Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Monday Night Raw 8/16/93

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Monday Night Raw #30

August 16, 1993
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY
Announcers: Vince McMahon, Randy Savage & Bobby Heenan

1) 1-2-3 Kid defeats Ted DiBiase by disqualification at 4:46

Fun Fact: The 1-2-3 Kid and Ted DiBiase have a history going back to July. After Kid defeated Razor Ramon the first time, Ramon offered $10,000 of his own money for a rematch. Instead of the rematch, Kid took the money and ran. DiBiase would later taunt Razor for losing to a nobody. This pissed Kid off and he challenged DiBiase to a match, which he won with the assistance of Razor. Kid is scheduled to wrestling DiBiase’s tag team partner, IRS, at SummerSlam just a couple of weeks from this point.

Scott: For the first time in Raw history, we have consecutive Raw venues and neither are the Manhattan Center. Vince is realizing he can handle slightly bigger venues more often for Raw to make some extra ticket scratch. This match continues the feud involving fresh babyface Razor Ramon. Ramon and IRS are barred from ringside for this match. It’s good that Money, Inc is being phased out of the tag team title picture to give the younger teams a chance to shine. They will have a return steel cage title match with the Steiners next week on the SummerSlam Spectacular. This is an excellent use of DiBiase, who obviously is in the twilight of his career and is ready to put over the new talent. Razor Ramon was on the phone during the match, saying the Kid needs to save a piece of DiBiase for SummerSlam. The match was cooking along until IRS came in for the DQ and Money, Inc beat the Kid down. He’s saved by the Steiners and the former champions are chased off. The match was working ok until the DQ. Grade: **

JT: We are finally back live and this is our final Raw before SummerSlam, so the hype should be hot and heavy. The show kicks off with the continuation of a boiling feud as Ted DiBiase is looking for revenge for an embarrassing loss to the 1-2-3 Kid on Challenge a couple of weeks ago. DiBiase and IRS have been relentless in mocking Razor Ramon, and in fact they hounded him so much, the Bad Guy turned face. The crowd was quite heated up as DiBiase sauntered out, calm and collected as usual. As the Kid jogged out, McMahon noted that both Ramon and IRS were barred from ringside, meaning there would be no shenanigans here. DiBiase aggressively attacked Kid off the bell, laying in chops and slinging him hard into the corner before choking away at him. The crowd chanted “1-2-3” as DiBiase pitched the Kid to the floor. Vince and Savage discuss DiBiase’s upcoming schedule, teaming with IRS to to battle the Steiners in a cage this Sunday on the SummerSlam Spectacular and then battling Ramon in Auburn Hills. Speaking of Ramon, he calls in and puts over the Kid and says DiBiase better watch out. He also tells Kid to leave a little piece of DiBiase for him to finish off at SummerSlam. In the ring, DiBiase maintained control as Kid has never gotten on track and Vince noted that he is the odds-on favorite here. Kid took a rough bump out of the corner and rolled to the floor to regroup but DiBiase chased him back inside. Kid took advantage of the breather and landed a leg lariat and pair of clotheslines for a near fall. However, DiBiase avoided a charge and kicked away as the crowd chanted for Razor. Vince mentions that Kid will tussle with IRS at SummerSlam just as Kid escapes DiBiase and hits a high cross body off the top for a near fall. He would head back up again but IRS ran down and shoved him to the mat to draw the DQ. Money, Inc stomped away at Kid until the Steiners showed up to make the save. That was a fun little match the could have really popped with another five minutes tacked on. As is, it told a good a story and laid the groundwork for SummerSlam as well as the Spectacular tag match. We should also note this is our final DiBiase Raw match. He, along with IRS, has been a real stalwart of the show here to date, especially in the first few months. He had some memorable moments and matches on Raw as well. Thanks for the good times and profuse sweating, Teddy. Grade: *1/2

2) Headshrinkers defeat Mike Khoury & Dave Moraldo when Fatu pinned Moraldo with a top rope splash at 3:08

Scott: The heel version of the Steiners take the ring to pummel two more stiffs. They have usurped Money, Inc (in my opinion) as the top heel team in the promotion, even though the Heavenly Bodies will be getting the tag title match at SummerSlam. This was a quickie so we can get to Mean Gene’s SummerSlam Report. Grade: DUD

JT: Squash city time as the always entertaining Headshrinkers march to the ring, ready to feast on another pair of stiffs. Savage says their goal is to destroy everyone until get that tag title shot. The Shrinkers both attacked to kick off the match before Samu started to beat the piss out of Khoury, eventually crushing him with a kick to the chest. Fatu would make his way in and the two worked together to maul Moraldo as Vince informed us that the Shrinkers would be teaming with Bam Bam Bigelow to battle Tatanka and the Smoking Gunns at SummerSlam. The assault of Moraldo continued as Khoury lay unconscious on the edge of the ring apron, which was pretty funny. They eventually finished off Moraldo with the top rope splash by Fatu. Another fun squash in the books for the Samoans. Grade: DUD

*** Mean Gene is in the house with our final SummerSlam Report on Raw as the show is just two weeks away! Here are the matches discussed.

Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna – WWF World Title
Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez – Rest in Peace Match
Mr. Perfect vs. Shawn Michaels – WWF Intercontinental Title
Marty Jannetty vs. Ludvig Borga
Steiner Brothers vs. Heavenly Bodies – WWF Tag Team Titles

The card is complete so be sure to join us live on PPV… order right now! ***

3) Marty Jannetty defeats Bastion Booger with a sunset flip at 6:01

Scott: A contrast of styles as the high flying Rocker takes on…the not so high flying fat guy. I love how Bobby keeps highlighting Booger’s hump on his back because the straps are so tight. The match is pretty much trash until Marty reverses the Trip to the Batcave into a Sunset Flip for the victory. Marty faces the iconic Ludvig Borga at SummerSlam. This match made a Coliseum Video Van Favorites tape, and I have no idea why. Grade: DUD

JT: Marty Jannetty suddenly finds himself with a big SummerSlam match against the red hot Ludvig Borga so he gets a tuneup match here with the disgusting Bastion Booger. Booger continues his jobber to the stars duty but does present an interesting challenge for Marty, who is having a nice sustained run here as an upper mid card presence. Vince informs us that the Lex Express is in Denver tonight as Luger is making his way around the country before arriving in Auburn Hills in two weeks. Booger wins an early test of strength but Jannetty works out of it and grabs hold of the arm. Jannetty followed with a series of dropkicks that knocked Booger awkwardly to the floor. Marty followed with consecutive dives, one from the top rope and one over the ropes from the mat. Booger eventually waddled back into the ring but Marty kept him grounded and wrapped his arm around the ring post. The match would end up outside the ring where Booger finally turned things around by shoving Booger into the post and then splashing him against it. Back inside, Booger sustained a bit more offense but Jannetty was able to absorb his sit down splash and roll through into a sunset flip for the win. There wasn’t much to this at all, but Marty’s dives to the floor and early work gives it a slight… ahem… bump. Marty grabs a nice victory here and putting himself in a good spot to battle another big man two weeks from tonight. Grade: 1/2*

*** Vince McMahon welcomes out Money, Inc for a chat. IRS says they gave Kid a taste of what is coming at SummerSlam and Ted DiBiase says he hopes both Razor Ramon and the Steiner Brothers were watching what happened earlier. Vince thinks Money, Inc may not make it to SummerSlam due to the cage match but DiBiase says the titles are bought and paid for now. IRS calls the Steiners losers and DiBiase laughs at McMahon’s threats of the cage being bad for them. IRS says they have the money and brains to win the match. ***

4) Men on a Mission defeat Iron Mike Sharpe & Barry Horowitz when Mabel pinned Sharpe after a big splash at 2:09

Scott: Mike Sharpe & Barry Horowitz are like the all-star team of jobbers. They always team together and get a smidgen of moves before getting laid out like typical jobbers. Good for Mike Sharpe to keep getting a paycheck via putting over the young guys. Macho Man keeps alluding to a surprise he has but honestly no one knows what he’s talking about. This is a quick squash so we can get to these unwatchable “Who is Lex Luger” vignettes. He tries to use big words that he can’t get out of his mouth which makes him even more disingenuous than he already is. Grade: DUD

JT: Time to dance as Men on a Mission head to the ring, led by the rapping Oscar. The crowd is really into them as they head out and get things started against the super jobber squad. Mo works over Horowitz until tagging in Mabel, who smashes him with a big leg drop. Horowitz escapes and tags in Sharpe, who takes a shit kicking as well. Vince informs us that this Thursday we have a USA movie special: Outrageous Fortune, starring Bette Midler and Shelly Long, so set your VCRs now. Mo and Mabel take turns beating on Iron Mike as Savage keeps promising a surprise. Mabel eventually splashed Sharpe in the corner and then dropped him with a powerslam. Mo then climbed to the top and rode Mabel down on top of Sharpe for the win. Grade: DUD

*** A new installment of Who is Lex Luger featured Lex talking about anabolic steroids and drugs in sports. He discusses the immaturity of young athletes as well as the peer pressure and how they end up being susceptible to drug abuse as a result. He also admits to experimenting with drugs at a young age but flat out denies using steroids at this time. Luger then talks about how to live a clean, healthy life and work out without the aid of steroids. ***

5) Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Rich Myers with the flying headbutt at 3:13

Scott: Wow Rich Myers has the greatest mullet in Raw history to this point. That thing goes halfway down his back. Bigelow is truly a beast, and is possibly one of my top three favorite guys in the promotion at this point. He is in the six-man tag at SummerSlam with the Headshrinkers against Tatanka and the Smoking Gunns. Bigelow completely mangles the Master Mullet with power moves and a long vertical suplex that he doesn’t even bother to drop with. He hits the flying head butt and this execution is over. A lot of trash jobber squashes this week. Grade: DUD

JT: Wrapping things up this week is Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon, set for a showcase bout with good old Rich Myers and his absurd hair. Bigelow is looking to warm up before his big SummerSlam six man and shouldn’t have much of a problem here. The announcers talked about that match as Bigelow murdered Myers and his mullet, notching the quick victory. Grade: DUD

*** Randy Savage reveals his surprise as the Macho Midget leads out a group of Raw girls to wave to the crowd. ***

Final Analysis

Scott: This wasn’t the best episode heading into SummerSlam. It was a myriad of ugly jobber squashes, and a solid match that ended with a crap DQ. We get what looks like the final SummerSlam Report with the full card and the final part of that awful “Who is Lex Luger” series. It was evident he had zero charisma with those pieces and I’m sure people weren’t thrilled that he could have won the WWF Title. No Hart/Lawler references on the show, which makes these Raws still really weird. As 1993 moves along I hope things change and Raw pimps the PPVs more and ditch the jobber squashes. I have to grade this low with is being so close to the second biggest show of the year. Final Grade: D

JT: Not much to see here this week at all. The heaviest focus was around Money, Inc as we got hype for their big tag title cage match as well as their singles bouts at SummerSlam. The rest of the show was squashes, but at least three of them featured guys wrestling at the PPV. We didn’t really need a MOM squash as that slot could have also been filled with someone competing at SummerSlam, but you can’t win them all. And then we wrap up with the stupid Macho Midget leading some Poughkeepsie 8s to the ring for a parade. It is hard to call this the go-home Raw because we still have the Spectacular next week, but overall this was pretty disappointing with no pushing of the top PPV angles or matches. Final Grade: D+