Ryan’s Main Event Review 2/12/14


WWE Main Event
December February 12, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Sin Cara & Los Matadores w/Torito vs. Wyatt Family

WE’RE HERE. Well this gets an automatic point. Hopefully we get the Wyatts abducting Torito. As someone personally going to WrestleMania, the announcement that Marc Crozer is going to perform at WrestleMania is so awesome. I hope 75,000 people sway in unison. Rowan dominates one matador and then Harper comes in and dominates. Rowan and Harper tag in and out and to quote Dusty they be CLOBBERING. The matador rolls away from Harper and tags out to Sin Cara. He gets some headscissors and a dropkick, before running into a big boot that puts him down. Harper tags in Bray right before we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Bray stomping away on Sin Cara in the corner. All three Wyatts tag in and out and work over Cara. Harper comes in and hits the alligator roll. Cara comes off the ropes with a tornado DDT and is able to tag out to a Matador (Diego apparently) and he hits some high flying moves on Rowan, including a somersault dive for two. Harper runs into the post and falls to the outside and Torito tries to dive onto him, but Harper catches him and has bad intentions but then one of the Matadores flies onto Harper. Bray has had enough and whips a Matador violently into the barricade and starts stalking Torito, but Sin Cara cuts him off, before getting dragged to the apron by Rowan. Rowan gets rolled up by Diego for two. Diego tags out to Sin Cara and Diego hits a tope onto Harper. Bray tags in and Cara hits a kick from the apron and tries a dive but Wyatt ducks and hits a flying elbow. Wyatt does the CRAB WALK and finishes Sin Cara with the Sister Abigail. I loved this match. It felt like a total squash for the first 2/3 of the match, but then Cara and Los Matadores got some token offense, until again Wyatt proved his dominance. 1 for 1, would have gotten 2 for 1 if Bray actually got his hands on Torito.

*We get the Lita Hall of Fame induction video again. I don’t quite get Michael Hayes, “she wasn’t a girl, she was a chick” comment, but I definitely think Lita is deserving. Maybe one more match against AJ at WrestleMania? Beth Phoneix as guest ref, with Maria as guest timekeeper. We see the Triple H/Michael Cole weekly interview and he announces that the Hall of Fame will air live on the WWE Network.

*Natalya vs. Aksana

Aksana’s music is so great in its horribleness. Sounds like the Russian version of the Silk Stalkings music. Back and forth sequence to start, until Natalya gets a double leg takedown and goes for the sharpshooter, but Aksana rolls to the outside and then hits a hangman on Natalya and takes over with some headlocks. They both go down off a double cross-body. Natalya hits two suplexes , but Aksana comes back with a bulldog and then neckbreaker, both for two. Natalya hits a nice roll up for two and Aksana comes back with a Ron Simmons style spinebuster for two. Aksana goes for a kick to the throat and Natalya catches the leg and locks in the sharpshooter for the win. This was good and not just Diva match good. Another easy point. 2 for 2

*We get a Raw Rebound looking at Betty White saying she’s going to kick some ass and then making Billy Gunn shit his pants.

*Big E Langston vs. Drew McIntyre w/Jinder Mahal

Big E throws Drew all over the ring. He then throws Drew around and hits some belly to bellies to start. Big E throws Drew out of the ring and tries to hit him off the apron, but runs into a Drew kick as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. During the commercial we see an ad for the new Shawn Michaels DVD which includes the Rockers against the Orient Express, but doesn’t include HBK/HHH/Benoit. We come back and Drew is still in control and hits a clothesline from behind for two. Drew hits a big boot again for two. Drew works in a arm-bar/headlock combo that Big E fights out of and Langston gets some steam, but Drew hits a clothesline and a big boot for two. McIntyre goes a for a suplex, but Big E reverses it and drops Drew on the ropes. Big E follows with two clotheslines and a belly to belly. E connects with a big splash and Drew tries getting out of the ring but Big E brings him back in Drew hits the big boot again for two. Drew runs at Big E and E hits a tilt-a-whirl slam into the Big Ending for the win. I really like Big E showing he can bust out the Big Ending out of nowhere. Jinder Mahal says if you mess with one member of the band you mess with the whole band and tells the ref to ring the bell.

*Big E Langston vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder runs in and quickly gets hit with a body avalanche and then Big E TAKES THE STRAPS DOWN and hits the Big Ending for the win. Drew and Big E was a real solid title defense, or at least a nice win by a champ.  3 for 3

Final Thoughts: One of the best shows since I’ve been reviewing. Of course if you start with the Wyatts and show complete shit the rest of the show, it’d still get a thumbs up from me. However, the weekly Diva match and the seemingly weekly Big E match were both really good this week. If you got 45 minutes to spare, I’d definitely hunt this one down.