Scott’s Impact Recap 6/13/13

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle battle for the last Bound for Glory Series spot. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling
June 13, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia

We get a recap of last week, including Rampage’s debut appearance and the Bound for Glory Series. Already we have Hernandez, Jay Bradley and Samoa Joe. We head into the Gwinnett Center with our GM, Hulk Hogan. Last week he tried to crack Bully Ray backstage with a hammer, but Brooke stopped him. Tonight is our Bound for Glory Series selection show. Hogan says, “It was an act of God I didn’t crack Bully Ray in the head.” He left Brooke at home tonight. On to other things. The other nine men will be announced tonight. Samoa Joe, Jay Bradley and Hernandez are in. Two other slots are already filled. Last year’s winner Jeff Hardy gets spot #4. Jeff cuts a promo, but it’s so boring and bad I’m not even going to paraphrase it. He’s interrupted by former TNA Champion Bobby Roode. He puts himself over as the longest reigning TNA Champion ever. He was also the first BFG winner. Hogan cuts them off and says next week is Open Fight Night, and the TNA fans can vote for the first call-out. They keep jaw jacking with each other, when the twanging guitars hit and out comes the TNA World Champion and Aces & Eights president Bully Ray. He’s joined by Brisco & Bischoff. Bully Ray says, “It doesn’t matter who wins this stupid series because they’d have to face me anyway.” He asks Hogan why Aces & Eights isn’t in the series. Hogan thought about it and gives the club one spot which will be decided in a battle royal of just Aces & Eights guys. Bully says that’s typical Hogan. Brisco and Bischoff go after Hardy and Roode but they clean house, then Roode hits Hardy from behind and leaves.

Backstage Bad Influence is bitching about Storm and Gunner, but tonight they will upgrade and join the BFG Series.

BOUND FOR GLORY QUALIFIER: James Storm & Gunner vs. Bad Influence
My two favorite teams in the company. Storm & Gunner have matching blue tights now. Pretty cool. So to clarify, the team that wins makes the series, obviously as singles guys. Quick match, as Storm goes for the Last Call but Daniels cracks him with the tag title belt when the ref wasn’t looking and Kaz rolls Storm up for the win. So Daniels and Kazarian are in the BFG Series.

Crimson is walking backstage, and the cameraman asks him where he’s been. Crimson says that he’s been away for 12 months, and says that the cameraman wants to know what he’s doing there? Crimson says he doesn’t think so, and walks off.

Back from the break, we join Velvet Sky backstage, and she’s holding up a big envelope. She says that inside the envelope is something that’s going to make Mickie James very happy, and she’ll be out in the ring soon to share the great news with everybody.

BOUND FOR GLORY QUALIFIER: Crimson vs. Joseph Park
I have no idea who Crimson is, as he left the company before I started watching TNA in January. He talks about an undefeated streak that was broken exactly one year ago. Crimson dominates the action early. Crimson misses a charge into the corner and Park rolls him up for the victory. That seems kind of counter-productive. Why have a big returning guy lose like this in his first match? Unless Crimson was some sort of jobber? Again, I have no clue.

Mickie James is in her locker room backstage, saying that it’s really sweet of Velvet to get her something. Mickie asks her reflection in the mirror if she’s ready, and answers that yes.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James are in the ring. Velvet says she has a present for Mickie and she is incredibly flattered because she is the champ. Velvet says, “Mickie this gift is just for you.” In this envelope is clearance from her doctor, so Velvet wants her Knockouts Championship rematch. Mickie thinks the clearance is fake. Velvet says, “it’s totally real.” Mickie says, “Well this was dated yesterday and today your knee is still injured.” Then out of nowhere Mickie attacks Velvet and beats her down, thus officially starting the heel run. Mickie is a better heel.

BOUND FOR GLORY QUALIFIER: Matt Morgan vs. Kenny King vs. Rob Terry vs. Magnus
I love how Morgan wears Hogan’s old cape from the heel days (1979-82). Very cool. Guys have to be tagged in here, so everybody gets their chance to shine. The Atlanta crowd is hot, even though this is the taped show. This match seems pretty wide open in terms of the favorite as any of them can be in here. Except maybe King, as he’ll probably face Chris Sabin at Bound for Glory so he can’t get caught up here. Magnus actually wins the match when he pins the aforementioned King. I like Magnus, this is a good pick.

Back from the break, and Eric Young is backstage in the locker room. He says that he’s going to try to make it into the BFG Series by reeling in Austin Aries. He says he’s nervous and excited, but he’s going to try to get it done.

We have a vignette of “Rampage” Jackson’s debut last week.

We go back to Slammiversary, and Sting’s loss to Bully Ray.

Sting now joins us in the ring to a raucous ovation. One year ago he was the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. He talks about Slammiversary and the lost title match. Sting says, “Because I failed, I get no more TNA Title shots.” He points out that no one came out to help him at Slammiversary from the Aces & Eights barrage. He says, “Aces & Eights are a unit, and they have each other’s back. You’re just like family.” Sting likes the word “family”. He says he has to, “create his own family”. One he can trust and they will trust him. Not a family, but a Mafia. A Main Event Mafia. Again, not watching when it was around the first time, but that should be interesting.

BOUND FOR GLORY QUALFIER: Eric Young vs. Austin Aries
ODB joins her man down the aisle. I guess they are Knockout tag champs or something. Aries toys with Young all match. Taz says a chicken bone fell out of EY’s beard. What the hell is he saying? Talk about coasting for a paycheck. Tenay almost sounds like Michael Cole with his delivery this week. I wonder if they’ve been scouting the shows. Young makes a comeback and cross body’s Aries to the floor. I smelled an upset, but alas Aries hits the Brainbuster for the victory.

Backstage Aces & Eights agree to something pertaining to their battle royal tonight and their lone BFG spot.

BOUND FOR SERIES QUALIFIER: Aces & Eights battle royal
It’s DOC, Knux, Brisco, Bischoff, Anderson, and Devon. They keep staring at each other and walking around the ring. Anderson shoots a fake gun and Brisco eliminated himself. Anderson and Bischoff starts dancing and carefully Bischoff is tossed. Anderson and Knux are about to brawl, and Anderson finger pokes him over the rope. Anderson tells Devon to get the table, so he “accidentally” eliminates himself. It’s down to DOC, who wasn’t keen on this idea earlier in the night. DOC hesitates, then goes one leg over the rope. He goes back in the ring and nods no. Anderson starts jaw jacking. DOC starts beating him down but Anderson knees him in the gut and tosses him. So Mr. Anderson wins the spot. But there’s tension.

Rampage and Angle play nice nice backstage.

We return from break and Anderson is pretty pissed. DOC says he went overboard. Bully Ray says Hogan is getting in their heads and making them fight. DOC wants AJ Styles though. He’s going to step up and take him out.

We replay Sting’s promo and the rebirth of the Main Event Mafia.

This is for the final BFG spot. These guys have great chemistry and are really stiff with each other. They start brawling outside and Angle hits a  German suplex on the floor. Pretty crazy. The Bellator MMA Summer Series starts next Wednesday. The other reason Rampage was signed. They get back into the ring and literally spend the next five minutes just beating the goddamn shit out of each other. Stiff kicks, punches, suplexes and anything else either guy can think of. Maybe the best Impact match of the year so far. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but Styles reverses to the Calf Puller, but Angle re-reverses back to the ankle lock. Styles gets to the ropes. Styles goes to the top but Angle gets up there and goes for a German, but Styles lands on his feet and hits a vicious DDT. The referee is distracted when Aces & Eights comes in to cause problems. Styles rolls up a stunned Angle for the victory. Styles is in the Bound for Glory series.

DOC, Knux and Anderson are beating down Angle when Rampage Jackson comes in and chases them off with a steel chain. With that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: A pretty good show with an awesome main event and plenty of advancement. Glad the BFG roster is finished and its pretty stacked.

Scott’s TNA Top 5:
1) Bully Ray
2) Chris Sabin
3) Abyss
4) Storm/Gunner
5) AJ Styles