Ryan’s Main Event 1/22/14


WWE Main Event
December January 22, 2014
Announcers: Tom Phillips & The Miz

*R-Truth w/Xavier Woods vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow tells us he will win the Rumble. R-Truth works a headlock to start. Oh good, Xavier Woods will be in the Rumble. My pick has definitely changed. Sandow works a headlock now. Sandow hits some shoulders in the corner and then runs into an armdrag by Truth, followed by a dancing legdrop for two. Miz says he headlined Survivor Series once with Truth as his partner in Awesome Truth, one of the most dominant tag teams ever. Sure Miz. Sandow takes advantage outside the ring and hits a Russian leg sweep into the barricade right before the COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Sandow is still in control and hits the Cubito Aequet for two. Truth comes back with some clotheslines and a facebuster suplex for two. Truth goes for the scissor kick but Sandow ducks it and hits Edge’s buzzkill for two. Sandow hits a kick to the leg and then the Terminus for two. Truth then hits an armdrag out of the You’re Wrong, but Sandow locks in the Royal Arch (reverse sharpshooter) before Truth gets the ropes. Sandow argues with the ref and Truth hits his Jumping STO for the win. Good little match. 1 for 1

*We review the ending of Raw from two weeks ago, still an awesome moment. We then get a less awesome moment with the Bellas talking about Brie and Bryan before they are interrupted by Aksana and Alicia Fox.

*Bella Twins vs. Aksana and Alicia Fox

I think Aksana’s porno jazz song might be my favorite bad entrance song ever. Aksana starts with Brie. Brie with some knees and tags out to Nikki. Brie with a dropkick for two. Aksana throws Brie into the corner and tags out to Alicia and she gets a bit of offense. Aksana and Alicia make constant tags and works over Brie. Brie makes the hot tag and Nikki is a house aboobs. Nikki yells way too much in the ring. She hits a torture rack into a backbreaker, because why wouldn’t Nikki Bella have one of the best looking finishes in the company. It had a decent ending but it was a very boring beginning and middle. 1 for 2

*Raw recap looks at the historic Orton/Cena feud, ugh. Next the Royal Rumble behind the numbers video.

*Sin Cara vs. Alberto del Rio

Del Rio starts off with some kicks and a headlock as we still go to the mood lights. Miz says we’re looking at a new and improved Sin Cara. Thanks Miz, I think we all knew that. Sin Cara hits a flying headscissors and then a dropkick taking Del Rio to the floor and follows that with a tope con hilo (I think). He follows that with a dropkick in, but Del Rio reverses Cara’s suplex attempt to one of his own. Del Rio takes control here but hits a top rope dive into an armdrag, but then runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Cara tries a sunset flip on Del Rio, but Del Rio rolls through and hits a seated dropkick. Del Rio then throws Cara out of the ring as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. If Sin Cara’s in the Rumble, I think it would be awesome if they go down to the mood lights when he’s in and then they go back to normal once he’s gone. Del Rio is in control as we come back and we see him whipping him over the barricade during the break. Del Rio then goes for a backdrop superplex, and rips off Cara’s mask but he puts it back on. Del Rio tries a charge as Cara was in a Tree of Woe, but Sin Cara sits up and Del Rio hits the post. Cara then comes off the top with a missile dropkick for two. Del Rio goes for a superplex, but Sin Cara fights him off and hits a tornado DDT for two. Sin Cara delivers a flying headscissors then a springboard back elbow. Sin Cara goes up top, but Del Rio catches him and hits a superplex for two. Del Rio exposes his knee and goes for a running knee, but Sin Cara ducks and hits a Death Valley Driver, before going up and missing with a swanton. Del Rio connects with a superkick on the kneeling Cara, but Sin Cara kicks out at two. Del Rio goes up top, but Sin Cara catches. ADR then pushes Cara back and he gets tied in the ropes as Del Rio hits a double stomp onto him. Del Rio then delivers the cross-armbreaker and gets the win. Really good match as it built nicely to the end.  2 for 3

Final Thoughts: Okay show this week with nothing great or really bad. Del Rio/Sin Cara was a good match but that’s expected if they get a good amount of time, which is one thing you really don’t have to worry about on Main Event.