside the arena and are joined by the #1 contender for the World Title, AJ Styles. He has a date with Bully Ray in 17 days in San Diego. So, we are 17 days away, and we have ONE match set for TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a REAL BIG PROBLEM? AJ says he appreciates what Hulk Hogan tried to do, but Dixie’s true colors got in the way. Tonight, AJ says he’s not talking about Hogan or Dixie. This is about Bully Ray. AJ says he knows who Bully Ray is. He is the guy who’s losing at Bound for Glory. AJ says he’s all in. Out comes the World Champion. Bully Ray says Dixie is so deep in AJ’s head that he only “hopes” he’ll win. Bully Ray says he doesn’t want anything from AJ, except to take him away from these people. He says AJ better take him seriously, and he ran down the guys he’s taken out. AJ says Bully isn’t focused because he’s a user who throws people away. Bully Ray says that’s a complement. AJ says Bully Ray better focus on tonight’s match. Bully says he has no match, but AJ has already talked to Hogan and Bully is facing Samoa Joe tonight.

Backstage AJ gets in Dixie’s face and Dixie threatens to have security throw him out of the building but AJ leaves on his own.

Back from break and Austin Aries is at the broadcast table with Mike and Taz.

MATCH: Kenny King & Chris Sabin vs. Manik & Jeff Hardy
Wow this whole match is weird. First Sabin & King were feuding like four months ago. Now they’re teaming together. Second, Jeff Hardy has been relegated to X-Division level. At least with these guys he’ll be the experienced veteran in the match. I know long time TNA fans like Sabin. He’s a multi-time X-Division Champion and ½ of the Motor City Machine Guns. However, he has zero personality and is a crappy heel. Kenny King gets busted open again. The match itself isn’t bad, but seriously Velvet Sky, dump this zero and “get with the hero!” Whoever that can be. Just needed to put a little Vanilla Ice in there. The faces win. WINNERS: Manik & Jeff Hardy

Sabin attacks Hardy and Manik until Aries comes in to chase him off. Aries challenges Sabin to a 4-way match at Bound for Glory with Manik and Hardy. Jeff Hardy says he wants to do something at Bound for Glory he’s never done. ULTIMATE X! That might be fun. I wonder if the X-Division Title will be on the line.

Back from break and Sting is backstage with Hogan. They’re comparing Dixie to Bischoff. Someone comes in and gives a gift to Hogan from Dixie. It’s a watch. The same watch Sting got last year. Very strange.

We go back a week to EGO attacking Magnus.

MATCH: Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus
This is a 3-on-1 Gauntlet match for the big Brit. This match is going longer than I expected, but if booked right this could eat up a good chunk of the show. Magnus finally wins it with a power slam driver. WINNER: Magnus

MATCH: Kazarian vs. Magnus
They go back and forth and Kaz goes for Fade to Black but Magnus reverses it into the Clover Leaf. Kaz eventually taps. WINNER: Magnus

MATCH: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus
This may end in a schmozz and be a BFG match. Roode focuses on Magnus’ knee. Roode dominates the match by pummeling Magnus’ knee and then cranking on it, forcing Magnus to tap out. WINNER: Bobby Roode

After the match Magnus is pissed and starts throwing a chair around ringside. Out comes Sting to try and talk to Magnus but the Big Brit will have nothing of it. Sting takes a microphone and tells Magnus to chill out and let’s go in back to talk. Magnus says no and says he’s had enough. Magnus says everyone sees “it” in him. Magnus says he doesn’t have it in him. He says this is a business of results and he’s not getting them. Sting says everyone knows you have it. Magnus went from being one win away from winning BFG to having nothing. Sting says he will put Magnus on the map at Bound for Glory. So we are now hurrying up and adding matches to the show.

Backstage Aries talks to Hogan about the past and how everything here is in black and white and in a situation that Hogan is in there is no gray area.

We have a video montage of Hulk Hogan’s time in Bound for Glory.

Chris Sabin’s off to do Yoga. Maybe they’ll forget he’s there and I’ll never see him again.

Backstage Kaz and Daniels are kissing Roode’s ass after what he did to Magnus. They tell Roode he will be the first inductee in the EGO Hall of Fame next week. These guys are awesome.

#1 CONTENDERS KNOCKOUT MATCH: Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky
The match never starts at Led’I Tapa (Barbarian’s niece) came out and beat the shit out of the Velvet. Tessmacher bolted. WINNER: No Contest

Led’I Tapa was a Gut Check winner that I wasn’t crazy about but this might work for her.

ETHAN IS COMING. Who’s Ethan? We go back to Slammiversary when Storm & Gunner won the Tag Team Titles. We then get a piece on the tag champions.

We get a rundown of the Bound for Glory card, and then a video piece on this year’s TNA Hall of Fame inductee: Kurt Angle

MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray
I like this one because it’s two big hamhocks battling each other. Mike has been easing up on the Bellator promos, as he just did the first one during this match. Earl Hebner was hit and Joe looks in on him, while Bully gets his chain around his fist. Earl saw it and called for the bell. WINNER: Samoa Joe by disqualification

Bully Ray throws Earl Hebner to the ground. He then throws an unconscious Samoa Joe to the floor and then throws him into the announcers table. Bully Ray lifts the padding on the floor and is about to piledrive Joe but AJ Styles runs through the crowd and jumps Bully. Security comes running and AJ jumps into the audience. That was a cool visual.

Hogan is backstage pondering his fate. Dixie or no Dixie?

Back from break and out comes the Stephanie wannabe, Dixie Carter. She’s such a poser. She attempts to cut a promo against the crowd and its hideous. She calls out GM Hulk Hogan. She wants to take Hogan’s career to another level. Is she joking? My god she’s terrible. I know I’m ripping Stephanie on Raw, but this is crazy. “Are you ready to take a ride on the Dixie Train?” Did she really just ask that? Hogan thanks her for the Tiffany watch. He’s never owned a Tiffany watch? He says Dixie has more power than anybody in this business? Haha like he believes that. Hogan says this is a great offer…for someone else. HE QUITS! Dixie is stunned and won’t let him leave. She’s grabbing his leg and trying to stop him but not happening. Sayonara Hulkster. See you on Raw in a few months.

SCOTT’S TAKE: At least some matches have been booked for October 20. Hulk Hogan’s tumultuous TNA run is over. A few highs, a lot of lows.