Ryan’s Main Event Review 8/5/2014


WWE Main Event
August 5th, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

Out to the start the show is the since departed Alberto Del Rio.  Alberto speaks in Spanish since the show is in Laredo. He’s interrupted by Zeb and Swagger. Zeb comes out and says that this is America and they should speak English. Zeb then compares him to Rusev, waving a foreign flag, speaking a foreign language. Del Rio says they aren’t in Russia, they are the border of America and Mexico and that’s the best to have a fight. Zeb agrees. So is Del Rio a face again?

*Slater Gator vs. Cosmic Dust

Heath replays clips of him beating Rollins in the main event of Raw. Goldust starts against Slater and quickly tags in Stardust. Titus tags in as the announcers talk about the cosmic key. Titus tosses Stardust and then barks. Slater Gator tags in and out, working over Stardust. Titus tries tossing Stardust again, but he lands on his feet and tags out to Goldust. Goldust comes in and hits his offense on Slater. Powerslam by Goldie for two. Heath goes for a sunset flip and Titus kicks Goldust in the head and SLATER GATOR WINS! I’m pretty sure this is Slater’s longest winning streak in WWE. Slater and Titus celebrate as they go up the ramp, with Titus getting annoyed by Slater’s celebration. Nice little tag match. 1 for 1

*Raw Recap where for the second week in a row Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella interview to end the show.

*AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae

This is apparently non-title, not that I’m guessing it matters. Summer Rae works over AJ’s back and neck, as she suffered whiplash from Paige’s attack on Smackdown. AJ goes for a headscissors into the Black Widow for the win. Really quick, but seeing AJ is always good enough for me. Afterwards AJ is interviewed and tells a story about a beautiful woman who became a queen when she won the Divas title. Then it was taken away from her by an evil witch. AJ then says she didn’t wait and became her own White Knight and ended Paige’s fairy tale. Paige comes out and talks about she loves AJ and when she wins the Divas title at Summerslam they can still be friends. AJ says Paige can say the ring is her house, but it’s her kingdom. I like Divas matches based on titles and stories rather than a reality show, that involves two wrestlers. 2 for 2

*Great promo for the Heyman DVD. We then get the awesome video package for Brock/Cena, with Brock promising to leave Cena in a pile of blood, urine and vomit.

*Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter

Remember when this was the World title match at WrestleMania 29? Del Rio gets a huge face pop and a Del Rio chant as the bell rings. Phillips tries rewording Zeb’s message as always being pro-USA only. This is the same guy that walked around with a sign listing all the people that needed to be deported. Swagger runs over Del Rio to start. Swagger then starts a USA chant. Del Rio goes to the ribs and Swagger rolls out to regroup. Swagger again gets kicked in the ribs, but overpowers him and hits some shoulders in the corner. Del Rio charges Swagger, but he back body drops him out of the ring. Swagger then tosses Del Rio into the barricade. Swagger tosses Del Rio in, but then Alberto hits an enziguri as Swagger is on the apron as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Alberto has a headlock on Swagger, which Swagger fights out of, but he then charges the corner and goes shoulder-first. Del Rio then slams Swagger’s arm into the post and then barricade. Del Rio hits a top rope chop for two. Swagger hits a floatover suplex for two and then goes to a headlock. Swagger rushes him into the corner and hits some shoulders. Del Rio hits a cross-armbreaker in the ropes, breaking it right before five.  Del Rio goes up top again, but Swagger knocks him down and hits a superplex. Swagger covers for two, taking a while to cover because of his ribs.  Swagger hits a clothesline and big boot. Swagger is just getting booed now. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb for two. Del Rip hits a tornado DDT for two. Del Rio goes for the cross-armbreaker, but Swagger pushes him off and hits a spinebuster for two. Swagger goes for the leg, but Del Rio pushes him off and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then the kneeled superkick for two. Del Rio gets the cross-armbreaker. Swagger fights it and then grabs the Patriot Lock. Del Rio rolls out, sending Swagger into the corner. Del Rio goes forhte step-up enziguri, but Swagger counters it into the Patriot Lock for the tap-out. Really good match, with a hot finishing sequence. Del Rio went out with a good one. 3 for 3

Final Thoughts: Pretty good main event match in Del Rio’s last WWE match and a good build for Swagger. Also good build for AJ/Paige at Summerslam.