Musgrave’s ROH TV Recap – 6/3/2017

6/3/2017 ROH TV Report

This week’s show comes from Philadelphia with Ian Ricabonni and Colt Cabana on commentary.

Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara vs War Machine

Hanson and Rowe come out with their IWGP Tag Team Titles. Cheeseburger runs into Rowe with a forearm to the chest that has no effect. Ferrara tags in and does the same. Cheeseburger and Ferrara then throw multiple forearms that Rowe fights off with headbutts to their forearms. Rowe gives them a double belly-to-belly suplex. Hanson tags in and does his cartwheel into s clothesline. Rowe tags in and Hanson bodyslams Ferrara. Rowe goes to bodyslam Hanson onto Ferrara but Cheeseburger hits them with a missile dropkick. Cheeseburger and Ferrara hit Hanson with elbows in the corner. Ferrara gives Hanson a flying headscissors off the top and throws him into a gore on Rowe. Ferrara picks up Cheeseburger who hits a dropkick. Cheeseburger and Ferrara attempt to whip Hanson and Rowe into each other but War Machine blocks it. Hanson gives Cheeseburger a sitdown splash and Rowe gives him a knee-lift. Rowe picks up Ferrara in a wheelbarrow and Hanson clotheslines him off the ropes. Hanson backdrops Cheeseburger into a powerbomb by Rowe but Cheeseburger kicks out. Hanson and Rowe press Cheeseburger to throw him outside but he escapes, dropkicks Hanson and gives Rowe a shotei palm-strike. Cheeseburger goes for another shotei but Rowe pops him up into a powerslam by Hanson who hits Ferrara with a tope while Rowe pins Cheeseburger. This was really fun, mostly dominant by War Machine while Cheeseburger and Ferrara got some chance to shine. Rowe takes the mic and says that Philadelphia is an important city to War Machine. He notes that they formed their team in Philadelphia and a year-and-a-half ago they won the ROH Tag Team Titles. He says there’s something missing from their shoulders and that they’re tired of waiting. He challenges The Young Bucks for the titles.

Footage is shown from War of the Worlds in New York with Cody having Jay Lethal in the figure four when Christopher Daniels hits Cody with the Best Moonsault Ever for the pinfall. Cody says that ROH is scared that a free agent who won’t sign a contract will be their world champion. Kelly and Ricabonni preview that Cody will face Daniels for the ROH Title at Best In The World.

Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, Bushi and EVIL vs Jay and Mark Briscoe, Bully Ray and Dalton Castle

Mark starts with a headlock on Naito. They criss-cross and Mark teases a crane kick. They punch each other and Naito throws Mark out of the ring. Naito teases a dive but does his pose instead. Naito asks to face Bully Ray who tags in. Ray criss-crosses ad does Naito’s pose. Naito then teases doing the same but tags in Bushi who dropkicks Ray to no effect. Ray tears Bushi’s shirt and chops him. Ray chops EVIL and Sanada and calls out Naito who drops to the floor. Naito teases entering the ring. Ray tags in Castle and they double-team Bushi. Castle does his pose and Ray chops Bushi. Castle takes down Bushi and Sanada attacks him from behind. Everyone else brawls to the floor while Sanada ties up Castle and poses before dropkicking him. EVIL tags in and Castle punches away at him. EVIL rakes Castle’s eyes and then kicks him in the leg and hits a senton. Naito comes in and kicks Castle as the show goes to commercial.

After the break Castle is going for a tag but Naito tags in and cuts him off. Castle gets the tag to Mark who unloads on all four opponents including an enzuiguri on EVIL. Jay tags in and gives Sanada a blockbuster off the apron while Mark hits Naito with a tope suicida. Ray is in the ring and bodyslams Sanada and then EVIL. Ray and Mark hold Sanada and EVIL for “What’s Up” from Jay and Castle. Ray then yells “Get the Tables”. Jay and Castle are firing up together. The Boys come in and push Castle to the floor as Bushi blows mist into Mark’s face. Naito rolls up Mark for a pinfall. This was a confusing finish to end a pretty good match. Los Ingobernables de Japon were quite over and their interplay with Ray, Castle and the Briscoes was pretty fun. I would have liked to see some more action between EVIL and Ray as I think they’d match up well.

Hangman Page says they are lined up outside in Philadelphia to say goodbye to Adam Cole in his swan song. Page says that just like Marty Scurll kicked Cole out of The Bullet Club, Page will kick Cole out of Ring Of Honor.

A highlight video of Punishment Martinez is shown.

After a commercial break there is an interview with Jay Lethal talks about the upcoming tag team grudge match in which he teams with Bobby Fish against Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser. Lethal tells Fish to leave Silas Young because “he’s mine”.

Cabana, Ricabonni and Kevin Kelly who has joined the commentary team preview that The Young Bucks will be facing Rappongi Vice for the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Titles at NJPW Dominion. An interview with Rappongi Vice is shown of Rocky Romero and Trent Barretta. They say if the video of the Bucks and Hangman Page attacking them was shown they could go to jail but they aren’t those kind of guys. Romero challenges the Bucks and Page to a handicap match in Philadelphia. Barretta says that’s a bad idea as he’s got a guy. They then open a door and the Bucks appear and superkick them. The Bucks and Page then beat them down.

Hangman Page vs Adam Cole

They refuse to shake hands. They tie up and Page backs Cole into the corner and hits a forearm. They trade forearm strikes and Page kicks Cole in the knee. Cole backdrops Page to the apron. Page hits a forearm but Cole dropkicks him to the floor and then this a tope suicida. After a commercial break Page hits Cole with a tope suicida. Page rolls Cole inside for a pin attempt. Page goes for a suplex but Cole float over before missing an enzuiguri. Page gives Cole a modified fall-away slam into a bridging pin attempt. Page runs Cole’s head into the turnbuckle. They trade forearms and Cole hits a bicycle kick and a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker. Cole misses a shining wizard but hits a superkick to the knee. Cole applies the figure four but Page gets the ropes. Page goes to the apron and Cole trades punches with him from inside the ring. Page kicks him and slingshots in where Cole hits a superkick, a German suplex and a shining wizard for a pin attempt. They go to the apron and Cole goes for a German suplex. Page knocks him to the floor and hits a shooting star shoulder-block. Page rolls Cole inside and hits the slingshot lariat.

After a commercial break, Page goes for a backdrop but Cole floats over in a pin attempt. Cole hits a bicycle kick followed by a rolling elbow by Page. Cole hits a superkick and Page gives him a piledriver. Kelly notes on commentary that Jay Briscoe is trying to get a hold of The Boys in the back. Page picks up Cole who gets out and hits a series of kicks and a shining wizard. Cole goes for the Last Shot but Page counters and hits his own version. They go to the apron where Page goes for the Rite of Passage but Cole superkicks him to the floor. Cole then jumps from the apron and gives Page a Panama Sunrise on the floor. Cole rolls Page inside and goes for a Panama Sunrise from the top but Page catches him and hits the Rite of Passage. Page then hits a running lariat and another Rite of Passage and gets the pinfall on Cole. After the win Page grabs referee Todd Sinclair’s belt and beats Cole with it before Frankie Kazarian makes the save. This was a good match with a great finish. Some might complain about Page coming back from the Destroyer on the floor but from an action standpoint it was great as was catching Cole and hitting the Rite of Passage.

This was a good episode that built well and was easy to watch. Next week has Marty Scurll defending the TV Title against Kushida.