Ryan’s Main Event Review 6/10/14


WWE Main Event
June 10th, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Tonight Seth Rollins against Dolph Ziggler is announced.

*Triple H comes out to start the show. Triple H recaps how he had to strip Daniel Bryan of the title. Triple H blames the fans for Daniel Bryan losing the title, claiming they deserve better. Triple H guarantees a new champion at Money in the Bank. Triple H then goes over the break-up of the Shield and brings out Seth Rollins in his suit and bad new music. Triple H asks Seth how it felt. Seth says it was amazing and then pretty much repeats what he said on Monday. Seth thanks Triple H for the opportunity and then Dolph Ziggler comes out. Dolph congratulates Seth on being a traitor. Dolph promises to show-off against Seth.

*Luke Harper w/Erick Rowan vs. Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso

Harper pounds away on Jimmy to start, but Jimmy hits a cross body and tries keeping Harper off-balance. Harper throws Jimmy into the second rope and takes advantage. Harper does a gator roll into a headlock. Jimmy fights out and hits a spinning moonsault off the top and goes for a splash in the corner, but Harper hits a big boot. Jimmy dumps Harper out of the ring and goes for a dive, but Harper hits him with a forearm. Harper goes for the clothesline, but Jimmy ducks, hits the superkicks and rolls up Harper for the win. Really good solid match that adds to this feud. 1 for 1

*Kofi Kingston vs. Rusev w/Lana

The commercial between the two matches is Roman Reigns having a tea party with his daughter. It’s awesome. Lana makes fun of American women calling them fat and saying American men want her. Um, duh. We then get Putin on the big screen. I love Rusev wearing the medal and aggressively waving the flag. Rusev pounds on Kofi to start the match. Kofi gets some kicks and then a cross-body off the top for two. Rusev hits a fall-away slam and then pounds away on the outside. Kofi hits a dropkick and runs right into a superkick from Rusev. Rusev then locks in the Accolade camel clutch. I think Rusev needs a more forceful finisher, at least once he’s done squashing every black wrestler in the WWE. Pretty good squash, and we get the huge Russian flag behind Rusev. 2 for 2

*Renee interviews Summer Rae about attacking Layla backstage with milk. I don’t get this feud. Is Summer Rae a face now? Layla attacks Summer with a huge box of Kitty Litter ??? and then pours milk on her. That was odd.

*Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Seth really needs to drop the flak jacket. At the very least wrestle in a black tank top or something, especially if he comes out at the start of a show in a suit. And I read his music is temporary and that’s a good thing. Rollins starts in control but Dolph hits a hip-toss and goes to a headlock. Rollins hits a slingshot as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Rollins hits three rolling vertical suplexes for a two count.  Rollins methodically works over Ziggler. Ziggler gets the sleeper, but Rollins runs him back into the corner to break it up. Ziggler hits a cross-body and then adds some punches. Ziggler with a big back body drop and then drops three elbows for two. Ziggler goes for a neckbreaker, but Rollins turns it into a backslide for two. Rollins hits a running sleeper drop for two. Rollins goes up top and Ziggler runs up at him, but Rollins punches him off and comes off, but Dolph hits a dropkick in mid-air for two. Rollins runs at Dolph but he back body drops him over the top, but Seth lands on the apron and hits a big jumping kick on Ziggler. Rollins tries for a springboard but Dolph ducks and hits a fame-asser for two. Dolph pounds away in the corner, but Seth runs out of the corner and powerbombs Dolph into the corner and adds a curb stomp for the win. Really solid match, that helps put over Seth and actually highlights Dolph something he can’t get on Raw. 3 for 3

Final Thoughts: Really good show with a really solid opener, nice squash by Rusev and a really good main event.