Ryan’s Main Event Recap 11/6/13


Hello Nation and welcome to my debut reviewing WWE’s Main Event. I watched the debut episode of Main Event last year and it had an amazing CM Punk-Sheamus match to start the show. Obviously the quality has dipped a bit since then, but the show still has some solid matches. I don’t do star ratings and for a show like this I would actually prefer the Scott Keith Coliseum Video point system. Basically if I like a match and think it’s worth tracking down on YouTube I give it a point. If it can be skipped it doesn’t get a point. Without further adieu…

WWE Main Event
November 6, 2013
Announcers: Josh Matthews & Alex Riley
Primetime Players vs. Rowan and Harper w/Bray Wyatt

WE’RE HERE. As you may have been able to guess the point system is very subjective and I can tell you right away, the Wyatt Family is pretty much an automatic point. Recap of the Punk-Bryan/Wyatt Family feud from Raw. Luke Harper works over Darren Young to start, bruising him in the corner. Young fights back and hits some dropkicks to Harper’s knee and tags out to O’Neil, who comes in and clotheslines down Harper. Rowan comes in and bruises O’Neil who then escapes a slam attempt and hits a clotheslines of his own. O’Neil tags out to Young and Titus suplexes his partner onto Rowan. Young keeps up the attack, but Rowan hits a spin-kick to turn the tide. Young is pushed out of the ring and Bray gets out of his rocking chair for a closer look. Harper then attacks Young, hitting a backdrop onto the apron. Harper comes in the ring and locks in a chinlock on Young. Young goes to the outside and Rowan attacks him. Bray lets Young know there’s nothing you can do. Harper tags in and whips Rowan into Young, who then throws Young right into Harper’s big boot as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Harper hitting a slingshot on the bottom rope to Young. Rowan comes in and just clubbers away on Young in the corner. Gator roll by Harper. Michinoku Driver by Harper for two, but O’Neil saves. Enziguri by Young and he makes the hot tag to O’Neil. O’Neil cleans house, barks and hits a powerslam on Harper for two. Blind tag to Rowan, Haper hits the spinning clothesline and Rowan hits the splash for the win. Bray comes in the ring after the match and Harper and Rowan hold up O’Neil who Wyatt hits with the Sister Abigail. Definite point here, as it was just a really good formulaic tag match with two real good teams. 1 for 1.

Nikki Bella w/Brie vs. Alicia Fox

Ad for Total Divas returning this week, also meaning the return of Total Divas watching Total Divas on PTBN (how am I doing with the cheap plugs guys?). I know Brie has improved a lot lately and supposedly she has been training with Daniel Bryan. If Nikki starts overcoming odds, I guess we’ll know she’s been training with her man. Nikki tries…something in the corner and Alicia dumps Nikki to the floor. Northern Lights suplex by Fox for two. Into the chinlock by Fox. Nikki seems to have a bit of trouble running quite as smoothly as Brie for some reason, it’s like something might be weighing her down. Nikki hits a bulldog and then the X-Factor for the win. This was not very good, and then the babyface Bellas make L signs on their forehead to Alicia. Brie as a babyface might work, but you can’t make Nikki a face, she’s just too much of a bitch. I mean that in a good way. 1 for 2.

Raw Rebound. Big Show, instead of going through with his lawsuit, running the company and giving himself a title shot whenever he wants, agrees to one now, where he’ll get screwed out of the title somehow.

Usos vs. Camacho & Hunico

HAKU JR! Damnit they don’t ride the bike to the ring anymore. K-Mart is one of the sponsors of Survivor Series. Really? All the K-Marts around here closed down. I’ve always been surprised that the Usos were able to come in as Jimmy and Jay. Vince must not have noticed them until they were on TV for about four months. I wonder if he yells at the announcers to push how they have hard heads. Feeling out process to start this one. Usos take control and try for a dive to the outside on Camacho, but Hunico pulls him out of the way and we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Hunico and Camacho hit a nice double hiptoss into a backbreaker maneuver. Hunico works over Jay with an armbar. Hunico and Camacho work over Jay, using quick tags and keeping him in their corner. Jay goes for a sunset flip, but Hunico rolls through it and hits a kick. Jay hits a monkey flip and tags out to Jimmy. Jimmy hits the Samoan drop on Camacho, but Hunico breaks up the count. Superkick by Jimmy to Hunico, followed by the big splash by Jay for the win. Another good solid tag match. 2 for 3.

Final Thoughts: Pretty good show, with two really good tag matches, sandwiched around a boring Divas match. However, when two matches eat up about 30 minutes of a 45 minute show that’s a plus for me. Thumbs up overall.