Ryan’s Main Event Review 3/11/2014


WWE Main Event

March 11th, 2014

Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Big edition of WWE Main Event with two announced title matches. We start, however, with Main Event mainstays, Los Matadores. Ole!

*Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. Rybaxel

Curtis Axel announces he is in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal along with Ryback at WresteMania. They are also known as two guys who will be losing the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Ryback starts with let’s say Diego. Matadores use their speed to keep Ryback off-balance. Ryback goes for a sit-down splash, but Fernando escapes it and cradles Ryback for one. Axel tags in and clubbers Fernando. Axel then hits a nice backwards clothesline. Ryback and Axel work over Fernando, in very unspectacular fashion for quite a bit. Really nothing of note going on here. Ryback is strong, as he does a quite a few moves to establish that. Diego makes the hot tag and hits dropkicks on both members of Rybaxel followed by a cross-body and a flying headscissors. Diego comes off the top with a somersault dive, but Ryback makes the save. Fernando dives onto Ryback and Axel kicks El Torito off the apron, onto Ryback. This is enough to distract Mr. Hennig (because he’s stupid I guess) and Diego rolls-up Axel for the win. Nothing against the Matadores, but Axel and Ryback are really bad and I can’t give this a point. I love Mr. Perfect as much as anyone, but just because he’s your dad, doesn’t mean you can be the blandest heel ever. 0 for 1

*DIVA’S CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: (C) A.J. Lee w/Tamina vs. Natalya

AJ cuts a promo claiming she is so bored and that Natalya will go down. Holy crap, Tony Chimel serious ring introductions! They are taking Main Event seriously. Headlock sequence to start, then Natalya switches to working the knee. Nattie works an abdominal stretch and then dropkicks AJ off the apron as we head to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and AJ covers for two. We are then shown AJ crotching Nattie off the top during the break. Nattie goes for a slam, but AJ reverses to a guillotine choke. Natalya again goes for the slam, but Lee reverses it to a sleeper. Neidhart hits some snap suplexes and a dropkick to the small of the back. Natalya goes for another slam, but AJ reverses it to the BLACK WIDOW. AJ then goes to a roll-up, but Nattie goes for the sharpshooter though AJ counters with a roll up for two. AJ goes for a high kick (wonder where she got that from?), but Nattie holds her leg and puts her in the sharpshooter. Tamina pushes the ropes towards AJ, forcing the break. Lee then hits an awesome running knee and then locks in the BLACK WIDOW. Nattie taps and AJ retains again.  1 for 2

Another good defense for AJ, although I get the sense she will be pushed down to #8 diva again because she’s not on Total Divas, despite the fact she is the DIVAS champ.

*Backstage segment with Santino and Emma. They are enjoying all the fine dining that catering offers. Santino goes to get pepper for Emma and pulls the whole tablecloth with him. And that’s a minute of my life I’ll never get back! We then get a Raw recap with the Yes movement. I really wish Red Hat Sign Guy wasn’t there. That guy and his stupid mark signs suck. I love how they only had two security guards on Raw apparently. Oh, poor Damien Sandow. I admit during Raw, I thought maybe Shane would come out when Stephanie was yelling about how this was her ring. And then the “That’s not all that I wanted…” quote happened that broke every wrestling message board.

*UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: (C) Dean Ambrose w/Rollins and Reigns vs. Mark Henry

Again, Chimel ring intros which is awesome. Henry, shockingly, over-powers to start. He whips Ambrose to the outside and stares down The Shield, but Ambrose takes over and hits a clothesline off the apron as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Ambrose is still in control. Dean is working over the knee, but Henry throws him off the second rope and takes over. Phillips ask if Mark Henry will induct Ambrose into the Hall of “Fame” and Saxton says he just might. They need to read Henry’s shirt better. Henry hits some JYD headbutts and covers, but Rollins puts Dean’s leg on the ropes for a two count. Henry goes outside and takes out Rollins. The World’s Strongest Man attempts a Vader Bomb, but Reigns walks up the steps, distracting Henry and he pulls Henry off the ropes. Ambrose then hits the stunned Henry with his bulldog-DDT driver. Really liked how they’re back to portraying the Shield as a unified unit. Really good defense for Ambrose that also made Henry look good. 2 for 3.

Final Thoughts: The two title matches definitely deliver and make a good show, although I’d personally skip the first match. It doesn’t even have a Larry the Ax appearance.