Ryan’s Main Event Review 3/4/2014


WWE Main Event
March 4th, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Uh-oh looks like my show’s moving on up in importance, as we are LIVE from Detroit. We start with a recap of the big Raw from Chicago, with Daniel Bryan getting beat down by Batista and Triple H.

*Corporate Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Kane, in his slacks, dominates D-Bry to start, including a seated dropkick for two. Bryan pulls down the ropes and Kane falls to the outside and Bryan tries a dive off the apron, but Kane catches him and rams Bryan into the barricade and ringpost. Back in the ring, Bryan trips up Kane and starts working the leg. Kane hits a slam and elbow for two. Kane goes to a nerve hold for some reason and Bryan fights out off that and hits a dropkick to Kane’s knee. Bryan follows with some kicks to the knee. Bryan hits one corner to corner dropkick, but on the second one, Kane hits a big boot (with his good leg thankfully) as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK (although if it’s live on the Network the break is only about 45 seconds). We come back with Kane in control, but he drops his head on a whip and Bryan hits some kicks and then a tornado DDT off the ropes. Bryan dropkicks Kane out of the ring and Bryan follows with a tope and then follows Kane into the ring with a missile dropkick for two. Bryan hits the kicks but misses the knockout blow and Kane hits a sidewalk slam for two. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Bryan ducks and hits a big kick to the head. Bryan goes up top and hits the headbutt, for two. Bryan kicks away in the corner, but Kane comes out with a big shot and chokes away on Bryan in the corner. Bryan hits a step-up enziguri and then goes for a top rope hurricanranna, but Kane holds on. Kane then hits a running DDT for two. Kane hits some short arm-clotheslines and goes for the chokeslam, but Bryan floats over and rolls up Kane for the win. Really good match, one of Kane’s better single matches in quite a while, maybe since he fought Bryan at SummerSlam 2012, which had the same ending. 1 for 1

*Look back at the Usos winning the tag belts. Backstage Kane isn’t happy about Bryan beating him, or Bryan challenging Triple H.

*Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox w/Aksana

This feud rages on. Back and forth action to start. Philips and Saxton talk about the Shield/Wyatts match to start. Alicia hits a nice northern lights suplex for two, after some Aksana interference. Alicia with a headlock, as Brie annoyingly chants for her sister. Nikki gets a flurry of offense and then hits her torture rackà backbreaker combo move for the win. Nothing new here, as this was one of the mediocre of the mediocre Diva matches. 1 for 2

*Ad for Legends House. Can’t wait for this one, it has entertaining trainwreck written all over it. And on Smackdown the Big Show returns. As an attendee of Raw (no I didn’t write the rules for cheering, but saw a few people who might’ve) no one will care about the Big Show as the crowd was silent when he made a run-in after the show.

*The Usos come out, first for an in-ring interview with Renee Young. Basically, they’re happy to be tag champs and are going to WrestleMania XXX. They are cut off by the Outlawas and both come out in street clothes, with Road Dogg limping, although it might just be that he’s old. Road Dogg rips on the Detroit being broke and then calls the Usos lucky and that they have to postpone their rematch. Both the Outlaws are not 100% (I don’t doubt that) and they will not have their tag title match tonight. Brad Maddox (he’s still around?) comes out and agrees with Road Dogg’s medical non-clearance and announces the Usos against Los Matadores.

*TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: (C) The Usos vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito

The Outlaws join in on commentary. I really can’t distinguish between the Usos and definitely can’t distinguish between the Matadores so I won’t be great on the blow-by-blow here. Jimmy rolls up Fernando for two and a lot of quick pace action, including the missed double dropkick. Diego goes at it with Jey (or so I’m told). Road Dogg brings up the good question of how you can tell them apart, I mean both teams. Usos and Matadores yell Ole and Uso at each other. One of the Usos yells Ole and that pisses off Diego and he charges but Jimmy back body drops him out of the ring and follows with a plancha, but then Fernando comes off the top with a splash to the Uso. And that is followed by the other Uso who hits a plancha on both Matadores for the big trainwreck spot as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. Billy Gunn: This action is going to fast I can’t even follow it. How can I be impressed? I think a Big Show-Kane match is too fast for Billy Gunn. In the ring we get a double clothesline and both teams tag out. Uso hits Matador with a Bubba Bomb, but misses a butt drop in the corner. They trade tombstone attempts, but Matador hits a spinning DDT for two. Fernando tries some spinning somersault things, but Jimmy hits a Samoan drop. Diego gets hit with a double superkick and then Jimmy hits the big splash for the win. Pretty good tag team match, that was very back and forth, never going into the normal one team controlling rhythm. 2 for 3

After the match the Outlaws push down Torito and he dives off the apron and hits a hurricanranna onto Billy Gunn. He charges the Matadores and they hold him up and Torito hits a springboard headbutt right into Billy’s guns.

Final Thoughts: Two really good matches book-ending a time-filler Diva match. Apparently the live idea will run through WrestleMania so there might actually be some meaningful matches taking place on my little C-show.