Ryan’s Main Event Review 6/3/14


WWE Main Event
June 3rd, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Watched Raw on DVR so don’t know what’s coming from this episode, but the screen grab on the Network is Bad News Barrett so that’s a good start.

*Bad News Barrett is very confused about having to defend the title against RVD again. He runs him down and how old he is. BNB informs us that tonight RVD will join the cast of Walking Dead. RVD for no reason runs out and attacks Barrett, driving him from the ring. Van Dam’s 12 year old music then hits as he does his 18 year old taunt in the middle of the ring. Yeah I don’t know how Barrett can call RVD washed-up.

*Recap of Brie Bella slapping Stephanie to keep Daniel Bryan champion. Somehow that makes sense.

*Goldust & Kofi Kingston vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Does it bother anyone else that Rowan spells it Erick? I’ve seen Eric and Erik but the ‘ck” irks me. No music for the Wyatts as the distortion hits, delays five seconds, hits again and they are in the ring. Goldust starts with Rowan and Rowan overpowers to start. Kofi tags in and gets some punches in the corner in and then tags out to Goldie. Rowan tags in Harper. Kofi comes back in and uses his kicks to take down Harper. Rowan tags in and Goldust comes in and hits a hurricanranna and powerslam for two. Rowan hits a big boot to take control as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and both Wyatt family members are working over Goldust. Goldust hits the boot to Harper on a blind charge and then hits his sunset flip powerbomb. Kofi tags in and hits a springboard clothesline then the Boom Drop on Harper. He tries some sort of springboard move but Harper hits a big boot for two. Harper goes for a German but Kofi flips out and hits a headscissors followed by a suicide flip. Kingston hits a cross-body for two. Goldust and Rowan come back in but get taken out and Kingston calls for the Trouble in Paradise, but Rowan hits the big lariat for the win. Cody looks on disappointed in the back. Really good formulaic tag match and the Wyatts are definitely a Hoss team on the rise. 1 for 1

*We see clips of the tag match between Barrett and Cesaro against Sheamus & RVD which turned into a handicap match when Cesaro left BNB. RVD then does an interview with Renee Young.

*Recap of Rollins turning on the Shield. I love bearded Dave. I feel the don’t try this at home promo is really apt now, seeing how they show DBRY hitting the diving headbutt. Follow your own advice.

*INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: (C) Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam

Stalemate to start. Man RVD is huffing and puffing early. His cardio isn’t much better than Batista. And Batista has a bad-ass beard. RVD hits a nice somersault dive off the apron onto Barrett. Back in the ring RVD jumps up top, but Bad News pushes him off into the barricade as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We get a commercial for the Greatest Factions DVD which looks interesting, probably wait a few months till it goes down in price. Of course you can get in on Amazon buy using the handy link you see right on the Place to be Nation website. We come back with BNB in control. He hits a second rope elbow for two. Not a very good one, he needs to either revise that or drop it. Barrett sledges away on RVD and hits a running kick for two. RVD hits an elbow on a blind charge and then tries a springboard something, but Barrett responds with a big lariat for two. Would have bought that as a finish if I didn’t know there 4 minutes left in the show. Barrett goes for a kick in the corner, but RVD moves and Barrett straddles himself. RVD hits some clotheslines and then a Rolling Thunder for two. Barrett hits the Winds of Change for two. RVD hits a stiff kick and goes up top, but Barrett knocks him off the top before anyone can get froggy. Barrett rolls down the elbow pad, but Cesaro runs in and hits the Neutralizer for the DQ win for Barrett. Cesaro then hits the Neutralizer on RVD. I’ll take a triple threat between these two. Good match until a cheap ending, but hopefully they build on this. 2 for 2

Final Thoughts: Two good matches, but a lot of recaps and filler. I mean the matches took up about 25 minutes of a 46 minute show and that’s now how this show usually goes. But if you’re scrolling through the network this has two good, nothing blow-away, matches.