Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Monday Night Raw 11/1/93

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Monday Night Raw #38

November 1, 1993 (Taped October 18, 1993)
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bobby Heenan

1) Razor Ramon defeats Bastion Booger in a non title match with a sunset flip at 7:09

Scott: Razor’s first TV match since winning the Intercontinental Title is a non-title affair against the man who was eating raw chicken before the open. That’s…disturbing. They go to a quick commercial and when we returned Booger was taking control with a splash for a two count. Razor takes control and heckles Booger by rubbing his fat belly while he’s tied up in the ropes. Booger is being treated like a legit contender though, as Razor can’t slam him and Booger works him over with a bear hug but it’s not done properly as he is squeezing at the waist and not near the lungs, and Bobby actually points that out. It’s Bobby’s birthday and he’s bloviating about his party. Razor goes for the Edge but Booger back flips him to the floor. He actually hits the Batcave but Razor reverses it into a sunset flip for the victory. That wasn’t a bad match, for what it was. Grade: **

JT: We arrive to you via tape this week, still inside the old Mid-Hudson Civic Center and open things up with a non tile match featuring our brand new IC Champion Razor Ramon. And he has a… hefty challenge ahead of him here tonight as he battles the grotesque Bastion Booger. Booger very quickly became mid card fodder, a notch about a JTTS but not by much. Before the show started, Booger was sitting backstage devouring a giant feast and it was about as disgusting as you would imagine. He really does look like Matt Rotella. Booger even gets a full entrance after Ramon comes out and they were positioning him as a threat. After some jawing back and forth we get a lock up with a clean break. Ramon is sporting the sweet red tights here tonight and the crowd is pretty hot for him. The company really struck some gold with his organic popularity. After an early break we return with Razor collapsing during a bodyslam attempt. He bounces back quickly and knocks Booger hard to the floor as Bobby Heenan tells Vince McMahon that today is his birthday. Vince trolls him a bit about it as Booger gets tangled in the ropes. Both men would end up on the floor and Booger was able to splash Ramon against the post and then ram him into the edge of the ring. Back inside, Booger focused in on that lower back, slamming Ramon hard to the mat for a near fall. Vince sent well wishes to Tatanka, who suffered his first ever loss over the weekend, courtesy Ludvig Borga, and then took a rough beatdown from Yokozuna. As Booger wrenched in a bear hug, Heenan kept talking about his big birthday bash that was going down after the show while Vince called this a “lethargic matchup”. And on cue Razor started his comeback and was finally able to slam Booger to a big pop. The Bastion wasn’t done yet though as he countered the Razor’s Edge with a backflip and then hit the Batcave but Ramon turned that into a sunset flip for the win. Well, as Vince said, most of that was lethargic but the end was pretty fun and I liked all the back work and teases being paid off by the big slam at the end. Booger showed up to play tonight but Ramon fights through it and racks up another victory. Grade: *

*** Todd Pettengil is in the house with our Survivor Series Report. Todd first plugs the big boxing PPV this Saturday night between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe, so check that out too, but we are just three weeks away from the final PPV of 1993 and here are the matches we cover tonight: 

Lex Luger, Tatanka & Steiner Brothers vs. Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga & Quebecers

As part of the report we get to see footage of Tatanka’s loss to Ludvig Borga and the ensuing assault and conspiracy by the Foreign Fanatics that kept Tatanka’s friends at bay. Todd lets us know that we have lots of other matches on tap for the show but the heavy focus is on Tatanka right now, so we wrap things up. And remember… don’t wait until the last minute to order Survivor Series… avoid the giant rush and do it now! ***

*** Vince McMahon is in the ring with the full Foreign Fanatics squad, including Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga, The Quebecers, Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette and Johnny Polo. Cornette makes fun of Tatanka and said it is unlikely he will ever return to wrestling and definitely won’t be at Survivor Series. He says the name of the game is eliminate and survive and it is already 4-3. Polo cracks some jokes as well and then Borga discusses his match with Scott Steiner next week. He also calls the fans “illiterate, stupid Americans”. Cornette wraps things up by saying they are the greatest collection of talent from around the world and they will survive. ***

2) Mr. Perfect defeats The Executioner with the Perfectplex at 4:51

Fun Fact: This match will be the final Raw appearance of Mr. Perfect until after the Monday Night War in 2002. Backstage, Mr. Perfect was upset over being passed over for the Intercontinental title. He is taken off the road at the end of October. He will make an appearance in 1994 at WrestleMania X as a guest referee between Lex Luger and Yokozuna. The match was to set up a feud between Perfect and Luger, but Perfect was suffering from back issues that would ultimately force him to leave the WWF in April 1994.

Scott: Perfect definitely feels lost in the shuffle in the company at this point, similar to Money, Inc and Rick Martel. Sure he’s popular and obviously more over than those guys, but on the babyface side he’s definitely low on the ladder. Speaking of babyfaces, we haven’t seen Bret Hart on Raw in weeks. What’s his story? Watching all these Raws all in a row and not seeing Bret is really strange. As I’ve said before this isn’t the Executioner from the first WrestleMania, but his luck is about the same. I miss Savage, but Vince and Bobby aren’t bad together. Bobby is talking about being President, as he always mentions the Clintons and being in their company. Perfect worked Executioner over and won with the Perfectplex. Grade: *

JT: It is a sad day as one of our most consistent Raw stalwarts enters for his final Monday night tussle. Mr. Perfect has been a major player on the show since day one and delivered many memorable matches and moments but his time had come. And you could see the writing on the wall. He was no longer really in any title picture and was aimlessly meandering through a feud with Diesel. Unless he was keyed up for another heel turn what was left for him to really do? The roster was definitely turning over a bit and guys like him suddenly felt out of place. The Executioner gets a few shots in to start things off but Perfect turns the tide and lights him up with some chops. Vince runs through Perfect’s Survivor Series match as the match rolls on, with Heenan thinking Ramon may be in trouble due to having past issues with his teammates. Bobby also jokes about running for President and his friendship with the Clintons. Perfect tortures the Executioner a bit, stretching him out with a leg grapevine before finally putting him away with the Perfectplex. Grade: DUD

*** Jeff Jarrett is hanging outside the world famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville. He makes fun of Billy Ray Cyrus (“some I-Talian Boy”) and then calls out Razor Ramon (“Another I-Talian), Men on a Misson (“Send them back to the homeless joint where they belong”) and the 1-2-3 Kid. And once he takes over the world of wrestling, Tootsie’s will come calling and everyone will want his album. ***

3) Smoking Gunns defeat Well Dunn by disqualification at 7:31

Fun Fact I: Well Dunn was made up of team members Steven Dunn (Steve Doll) and Timothy Well (Rex King). The duo originally started tagging together in the Pacific Northwest when Steve Doll’s partner in the Southern Rockers, Scott Peterson, was replaced by Rex King. The Southern Rockers competed and won championships in multiple promotions, including the Pacific Northwest, USWA, WWC and Music City Wrestling. While in the USWA, they were part of the talent exchange with the WWF which brought them into the promotion. They would change their name to Well Dunn and begin competing in the WWF in June 1993.

Fun Fact II: This match is the Raw debut of Well Dunn.

Scott: Now here is something completely funny about my memory of 1993 wrestling. I had no idea that Well Dunn were heels. I never knew that Harvey Wippleman managed them either. We haven’t seen Billy & Bart in some weeks, which tells you about how the Raw taping situations go. Vince must take a core group of guys for one arena taping and try to rotate everybody for multiple shows. But really it’s been since before SummerSlam that we’ve seen Bret Hart on camera. I can’t fathom he’s been on Superstars and not on Raw. Vince and Bobby continue to talk about this birthday party and are half announcing the match. Speaking of missing superstars, where’s the Undertaker? He hasn’t even been mentioned since Mr. Hughes was getting those wreaths before SummerSlam. The match is back and forth until Harvey causes the DQ, then the Gunns clean out the ring. Why would this match have to end in a DQ? Weird. Grade: **

JT: Big tag team action up next as we get to check out the Raw debut of a recently debuted tag team, Well Dunn. They are wearing some very interesting tights and are also managed by Harvey Wippleman, who has been expanding his operation of late. Well and Billy open things up with some feeling out that ends with a big Billy right hand. Well Dunn do some typical slimy heel tactic and mannerisms in between getting beaten around by the Gunns. Bobby is on a roll tonight, making jokes about Vince Coleman and Madonna in regard to his party. The Gunns remain in control, now working over Dunn and keeping him grounded in the middle of the ring. The worm finally turned when the referee got tied up with Builly which allowed Well to interfere and spike Bart across the top rope with a stun gun. Well Dunn levied some double teams and kept quick tagging while wearing down Bart. Vince and Bobby are spending a lot of time talking about the All Americans vs. Foreign Fanatics war at Survivor Series with Bobby pushing the idea that Luger will be left alone come Thanksgiving Eve. He also gets a funny line in asking if “we ever expected to see Well Dunn on Raw”. The heel tag tricks continued until Bart snagged a flash roll up for a close near fall. Dunn regained control but it was brief and Bart was able to tag in his brother. Billy lit up both guys until things broke down and Harvey got involved to draw the DQ. I guess this feud will continue! Makes sense to keep the new guys strong but there isn’t too much here to get excited about. The crowd was into the final few minutes though. The Gunns are building credibility and should quickly be moved past a team like this. Grade: *1/2

*** Randy Savage calls in and vows to be back at Raw next week and will be all over Crush, who will also be in the house. He says everyone will understand who he is come next week. Bobby Heenan mocks his lacerated tongue but Savage shrugs it off and stays focused. ***

4) Adam Bomb defeats Virgil with a powerbomb at 5:31

Scott: Harvey’s doing double duty tonight as he comes right back down to the ring with his bigger charge from Three Mile Island. Virgil is even lower on the babyface ladder than Mr. Perfect but that’s really his job, which is to…job. The big story during this match is that Randy Savage and Crush will be on Raw next week. Bomb dominates the action, until Virgil gets some offense in late until both guys botched a move where Virgil was probably supposed to bounce off the corner and be caught by Bomb, but Bomb just backs up and lets him fall to the canvas. It looked sloppy. Bomb wins. Grade: DUD

JT: Time for our final match of the night and as Adam Bomb heads out, Vince pushes this week’s USA Movement: In the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood. Bomb has Harvey with him as always and has a bit tougher of an opponent this week in our old friend Virgil. The crowd actually chants for Virg as things get under way. Virgil controls early until Bombs ends up on the floor and Harvey gets involved. Virgil chases him around and then slides in the ring and dives back out over the top rope into the arms of Bomb. That was a pretty cool spot. Heenan calls Elvis a “fat truck driver” as nobody is safe from his assault tonight. Bomb takes over and meanders through his offense before finishing Virgil with a soft looking powerbomb. The match was nothing special and sloppy in spots but I will give it a bump up for Virgil’s energy and big dive. Grade: 1/2*

Final Analysis

Scott: The sad thing about this episode is that this is the farewell match for Mr. Perfect, as he was just totally getting lost in the shuffle. I still laugh forgetting that Well Dunn were dopey heels. The road to Survivor Series was moving along but the taping schedule still made shows feel stale. Vince and Bobby were in a groove as an announce team, but it’s sad what happens down the line. I’ll tick this one slightly higher than average for the Gunns match and a Razor appearance. Final Grade: B-

JT: This was a pretty average episode of Raw on a balance. The matches were all just kind of there and the majority of it was focused on pushing the Survivor Series main event and the sudden cloudiness surrounding it. The commentary was really good this week, blending in calling the matches, pushing the big angle and working the show long joke of Heenan’s birthday party. Heenan has been extra douchey lately in particular, really being aggressive in his verbal jousts and getting ballsy with his actions. The show was effective in pushing things along and showcasing some of the roster but it was nothing that stood out or was memorable in any way. Grade: C