Ryan’s Main Event Recap 2/25/14


WWE Main Event

December February 25, 2014

Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Show starts with a still In Memory of Nelson Frazier, Big Daddy V. My favorite Big Vis moment will always be the time Cryme Tyme stole his steak and tried selling it for their Mother’s Day sale.

*Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Los Matadores & El Torito vs. Ryback, Curtis Axel & 3MB

Well I don’t know if this is really a 10-man tag, more like 9 ½.  Goldust and Curtis start and Goldust hits his dropping uppercut and tags out to Cody. Cody and Axel trade hip-tosses and Axel uses some nice chops which he should probably use a bit more. Axel tags out to Ryback and Rhodes hits a springboard dropkick and goes for a disaster kick, but Ryback catches him and hits a powerbomb as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. Drew McIntyre is in the ring working over Cody as we come back. He tags out to Jinder and then Heath and 3MB hit a triple team move. Slater tags out to Axel. Axel hits a nice knee-lift and tags out to Ryback who comes in he locks in a cobra clutch. Ryback knocks all the faces off the apron, but then walks into a Cody Disaster Kick. Rhodes then makes the hot tag to the midget who enters with a hurricanranna to Slater. Torito spears Slater. Drew and Jinder run at Torito, but the Matadores back body drop them out and then hit planchas onto 3MB. Slater goes for a powerbomb, but Torito turns it into a facebuster. Goldust hits a somersault dive off the apron onto Axel and then connects with a springboard plancha onto Ryback. In the ring, Torito and Slater have a dance-off before Torito kicks Heath and then hits a hurricanranna as Slater was on his knees. Torito then covers for the win. Torito is really talented, puts Hornswoggle to shame and I have no problem with him beating 3MB. 1 for 1

*Raw Recap looks at the Wyatts attacking John Cena.

*Natalya & Eva Marie vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana

Well from one talented sideshow (El Torito) to an untalented one (Eva Marie). Natalya and Alicia wisely start and Eva tags in and wristlocks Alicia. Alicia hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Alicia throws Eva into the corner. Tom Philips notes Eva’s been in there a while. I think she’s been in 90 seconds which does probably make this her longest match as far as in-ring time goes. Aksana tags in and she kicks away at Eva Marie. Aksana awkwardly misses a knee drop and Natalya tags in and hits some suplexes and a clothesline. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter, but Alicia runs in, which Natalya ducks and Eva Marie pulls out of the ring. Nattie keeps going for the sharpshooter, but Aksana kicks her off into Eva on the apron. Nattie walks right into an Aksana spinebuster, which gives the non-Total Divas the win. 1 for 2, this was not as you say good. It was short but not short enough.

*WrestleMania ad, followed by looking at Undertaker returning to accept Brock’s challenge for WrestleMania. This is accompanied by a bad-ass country song called “In Time,” which was apparently on the Punisher movie soundtrack. BAD NEWS BARRETT. If not for the Shield/Wyatts, this man is my MVP from Elimination Chamber.  Barrett talks about Spring Break. This follows a look at BOO-Tista losing to Del Rio due to Orton’s interference and then Dave’s gasping for air interview. As someone personally going to Raw, they’d be wise not to show Batista in front of the live audience I think.

*Aaron Paul will be on Raw. They really need to bring back Tim White for a backstage vignette. “Yo, Mr. White, why you try to keep killing yourself bitch?” JBL fills in for Triple H in the weekly interview and he just pimps the NXT Arrival. Spoiler: It’s an awesome show, watch it!

*Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Aw shit PPV rematch.  Titus overpowers to start, but Young goes up top and Titus kicks him off. Titus uses some power offense before going to a headlock. Titus throws Young around. Titus is in total control and goes a powerbomb, but Young rolls him up for a win. Young got no offense outside of a few chops at the beginning. I see potential in both these guys, but no payoff yet. 1 for 3

*Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow is in control to start, overpowering Cara. He locks in a headlock and works over Cara. Sandow hits a Russian legsweep and looks to hit the Cubito Aequet but instead just punches away on Sin Cara.  He then stands up and hits the Elbow of Disdain. Sin Cara hits a tornado DDT and gets two. Sin Cara next hits a moonsault press for two. He follows that with a springboard back elbow for two. Sandow hits a backwards X-Factor for a near fall. Sandow is getting pissed at not being able to get the win. Sin Cara hits a crazy one-armed powerbomb. I like Hunico much more than Mystico. Mystico would have been injured about four times already in this match. Sandow hits his reverse sharpshooter, but Sin Cara fights out and hits a kick to the head from the apron and then hits the senton from the top. Sin Cara gets the three count. 2 for 4. Well it’s a shame that Sandow is a non-factor, but at least he puts on good matches.

Final Thoughts: Real fun opener and after that, I would advise you just skip the rest of the show or if you really want, you can go to the last match. But with the Network available, you should be able to find something better than Sandow/Sin Cara. See you next week assuming a full-fledged riot doesn’t erupt at Raw.