Ryan’s Main Event Review 2/5/14


WWE Main Event

December February 5, 2014

Announcers: Tom Phillips & Alex Riley

*Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. The Miz

Santino comes out before the match as we get a recap of the Emma/Summer Rae dance-off. Santino then brings out Emma. Santino and Emma do commentary for the match. Back and forth action to start. Fandango takes control in the corner and Miz reverses and hits his corner clothesline that’s followed with a double axe-handle. Fandango rolls out of the way of a Miz kick, but then gets hit with a baseball slide. Miz and Emma dance as we go to a COMMERCIAL. We come back with Miz hitting a clothesline and kick for two. Fandango takes control and starts working the arm. Miz fights back and hits his reverse DDT-neckbreaker move for two. Miz kicks Fandango in the leg and goes for the figure-four, but Fandango kicks him off and hits a hammerlock suplex. Miz hits a dragon whip off the top and again for the figure-four, but Fandango kicks him into the post and hits an armbar. Phillips talks about Miz being a former World champ. HA! Miz works for his dogshit figure-four and gets it locked in and Fandango taps. Remember how people always complained about how horrible the Rock’s sharpshooter was? The Miz’s figure four is at least as bad as that, so maybe putting on horrible submissions is something else Miz stole from Rock. Okay match, 1 for 1.

*Triple H interview where he talks about Orton facing everyone in the Chamber and he announces that Triple H will face Cena on Raw. Triple H says this is the biggest challenge for Orton and the chance for Orton to prove he is the face of the WWE. Um, didn’t Daniel Bryan beat Orton clean on Raw? Does that mean anything?

*Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Okay, so they are trying to make Del Rio a guy to face Batista so this should be a squash. Del Rio takes control to start, but Ryder comes back with a few punches and then a flapjack. Del Rio comes back at that with a stun-gun and then tosses Ryder over the top and whips him into the barrier. Del Rio gets a front facelock and a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Ryder comes back with a back elbow and clothesline. Ryder with a neckbreaker for two. Del Rio hits a single-arm DDT and then goes for the armbreaker, but Ryder pushes him off into the corner and hits a Broski Boot for two. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but Del Rio ducks and then once again convolutedly gets Ryder in the ropes so he can do his double stomp and then follows with a superkick. 2 for 2 Energetic little shock, probably a little longer than it needed to be. Who did Ryder impress to get two TV matches this week?

*Raw Rebound: Daniel Bryan beats Orton clean, in what will probably be the best free-TV match of the year and that gets condensed down to a minute a half though we do see the full two minutes of Kane and Orton attacking Bryan after the match.

*Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel

Ugh. I like Big E but Axel not so much. There’s fifteen minutes left meaning this match probably gets two segments. Mentioning that Big E lasted to the last ten guys of the Rumble isn’t that impressive as he came in at #29 and lasted a whole 2:41.  Big E has 5 on his tights, but seeing as they never explained his NXT gimmick on the big show, no one knows what that means. Big E works the arm and Axel fights out of it, but ends up getting body splashed for two. Axel leverages Big E into the turnbuckle. Big E reverses a corner throw and hits charges into the corner and then kicks Axel’s legs out. Axel fights back, but runs into a belly to belly suplex and rolls out of the ring for a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Big E has Axel in move #142 (arm-bar). Axel fights out and goes for a belly to belly, but Big E reverses and hits one of his own for two. Big E follows Axel out and Axel runs Big E into the ring and then the steps. Axel works a headlock and dropkick for two. Axel pounds away on Langston and hits a backbreaker and then goes for something off the second rope and jumps right into a Big E boot. Big E hits some clotheslines and another belly to belly, followed by a splash. Big E PULLS DOWN THE STRAPS, but Axel slips out and hits the Perfect-plex for two. Axel picks up Big E, but Big E picks him up right away and hits the Big Ending for the win. 3 for 3 Started real slow but got better as it went.

Final Thoughts: Pretty good show this week, although I can do without Fandango jobbing, especially to the Miz. Although Fandango got eliminated by El Torito in the Rumble; maybe I shouldn’t expect that much from him. Del Rio had a pretty good match against a JTTS jobber and Big E had a solid match against Axel.