Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Monday Night Raw 7/10/95

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Monday Night Raw #119

July 10, 1995 (June 26, 1995)
Danville High School
Danville, PA
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Jerry Lawler

1) Roadie defeats Jerry Flynn with a roll up at 2:38

Scott: So after an… average showing at the KOTR, the Roadie needs some more in-ring work. He is seconded by the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett, who has a date in two weeks with Shawn Michaels at IYH in Nashville. Jerry Flynn actually gets some offensive maneuvers in, as Vince keeps calling Roadie “charismatic”. He says it at least four times during this match. By the way, this is the third show in Danville, PA and we don’t know what building this is! It doesn’t look much bigger than Fernwood Resort. Wow, Lawler is doing Hugh Grant jokes pertaining to “With my Baby Tonight”. Sometimes I forget this is 1995. I can’t honestly call this match a dud, as both guys looked pretty solid. Grade: 1/2*

JT: Welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw where we are still coming to you via videotape from Danville High School, our tiny little hotbed of fired up fans. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcome us in as always and we open things up with our first Raw match for the Roadie, who takes on Jerry Flynn. Roadie suffered a tough loss back at King of the Ring but he has a big match lined up at In Your House where he will battle the 1-2-3 Kid. As an aside, Vince really is into Savio Vega and a strong push must be on the horizon as he has been booked really strong and he hypes the shit out of him whenever he can. Roadie has Jeff Jarrett with him here and Double J is on the verge of a huge night in Nashville as well, as he will be performing his hit song live and defending his IC strap against Shawn Michaels. Flynn gets a smattering of offense and he is a guy I am surprised they didn’t sign up and push as he was tall and had a decent build. Lawler makes some Hugh Grant jokes as we get lots of talk around With My Baby, Tonight. Roadie survives Flynn’s strikes and steals the win with a roll up and is ready to take on the KId. Grade: DUD

*** We tell the story of Jeff Jarrett’s path over the past 18 months via old vignettes, bringing him from being turned down in the streets of Nashville to release his brand new music video, which we see again as well. ***

*** Barry Didinsky is in the aisle shilling a Razor Ramon shirt, available to us here tonight for just $20. Get on the horn! ***

2) Savio Vega defeats Mike Khoury with a roll up at 1:46

Scott: It looks like we have a Jeff Jarrett megapush or something, as we not only get the Roadie match, but two vignettes and the “With my Baby Tonight” music video. And he’s IC Champ. During the introductions in this match, Barry Didinsky is shilling a Razor Ramon shirt. Not as ugly as the banana yellow one that was out in 1994 but still not great. Savio Vega is becoming a workhorse for the WWF out of nowhere, after the four-match run at the KOTR and an IC Title shot and now he’s working here as well. Speaking of Razor Ramon, he hasn’t been on Raw in ages. Savio wins this. Grade: DUD

JT: Next up it is time for Savio Vega to job to the ring to battle Mike Khoury. Vince talks about Savio’s climb up the ladder since his surprise arrival in May, putting over all his success. Savio will be teaming with his buddy Razor Ramon against Men on a Mission at IYH so we get some talk about that. Savio makes quick work of Khoury and nabs the win with a roll up. Onto Nashville! Grade: DUD

*** We check out footage of the WWF superstars lending a helping hand at the Special Olympics. ***

*** Vince McMahon is in the ring and brings out Psycho Sid and Ted DiBiase for a chat. DiBiase calls out the simpleton fans that call Sid a coward and say he is afraid, but he isn’t and he will be WWF Champion in less than two weeks. He says they are bringing some of the best lumberjacks that money can buy and then brings them all out to ringside: IRS, Tatanka, Henry Godwinn, Jean-Piere Lafitte, Jacob & Eli Blu, Rad Radford, Mantaur, Skip, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, Jimmy Del Ray, Kama, Sir Mo & King Mabel. DiBiase calls out some of the lumberjacks and tells Diesel what they will be doing to him at ringside. He says Diesel is scared and in two weeks he will pay the price of his WWF Title. Sid wraps up by telling us that he is the master and the ruler of the world. ***

*** We head back to this past weekend’s Action Zone where Barry Horowitz notched his first career WWF win by upsetting the arrogant Skip, who was taking the match for granted. Horowitz wins! ***

3) Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeats Matt Hardy with the Pedigree at 3:12

Scott: Before this match, we had an in-ring interview with Ted DiBiase & Sid about July 23 and the Lumberjack match for the WWF Title. All the heel lumberjacks came out, which is pretty much every heel on the roster, including Mantaur. The Greenwich Blueblood is slowly getting air time with a match about every three weeks. Vince and Lawler seem to have checked out of this match as they’re talking about Lawler’s crown. Helmsley wins with the awesome Pedigree finisher. Grade: 1/2*

JT: Back to the ring, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley saunters out for a title with Matt Hardy. Vince says Hardy may be wondering if he can pull an upset like Barry Horowitz did, the man who is now an inspiration to jobbers around the world. Vince talks about how hot the King of the Ring comments were on the internet message boards and says that WWF Headquarters read all of them and they promise that IYH will be a “romp ’em, stomp ’em” event. Crazy that they basically admitted the event sucked. Vince also tells us that Jack Tunney has officially retired as President back on July 4, so we will see who fills his role in the weeks to come. Helmsley doesn’t fall to an upset and easily puts away Hardy as he continues to work up the ladder. Grade: DUD

*** Todd Pettengill is here with this week’s In Your House report, which is less than two weeks away! Here are the matches discussed:

Diesel vs. Sid – WWF Title Lumberjack Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett – WWF Intercontinental Title Match
1-2-3 Kid vs. Roadie

Allied Powers vs. Yokozuna & Owen Hart – WWF Tag Team Title Match
Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs. Men on a Mission

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Henry Godwinn

Plus, Jeff Jarrett will perform “With My Baby, Tonight” live in the arena! Order today so you aren’t left behind! ***

4) Allied Powers defeat Henry Godwinn & Tatanka when Davey Boy Smith pins Tatanka after a powerslam at 5:49

Fun Fact I: Henry Godwinn is substituting for King Kong Bundy in this match. At this time, Bundy was suffering from walking pneumonia.

Fun Fact II: On July 12, 1995, Vince McMahon closed the Toronto office due to financial struggles, He would run future shows in Toronto without any involvement from Jack Tunney. After this, Tunney was forced out of the WWF and retired from wrestling, ending the Tunney line of wrestling promotion in Toronto.

Scott: I have to say, I’m slowly starting to like this Luger & Bulldog combo. It’s a good use of both guys, particularly Luger who had been floating aimlessly since November. Jerry Lawler says that Jack Tunney has retired as WWF President. That came out of nowhere, although we haven’t seen him since last year during the Royal Rumble controversy and WrestleMania X fallout. Henry Godwinn will be facing Bam Bam Bigelow at In Your House as Todd just announced in the most recent report. Solid power match there I think. The heels jump the faces early and take control. Allied Powers will get their shot at Yokozuna & Owen Hart at IYH #2 for the tag straps. Like Razor Ramon, we haven’t seen the tag champions on Raw lately. We also get a clip of Barry Horowitz upsetting Skip on yesterday’s Action Zone, winning his first match in history (kayfabe of course). That’s an interesting storyline twist. Luger makes the hot tag to the Bulldog and he cleans house. The action continues back and forth until Tatanka eats a PUWER SLUM for the three count. That was a fun tv match and boosts the Allied Powers before their title match in two weeks. Grade: **

JT: We head back to ringside for our final match of the night as Ted DiBiase is back and leading out Tatanka and Henry Godwinn for a tilt with the Allied Powers. It is looking more and more like Godwinn is a Corporation associate these days based on his actions of late. Bulldog and Luger storm out, flanked by a pair of guest flag bearers and the crowd really wakes up for their arrival. Their mash-up theme song is fantastic. Tatanka and Godwinn attack at the bell and Tatanka snaps off a stiff DDT on Lex and then kicks away. This is the eternal feud that will never be extinguished. The crowd fires up a “USA” chant as Lex mounts a comeback against his rival, but Tatanka cuts him off with a right hand. Tatanka maintains control and he and Godwinn start to work in unison while beating Lex down, grabbing near falls where they can. They kept on top of Luger during a break and continued to barrage him with strikes, picking up near falls and wearing Lex down best they could. Godwinn would whiff on an elbow drop as Vince talks about the WWF publishing strict rules for family entertainment as opposed to the “undisciplined genre of professional wrestling as a whole.” Luger eventually makes the hotter to Davey, who comes in and runs through Tatanka with some power offense. Tatanka blocks a powerslam and gets a near fall but Bulldog comes right back with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Luger and Godwinn get involved too and the Corporation briefly regains control on Davey. However, Bulldog eventually comes back with a powerslam on Tatanka to grab the big win. The Powers looked good here and certainly feel like major threats to Yokozuna and Owen Hart in two weeks time. This shrewd move has certainly gotten Luger back on track but you have to wonder if he can finally win a big match or will he choke yet again… Grade: *1/2

*** Jerry Lawler takes us back to the dentist office for a visit with Isaac Yankem, DDS. Lawler talks about his issues with Bret Hart as Yankem drills maniacally on a poor patient. ***

Final Analysis

Scott: Another bland simple show with throwaway matches and boring commentary. I like Jeff Jarrett and with the next PPV in Nashville, they have the short-term rocket ship strapped to him. That’s fine at least he has a solid mid-card feud going with someone that didn’t seem possible for the past few months. The main event was fun as I’m actually liking the Allied Powers, a nice move for a floundering Lex Luger. No Diesel which I think is a mistake if you want this World Title feud to really keep the traction, he needs to be around every week. This show hasn’t been as bad as past weeks but these squashes are getting pretty weak. Final Grade: C

JT: So this was a pretty uneventful Raw in the ring, but on commentary and in other segments it ended up being a pretty interesting one. Vince McMahon dropped lots of interesting notes during random matches, from admitting the fans took a shit on King of the Ring to his “strict rules on family entertainment” missive to revealing that Jack Tunney has been put out to pasture as President. It is clear that they are trying to shake things up a bit and refocus the company overall with Diesel leading the family-friendly push. That is clear from all their Special Olympics work too. As far as on screen, things do feel better than they did a month ago. Bam Bam Bigelow has shuttled down the card and Shawn Michaels has basically taken his place at the top of the face slate. The tag division has strong contenders in place and Jeff Jarrett is suddenly receiving a rocket push. The mid-card has a bit more definition too even though the goofy characters continue to permeate the scene. I can’t say this was a great or even good episode, but it was a quick one to mow through and all the random Vince nuggets make it worth watching. The DiBiase & Sid interview was good too and added some nice heat for IYH. Until next time… Final Grade: C

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