Scenic City Invitational 2016 Review: Southern Indie Wrestling At Its Best

Courtesy of Wrestling With Words
Courtesy of Wrestling With Words

For more on the Scenic City Invitational, check out Dave’s review of the 2015 show here, and Chad’s commentary on this year’s event here.

Night one

1)Jimmy Rave vs John Skyler

Skyler and Rave start out slow trading holds. Rave hits a nice knee-lift on Skyler and they trade chops on the apron.  Skyler hits a kick and then spears Rave on the apron. Skyler takes control back in the ring. Skyler hits Rave with two sentons but Rave rolls him up. Rave hits an STO and follows up with chops. Skyler gets Rave up on his shoulders and drops him on the turnbuckle. Rave falls to the floor and just beats the referee’s count to get back in the ring and rolls back out. Skyler follows him and Rave hits strikes on the floor. Rave goes for a tope but Skyler nails him with a slingshot spear. Rave fights and does back elbows and a clothesline. Rave hits a forearm in the corner but Skyler rolls him up and hits a Finlay Roll. They go to the apron and trade strikes and Rave does an STO on the apron. They’re back in the ring and Rave hits a superplex. Rave takes Skyler to the top rope again but Skyler grabs him and does an Avalanche Finlay Roll. Rave gets his foot on the ropes to break a pin attempt and then grabs Skyler in a small package to win the match.

2) Joey Lynch vs Ray Fury

Lynch hits a big leg-kick early followed shortly after by a leg lariat. Fury goes to the apron where Lynch gives him an enzuiguri. Lynch tries to hit a kick from the apron but Fury dumps him face-first. Fury throws Lynch back inside and takes over. Fury shoulder-blocks Lynch from the apron and then slingshots in to give Lynch a Tornado DDT. They trade strikes and Lynch hits a clothesline in the ropes. Fury does a Russian legsweep. Lynch throws some strikes but then takes a knee-strike. Fury gives him a superplex and both men are down. They trade forearms and Lynch hits an enzuiguri. Fury rolls outside where Lynch gets him with a plancha. Lynch hits a jumping knee-strike. Lynch does a cross-body from the top rope and then gives Fury a blue thunder bomb. Fury gets Lynch in an electric chair and turns it into a modified Michinoku Driver. Lynch fights back with a roundhouse kick but Fury gives him a sit-out driver. Fury goes to the tope rope where Lynch hits him with an enzuiguri. Lynch hits a double stomp on Fury, gives him a head-kick and then gets him in a deadlift German suplex. Fury kicks Lynch and takes him to the top rope. Fury attempts a sunset flip powerbomb and can’t get it but does get Lynch in a death valley driver. Lynch hits a superkick and then hits Do Not Resuscitate (Canadian Destroyer) followed by a moonsault to get the pin. Lynch looked pretty good last year but seems to have gotten to another level and was great here.

3) Drew Delight vs Wild Billy Buck

They start out with some fun with armdrags. They shove each other and Delight grabs a headlock. They give each other big slaps in the face. Buck gives Delight a big backdrop. Buck is in the corner when he kicks a charging Delight in the face but Delight sweeps his feet out from under him. Buck chops Delight who then gives him a Hot Shot. Delight chokes Buck on the ropes. Delight gives Buck a vertical suplex. Buck goes for a toehold but Delight kicks him into the corner. Delight runs Buck into the corner and follows up with an elbow to the face. Buck fights back with a clothesline and starts throwing elbows. Buck gives Delight a neckbreaker and then a Samoan Drop. Buck goes for a superkick but Delight avoids it. They trade strikes and Delight knees Buck in the gut. They criss-cross and Buck gets Delight in a spinebuster. Delight gets Buck on the second rope and hits an inverted DDT. Delight goes to the top rope but Buck hits the ropes and Delight crotches himself on the top rope. Buck goes for a superplex but Delight counters into a sit-out facebuster. Delight misses a clothesline but hits a superkick. Buck then nails his Buckshot superkick and pins Delight to advance. This was a fun showcase for Delight who is the Empire Wrestling owner and promoter and was acknowledged as such on camera. Buck was fun to watch and has a bit of a Jerry Lawler vibe.

4) Lio Rush vs Anthony Henry

Henry kicks Rush in the face right off the bat. Henry chops Rush who fights back with a flying forearm. Rush hits some big kicks and attempts a baseball slide to the outside but Henry avoids him. Henry kicks Rush on the floor and rolls him inside. Rush then hits a baseball slide dropkick. Rush lays into Henry with chops and whips him into the guardrail several times. Henry reverses and kicks Rush in the face and runs him into the guardrail. Henry grabs a chair, sits Rush on it and runs all the way around the ring and hits a leg lariat. Henry takes Rush inside and hits him and gives him a vertical suplex and then applies a stranglehold. They trade elbows and Henry hits a powerslam. They trade chops and Rush punches Henry who fights back with kicks to Rush’s chest and then hits a knee-drop. Rush hits a chinbreaker and an enzuiguri and tilt-a-whirls into a DDT. Henry blocks kicks by Rush and then gives him an ace cutter on the top rope. Henry hits a tope suicida. They return to the ring where Henry hits a headkick and a German suplex. Henry flips Rush with a clothesline. Rush grabs Henry in a small package and they clothesline each other leaving them both on the mat. They go to the apron and trade strikes again. Henry throws Rush into the apron face-first and then gives him a modified German suplex onto the apron. Henry then hits a frog splash but Rush kicks out of a pin. Henry takes Rush to the top rope where Rush fights him off. Henry jumps back up to the turnbuckles where Rush kicks him. They trade a number of kicks and Henry spills to the outside where Rush hits a tope suicida and a tope con giro. Rush then hits a frog splash for a two-count. They trade strikes including some stiff slaps and roundhouse kicks. Henry hits Rush with a knee to the back of the head and then does an over-the-shoulder backbreaker into a knee in the face. Henry then pins Rush to win this excellent match.

5) Chip Day vs Odinson

Odinson charges Day and gores him into the corner to start. Day throws some kicks but Odinson hits him with uppercuts. Odinson powers him around but Day fights back with kicks. Odinson teases a dive and then slingshots into a stomp on Day. They trade strikes on the floor and then Odinson is in control in the ring and hits a sliding lariat. Odinson gives Day a gutwrench suplex. Odinson wears Day down and hits a dropkick and some uppercuts. Day fights back and they trade forearms. Odinson gets Day up in an airplane spin but Day lands on his feet. Day hits an enzuiguri to knock Odinson off his feet. Day runs his head into the turnbuckle and hits a head-kick and a missile dropkick. Day uses his knees to drive Odinson’s face into the mat. Day goes up top but Odinson catches him in a superplex. Odinson hits Day with a pounce sending him out of the ring. Back inside, Odinson does another airplane spin but Day rolls him up for the pinfall win.

6) Gunner Miller vs Mikael Judas

Miller is a big guy but Judas is quite a bit bigger. He is better known as Murphy of TNA’s Gunner and Murphy and has himself looking like Charlie Manson (the luchador of course). They tie up and Judas throws elbows and kicks. Judas avoids a tackle by Miller who rolls to the floor. Miller comes back inside and hits a tackle and some armdrags. Miller applies an armbar but Judas fights out and drops Miller in a snake eyes in the corner. Judas gives Miller a double underhook suplex into the turnbuckles. Judas drops an elbow. Miller fights back and they roll to the floor. Judas runs Miller into the guardrail and then chokes him with the apron. Judas applies a single leg crab in the ring but Miller powers out. Judas charges in the corner but Miller gets the boot up and then hits a bulldog off the second rope. Miller hits a Stinger Splash and unloads punches in the corner. Miller whips Judas into the corner and hits a German Suplex. They trade strikes on their knees and continue standing. Judas gets Miller with a big boot to the face and clotheslines him in the corner. Judas hits another big boot and goes up top for a diving clothesline. Judas goes for a chokeslam but Miller gets out and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Miller hits a spear but Judas kicks out of a pin. Judas avoids a charge and goes for El Crucifijo, a version of a Razor’s Edge/crucifix powerbomb, but Miller backdrops him and hits the pounce to get the pin.

7) Corey Hollis vs Matt Riddle

Hollis makes me happy by being announced as from Full Sail University. Riddle goes for a cross armbreaker early but Hollis gets the rope break. Riddle gets a few waistlock takedowns in a row but Hollis escapes. Hollis starts working Riddle’s arm and throws a headbutt. Riddle throws him out of the ring and comes off the second rope with a flying knee-strike. Riddle goes for a dive but can’t find Hollis. Riddle goes under the ring and Hollis comes out the other side channeling Sky Low Low. Hollis attempts a clothesline when Riddle comes out but Riddle avoids it and starts throwing chops. Riddle takes Hollis inside and knees him in the ribs and then hits him with two exploder suplexes. Riddle starts throwing kicks and Hollis captures his leg only to take a big slap leading to a delayed flop. Hollis throws Riddle arm-first into the ringpost and then does so on the floor several times as well. Riddle starts throwing slaps back in the ring but Hollis headbutts him. Hollis applies a hammerlock and then suplexes Riddle into the corner. Riddle hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hollis goes for another suplex but Riddle hits a fisherman buster. Riddle starts throwing rapid strikes and does four rolling gutwrench suplexes. Riddle throws Hollis overhead and then hits a swanton bomb. Hollis catches Riddle in a leglock but Riddle gets a rope break. Hollis teases a pedigree but Riddle gets out and hits a jumping tombstone. Hollis takes Riddle to the floor and throws him over the guardrail. Riddle beats the referee’s count but gets caught in a pedigree by Hollis. Riddle kicks out and Hollis dives off the top rope with Riddle getting his feet up. Riddle starts throwing hammer-fists and stretches out Hollis with a Bromission for the win by tap-out.

8) Chris Hero vs Kyle Matthews

They exchange holds early including Hero using cravates. Hero then goes for Matthews’ back but Matthews grabs a headscissors. Matthews grabs a hammerlock and keeps working on the arm. Hero starts a chop battle but Matthews grabs an Indian deathlock and falls back in a Muta-lock with Hero getting a rope break. They start shoulder-blocking each other but Hero knocks Matthews down with a big boot. Matthews hits two leg lariats and a rana. Matthews goes to the apron and Hero kicks him to the floor. Hero follows him and hits another big boot. Hero throws a big elbow on the floor and returns to the ring. Matthews beats the referee’s count. Hero does a senton but Matthews gets his knees into Hero’s back. Hero punches Matthews down and then hits a senton. Hero chops Matthews in the corner but Matthews applies an octopus hold. Hero ties him up in the corner and chops him to the mat. They trade strikes and Hero forearms him to the mat. Hero drops a knee to Matthews’ nose. Matthews fights back with forearms, chops and a jawbreaker. Matthews hits a dropkick, avoids a rolling elbow and hits a cross-body off the top rope. Matthews avoids another rolling elbow and hits a lung-blower. Matthews dropkicks Hero off the apron and throws a tope suicida but Hero catches him and hits a rolling elbow. Hero takes Matthews back inside and goes for a powerbomb but Matthews fights out and hits a superkick. Hero nails a rolling elbow for a two-count. Matthews applies a small package but Hero gets out and does a piledriver. Hero hits a strike in the corner but Matthews hits a dropkick and a Tornado DDT. Matthews tries for an octopus hold but Hero gets out. Matthews throws an enzuiguri and a superkick. Matthews hits three dropkicks in the corner. Matthews goes to the octopus hold again but Hero flips him into a tombstone for a near-fall. Hero then does a ripchord rolling elbow for the pinfall to just beat the time limit.

Night Two

9) Kyle Matthews, Mikael Judas and Chase Jordan vs Cyrus the Destroyer, Ray Fury and Tourque

Matthews starts out against Fury and works the arm. Fury applies a headscissors but Matthews gets out and applies a Muta-lock. Fury gets out and tags Tourque. Jordan tags in and gets a waistlock takedown but Tourque gets out and they trade wristlocks. Judas tags in and hits several big boots in the corner on Tourque. Matthew comes in and dropkicks Tourque. Matthews applies a Mexican Surfboard and rams Tourque’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Jordan comes in and clotheslines Tourque to the floor after Cyrus hits a blind tag. Cyrus hits a big dropkick and a vertical suplex. Cyrus hits a clothesline and then a version of a chokeslam.  Tourque tags in and hits Jordan with elbows in the corner and then a baseball slide kick. Tourque hits a spin-kick and a spinning wheel-kick. Tourque hits a northern lights suplex. Fury tags in and trades chops with Jordan and then hits a short-arm crossbody. Cyrus tags in and gives Jordan a fall-away slam. Cyrus goes for a Vader-style corner splash but Jordan escapes. Cyrus gives him a T-Bone Suplex. Fury tags in and attempts a powerbomb but Jordan gets out. Jordan hits an ace crusher. Tourque tags in but so does Judas who unloads on Fury and Tourque before facing off with Cyrus. They trade punches and Judas hits a big boot. Cyrus hits a superkick and then charges Judas but tumbles outside. Judas throws Fury onto Cyrus on the floor and Matthews hits them with a tope suicida. Jordan gives Tourque a lungblower and Matthews gives him a corner dropkick. Jurdas gives Tourque El Crucifijo to get the pinfall win.

Second Round

10) Gunner Miller vs Joey Lynch

They shake hands and Miller spears Lynch right away. Miller does two deadlift German suplexes. He goes for a third but Lynch blocks him and goes up top for a crossbody. Miller catches him and attempts a death valley driver but Lynch gets out and hits an enzuiguri. Miller rolls to the floor and Lynch hits him with a tope con giro. They return to the ring and Miller hits a double powerbomb. Miller takes Lynch to the top rope but Lynch fights him off and hits a double stomp. Lynch does a big moonsault for a near-fall. Lynch goes for another moonsault but Miller knocks him down and gives him a belly-to-back superplex. They start trading slaps and Lynch hits a standing sliced bread #2 for a near-fall. Lynch hits an enzuiguri but Miller fights back and hits the pounce to get the pinfall win. This was a great sprint of a match.

11) Anthony Henry vs Wild Billy Buck

They tease kicks to start and then exchange holds and shoulder-tackles. They criss-cross and when Buck tries to slide under him, Henry hits a double stomp. They trade a flurry of punches. Buck hits a leg lariat and then a clothesline. Henry hits a head-kick in the corner and follows up with a missile dropkick. Henry hits knee-strikes in the corner. Buck rolls outside and Henry misses a baseball slide dropkick. Buck clotheslines and chops him and runs him into the guardrail. Henry fights back and grabs two chairs from the front row. Henry sits Buck down and charges him but Buck gets out of the way. They trade chops and Henry runs Buck into the guardrail and grabs two more chairs. The referee stops him from using one of them. Buck misses a superkick and Henry attacks his leg with a chair while the referee is distracted. Henry rolls Buck inside. Henry applies a reverse Indian deathlock. Buck gets the rope break and they trade strikes. Buck hits a Samoan drop and then is unable to hit a superkick but does give Henry a neckbreaker. Henry kicks Buck in the knee and does an air raid crash. They go to the apron and Buck clotheslines him back in the ring. Henry hits a tope suicida and grabs another chair from the crowd. Henry sits Bucks down and then runs around the ring and hits a leg lariat. Henry chops Buck and runs around the ring again but Buck hits him with a superkick. They return to the ring and trade forearms. Henry kicks Buck in the gut and then the face and hits a back-kick. Henry knees Buck in the back of the head against the ropes. Buck backdrop Henry and attempts a pin. Buck hits a superkick. Buck takes Henry to the top rope but Henry sunset flips into a powerbomb attempt and kicks Buck’s knee from under him. Henry hits a running knee and gets the pinfall.

12) Chip Day vs Chris Hero

They trade holds to start until they spill outside and trade strikes. Day rolls Hero inside but Hero quickly dropkicks him through the ropes. Hero starts chopping Day and gives him a boot to the face. Hero elbows Day in the face on the floor and Day just beats the referee’s count. Day tries to throw strikes in the ring but Hero punches him down and hits a senton. Hero boots Day in the face in the corner. Hero hits more forearms and Day tries to fight back but takes an enzuiguri. Day charges Hero into the corner and hits strikes and then an enzuiguri from the apron. Day hits a missile dropkick and starts giving Hero kicks to the chest. Hero catches his leg but Day throws a bicycle kick to the face. Hero nails a roaring elbow. Hero clotheslines Day in the corner but Day hits a head-kick followed by a double-knee-strike. They start trading elbows and then trade head-kicks and chops. Day catches Hero in a fisherman buster into a cradle. Day goes up top and Hero cuts him off. Day attempts a sunset flip powerbomb but can’t get it. Day hits a spin-kick and then hits double knees off the top but Hero grabs him and gives him a piledriver for a near-fall. Hero then hits a roaring elbow to the back of the head for the pinfall. This was a great match and I can see why Dylan Hales talks highly of Day.

13) Jimmy Rave vs Matt Riddle

Riddle gets Rave in a waistlock takedown and goes after the arm. Riddle holds onto Rave’s back but Rave rolls outside. Rave comes back inside but continues to stall. They tie up and Rave grabs a hammerlock and a headlock but Riddle gets a cross armbreaker broken up by a pin attempt by Rave. They do a test of strength that Rave turns into a keylock. They leave the ring and come back inside where Riddle throws forearms and hits a European uppercut. Riddle attempts a suplex but Rave counters with a vertical suplex and applies a headscissors. Riddle gets out and they lock up but Rave stomps on Riddle’s bare foot. Riddle hits a jumping knee-strike but Rave responds with a clothesline. Rave hits a doppler effect and starts trading slaps with Riddle and Rave thumbs him in the eye. Rave chops Riddle in the corner and spits in his face. Riddle fires up, starts throwing slaps and hits double knees in the corner followed by an exploder suplex. Riddle does two rolling deadlift gutwrench suplexes. Riddle throws kicks to Rave’s chest but Rave gives him a dragon-screw leg-whip. Rave is on the apron when Riddle hits a flying knee-strike off the second rope. They go to the apron where Rave gives Riddle an STO. They return to the ring and Rave takes Riddle to the top rope and superplexes him. Riddle fights back with a fisherman buster. They start trading slaps and chops and Rave gets the Dusk Till Dawn (tornillo into a crossface). Riddle struggles his way to a rope break. Riddle whips Rave into the corner and Rave hits a back elbow. Riddle grabs Rave and gives him a jumping tombstone. Riddle tries to get the Bromission but Rave fights out. Rave hits back elbows and gets out of a German suplex attempt by Riddle but gets caught with a second one. Rave hits elbows to Riddle’s face and does a small package for a near-fall. Riddle applies the Bromission but Rave maneuvers him into a pinfall to advance. This was an awesome match in which Rave looked credible doing MMA holds with an actual MMA fighter and one hell of a wrestler in Riddle.

14) Tank and Iceberg vs Corey Hollis and John Skyler vs Drew Delight and Rush

Tank and Iceberg get teamed up on first but they quickly throw their opponents to the floor. Rush, Skyler and Delight hit the ring individually but each get thrown to the floor. Hollis then goes to the back before running to the ring and getting backdropped onto the men outside. Tank works over Delight on the floor and then rolls him inside where Iceberg drops an elbow on him. Tank and Iceberg double-team Delight in their corner. Tank runs Delight’s head into the turnbuckle but Delight starts doing the same to Tank to no effect. Tank hits a back elbow. Hollis tags in and chops Delight. Hollis tries a sunset flip but Tank comes in and slingshots Hollis into Delight’s tender parts. Tank then puts a claw on those same parts. Iceberg tags in and continues to work the same area with a headbutt. Iceberg continues with regular headbutts and puts Delight in a camel clutch. Tank tags in and continues with headbutts. Rush tags in and clubs away at Tank who strikes back with a clothesline. Rush and Delight start double-teaming Tank and Delight hits elbows. Rush works over Tank’s arm from the apron. Tank manages to get Delight’s arm into a position where Rush cranks on his arm without realizing it. When Rush realizes it, Delight hugs him initially but pushes him to the floor where Tank punches him. Tank squares off with Delight but gets thrown to the floor by Hollis who stomps on him along with Delight, Skyler and Rush. Back in the ring, Skyler bodyslams Hollis on Tank. Rush then suplexes Delight onto Tank. Iceberg tags in and hits a double clothesline on Hollis and Skyler and a double suplex on Delight and Rush. Hollis dumps Iceberg to the floor. Tank attempts a chokeslam but Hollis escapes and hits a tope suicida on Iceberg. Skyler slingshots in with a spear on Tank. Skyler throws Hollis in a rocket launcher but Delight superkicks him. Rush and Delight give Skyler a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Hollis and Skyler give Rush and Delight a double pedigree. They attempt to do the same on Tank and Iceberg who backdrop them. Iceberg and Tank beel throw Hollis and then give him a double reverse chokeslam. Skyler, Delight and Rush try to put Iceberg on the top rope but he throws Skyler out. Tank makes the save and he and Iceberg give rush a legdrop decapitation for the pinfall. This was not as good as the tournament matches but is perfectly good fun.

15) Final: Chris Hero vs Gunner Miller vs Anthony Henry vs Jimmy Rave

Miller and Henry tie up to start the match. They go back and forth and then everyone tags in several times until Miller and Rave face off. Miller knocks Rave down with a shoulder-block. Rave leaves and Henry enters and takes a shoulder-block as well. Hero comes in and starts chopping Miller who hits another shoulder-block. There are several tags again until Hero and Rave face off. Rave grabs a wrist-lock but Hero does multiple kip-ups to get out. Henry tags in and works Hero’s arm. Hero gives Henry a big chop and then works his arm and gives him a backbreaker. Rave comes in and rolls up Hero. They exchange holds and Rave grabs a hammerlock. Henry tags in and Hero takes him down and delivers a senton. Hero bodyslams Henry and tags in Miller who does a senton that is blocked by Henry’s knees. They trade chops and Rave tags in and continues with chops on Miller. Rave hits a back elbow but Hero tags in and chops Rave. Henry tags in and chops away at Hero who kicks him in the face. Hero continues with face-kicks and Henry starts trading strikes with him. Hero throws a big elbow and some chops. Hero gets thrown to the apron where Rave gives him an STO. Miller and Henry are in the ring and Miller presses Henry onto Rave on the outside.

Hero enters the ring and elbows Miller to the mat. Hero misses a tope onto Rave and Henry and all three trade strikes on the floor. Miller does a tope over the top rope onto all three. All four men start throwing strikes on the floor. Hero sets up a chair and knocks it into Miller’s knee. Henry strikes Hero, sits him on the chair and runs all the way around the ring and hits a leg lariat. Henry and Rave battle and Henry hits a leg lariat on Rave and then on Miller. Henry runs around the ring again but Hero boots him in the face. Hero elbows Henry in the ring. Henry does a small package but Hero kicks out and boots him in the face. Henry and Hero trade strikes. Henry hits four superkicks and Hero falls to the floor. Rave comes in and blocks a superkick by Henry and they trade chops. Rave gets the Dusk Till Dawn but Henry gets out. They go back and forth and Rave hits an STO. Miller comes in and hits the CTE pounce on Rave. Rave grabs Miller in a small package but Miller reverses it and gets the pinfall to eliminate Rave.

Hero comes in and trades strikes with Miller. Henry comes in with a missile dropkick on both opponents. Henry starts kicking them both in the chest and then delivers head-kicks. Henry gets Hero in a Tornado DDT and gives Miller an enzuiguri at the same time. Hero backdrops Henry to the floor and then backdrops Miller to the apron. Hero kicks Miller in the face repeatedly. Henry enters the ring and he and hero both kick Miller to the floor. Hero hits Henry with two rolling elbows for a near-fall. Hero attempts a piledriver and does a forearm strike instead. Henry grabs Hero in a backslide then hits two knee-strikes for a near-fall. Hero hits an elbow but Henry nails him with a head-kick. Henry comes off the top rope with a rana attempt but Hero catches him and drops him in a piledriver to get the pinfall elimination.

Miller enters the ring and attempts a spear but Hero hits him with an elbow. Hero does a ripchord rolling elbow for a near-fall. Hero goes for another ripchord but Miller grabs him in a release German suplex for a near-fall. Miller does another German suplex and Hero pops right up only to be taken down by a spear from Miller. Hero hits a rolling elbow but Miller strikes back with the CTE pounce to get the pinfall and win the tournament. Matt Riddle comes in the ring and presents the trophy to Miller. Hero then comes in the ring, takes a knee, shakes Miller’s hand and hugs him.

Last year’s tournament was excellent but this year was even better. The in-ring action was phenomenal and I am blown away by how good the storytelling was across the tournament and between this year and last year. Everyone should check out both shows to see great, logical and action-packed wrestling that has a southern flavor. There should be even more buzz for this year’s show than last year that should build to great anticipation for 2017.


Overall Match Rankings:
  • Jimmy Rave vs Gunner Miller vs Chris Hero vs Anthony Henry
  • Jimmy Rave vs Matt Riddle
  • Corey Hollis vs Matt Riddle
  • Chris Hero vs Kyle Matthews
  • Joey Lynch vs Gunner Miller
  • Chris Hero vs Chip Day
  • Lio Rush vs Anthony Henry
  • Anthony Henry vs Wild Billy Buck
  • Joey Lynch vs Ray Fury
  • Jimmy Rave vs John Skyler
  • Gunner Miller vs Mikael Judas
  • Kyle Matthews, Mikael Judas and Chase Jordan vs Cyrus the Destroyer, Ray Fury and Tourque
  • Chip Day vs Odinson
  • Drew Delight vs Wild Billy Buck
  • Tank and Iceberg vs Corey Hollis and John Skyler vs Drew Delight and Rush