Ryan’s Main Event Review 5/27/14


WWE Main Event
May 27th, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Cody Rhodes w/Goldust vs. Curtis Axel w/Ryback

It’s the match-up of ill-conceived tag team mash-up music. Cody with a dropkick to start things out, but Axel takes over and pounds Cody into the turnbuckle and then hits some chops. More back and forth with some roll-ups by both men. Cody hits a clothesline and goes up and hits a moonsault for two. Ryback gets on the apron and Cody hits a Disaster Kick to knock him off, but then Axel clips his leg and then rolls him up for the three. This was what you would call a boring time-filler. I think we get the point that the Rhodes Brothers are on a losing streak and floundering.  0 for 1

*Raw Recap: Clips of the Wyatts attacking the commentator before Cena and his Samoan buddies run them off.

*R-Truth vs. D-Sizzle

Damien Sandow as a rapper. Sandow has a grill and a chain with some duct tape on it. Remember when Damien Sandow was on an even par with Cesaro as a young rising star? Byron Saxton name-drops P.N. News to somewhat redeem this angle. Truth controls with punches and hits a big hip-toss. Phillips says that Sandow is no Machine Gun Kelly and if I was Sandow I would consider that a compliment. Sandow hits some knees to gut and then a Russian leg-sweep and the cubito aquet for the two count. Sandow goes for the You’re Welcome, but R-Truth slips out and hits his jumping DDT for the win. Hmm, well the match was only 2 ½ minutes and I feel bad about them wasting Sandow so I have to go 0 for 2, although the commentary almost redeemed it.

*Raw Recap: Stephanie McMahon tells Daniel Bryan to give up the belt at Payback or Brie Bella gets fired.

*Natalya vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki

Does Nikki really need to wear the hat for people to differentiate the Bellas? I can tell them apart with a quick glance to the chest region. Natalya overpowers to start and the commentators bring up the point that this might be the last time we see Brie in the ring. Oh no, her storied career could end.  Brie hits an arm-drag out of the ring and then hits a dropkick from the second rope while yelling BRIE MODE! Does that mean she’s drunk? Brie locks in a half-crab, which Nattie reverses into a sharpshooter for the tap out victory. Okay match that made Nattie look effective going into NXT and not completely focusing on Brie and the Stephanie drama. 2 for 3

*Really bad Uso promo as it seems they’ve gotten GOOFY promo tips from Cena. This is followed by the end of Raw with the contract signing between the Shield and Evolution. Followed by Luke Harper promo! Luke talks about how Bray saved them and how they are closer then blood relatives. Bray then points out how tonight the Usos will be taken down and realize they are nothing but pawns for Cena. Automatic point.  3 for 4.

*Usos vs. Luke Harper & Eric Rowan w/Bray Wyatt

Atlanta, We’re Here. Thank you London for showing everyone to hold up their phones for the Wyatts. Rowan starts with Jey and Jey slaps the sheep mask off, and he then dominates. Harper comes in and Jey and Jimmy double team him with some kicks, but Harper hits a dropkick on Jimmy to take control as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. Commercial for Legend’s House where they play the Newlyweds game and Shawn Michaels makes an appearance. We come back and Rowan is working over Jimmy, but he escapes and tags into Jey. Jey hits some kicks and punches to Rowan and gets him up for a Samoan drop but he escapes and then hits a fallaway slam to Jey, knocking him out of the ring. Harper hits a running elbow on the floor and Bray claps from his rocking chair. Rowan hits a slam and then goes to a chinlock. Jey fights up and hits an enziguri but can’t tag out and Harper hits a big boot for two. Gator roll into two rolling vertical suplexes. YEAH YEAH YEAH. Jey fights out of it, but Harper hits a running powerslam for two, that Jimmy breaks up. Rowan comes in, but Jey hits a kick to him and he tags out. Jimmy comes in a house afire, and hits a Samoan Drop on Harper and then follows with the superkick for a close two. It breaks down with all four guys going at it. Both Wyatts get tossed and the Usos hit STEREO PLANCHAS. Bray yells at Harper and Rowan as they are on the ground. Jimmy goes for the Splash, but Rowan tosses Jey into the ropes  from the outside, causing Jimmy to trip and Harper hits the discus clothesline for the win. After the match Rowan runs Jey into the post and the crowd chants for Cena and Bray asks where is he? Bray then hits Sister Abigail on Jimmy on the floor. Harper counts to ten as Bray relaxes in his rocking chair. Awesome match and helped to build to the Cena-Wyatt match. 4 for 5


Final Thoughts: Great tag match between Wyatts and Usos and I would love to see it get 5-10 more minutes at Payback but we need a Sports Entertainment segment with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.