Ryan’s Main Event Review 9/2/14


WWE Main Event
September 2nd, 2014
Announcers: Michael Cole & Byron Saxton

*Damien Miz-Dow is in the ring to start the show.  MizDow is hosting MizTv and in a nice touch he still has the upside down W on the microphone. He starts to give a monologue discussing the real meaning of Christmas, inspired by the hit movie Christmas Bounty,  but he is quickly cut off by Dolph Ziggler. We see clips of last night’s Raw with Miz beating Dolph after Sandow interfence. They do Really back and forth for a while. Sandow explains that he is a performance artist, the greatest the WWE has ever seen. Sandow says he is waiting for Miz to beat Dolph at Night of Champions and getting an IC title shot. Dolph runs down Sandow ending with telling him to being a ballerina. Damien goes after Dolph but he ducks and dropkicks Sandow out of the ring.

*Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Obviously this is non-title, although I would have appreciated if they had said Sandow isn’t the #1 contender so he doesn’t deserve a title shot. Dolph starts hot with a dropkick, but misses a Stinger Splash. Sandow drops a knee and then locks in a headlock. Sandow turns that into a body scissors. Damien then hits a drop toe hold into the ropes and a suplex for two. Sandow goes for a figure-four, but Dolph rolls him up for two, but Sandow kicks out and gets a big clothesline. Ziggler with a jawbreaker to CREATE SEPERATION. Ziggler hits a couple of clotheslines, followed by a Stinger Splash and neckbreaker. Ziggler goes for a fame-asser, but Sandow moves out of the way for a roll-up for two and then Ziggler connects on the fame-asser for two. Damien hits Miz’s backbreaker-neckbreaker and then goes for the figure four, but Dolph pushes him off into the corner and then hits the Zig Zag. Winner—Dolph Ziggler

Pretty good match, kind of surprised it didn’t go into a commercial, but I guess this already got two segments with the opening. 1 for 1

*Clips of the Bella feud from last night. I never told anyone that.

*Rosa Mendes & Natalya vs. Summer Rae & Layla

Apparently this was set up by Total Divas, because that’s a thing that happens now. Nattie has to room with Rosa on Total Divas, okay. Rosa and Summer start off. So I guess despite the fact that Rosa’s been longer than all the Divas except for Nattie, now that she’s new to Total Divas she’ll be positioned as a new diva? Layla and Summer work over Rosa. Also after working as faces for the last two months now Summer and Layla are heels I guess. Summer hits a nice clothesline for two. Rosa makes the hot tag to Nattie who runs through both Summer and Layla, but Rosa makes a blind tag. Natalya isn’t too happy with that and Layla hits a stiff high kick on Rosa and pins for the win. Winners—Summer Rae & Layla

Eh just an ad for Total Divas and then we get another ad for Total Divas that was another 2 minutes. 1 for 2

*Raw Recap: Triple H is unsure about Cena fighting Brock Lesnar and Cena then goes onto emasculate all the other heels after running through the Wyatts last week. And just remember John Cena will sue you.

*Cosmic Dust vs. Los Matadores

No Torito since the Dusts beat him up last week. Stardust starts with Diego and the Matadores take advantage with a lot of quick tags to start, working the arm. Goldust tags in and the Matadores continue working the arm. Cole talks about he’s surprised by Goldust, but Byron correctly points out how he’s always called bizarre and how this can just be another change in his behavior. Also he used to kiss guys to distract them. The fans chant for Goldust, as that heel turn has obviously worked. Goldust tags out to Cody, but again the Matadors control. They whip Stardust off the ropes, but Goldust pulls him out of the ring to regroup, but Fernado backdrops Diego onto the Sons of Dust as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. I guess it’s the season premiere of Raw with Jericho-Wyatt in a cage. Matadors still in control, until Goldie avoids a charge and then tags out to Stardust who hits a front suplex and then tags out to Goldust. Diego runs at Goldust, but he turns it into a powerslam. Stardust tags in and goes to an armlock. Goldust tags in and works a headlock. I like the idea of Goldust and Stardust as heels, but this match is not doing it for me. Diego makes the hot to Fernando and he hits some running clotheslines and a punch from the top for two. Fernando cuts off Stardust and gives him the Ole, before giving him a drop toe hold into the ropes. Goldust distracts from the outside and Stardust throws him out of the ring. Goldust runs Fernando into the ring apron and Stardust hits the Dark Matter for the win. Winners—Cosmic Dust

I like how for new names to get a name it has to be done on Main Event. The Dusts knock the matadors out of the ring and celebrate to end the show. I hate to say this since the Dusts are two of my favorites but this was a real slow and boring match. 1 for 3

Final Thoughts: Not a great show this week, and usually the Cosmic Dusts are an automatic point. Only one good match and it wasn’t a blow away or anything. I’d pass this week.