ROH Supercard of Honor XI Review

ROH Supercard of Honor XI

1) ROH TV Title: Marty Scurll (champion) vs Adam Cole

They trade wristlocks to start and then shove each other in the face. Cole hits a shining wizard and then knees Scurll in the back. Cole goes for a chinlock but Scurll rolls him up. Scurll throws him to the mat and they go to the floor and Scurll chops Cole around ringside. Cole grabs Scurll’s umbrella and Scurll grabs the TV title belt and they come to an impasse threatening each other. Scurll blocks a superkick and then hits a kick to Cole’s temple. Scurll chops Cole around the ring and Cole fires back and they trade elbows. Scurll appears to pass out but is playing possum and punches Cole in the face. Cole does his last shot (fireman’s carry into a knee). Cole comes off the ropes but takes an uppercut. Cole superkicks Scurll in the knee and then in the face. Scurll responds with a superkick of his own. Cole hits a bicycle kick and Scurll responds with a brainbuster. Scurll works up to a chicken wing attempt but Cole cuts him off with a jumping enzuiguri and a shining wizard. Cole does Scurll’s shuffle mockingly and goes for the chicken wing but Scurll cuts him off with a kick. Cole hits another bicycle kick and celebrate but Scurll grabs his fingers and twists them. Cole comes back with superkicks and a package piledriver for a near-fall. Cole grabs the title belt but Scurll hits him with the umbrella and a snap piledriver for another near-fall. Scurll goes for a piledriver but Cole reverses and hits one. Cole then hits a tombstone and goes for a second one but falls down. Scurll twists Cole’s fingers again and then hits a Gotch piledriver followed by a chicken wing for the submission win. This was a great match with an electric crowd.

2) Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs Vinny Marseglia and Matt Taven

TK O’Ryan accompanies The Kingdom on crutches and says the support from the fans has been repulsive and he doesn’t need the fans’ support. Young comes out says that this was supposed to be a six-man title match but O’Ryan snapped under pressure. Young says he’ll let his fists do the talking. All four men start brawling and spill to the floor. Taven throws Bruiser in the guardrail and then does a dropkick on Young from the ring to the floor. Marseglia does a springboard corkscrew onto Young. They go back inside and Young gives Taven a backbreaker combined with a dropkick by Bruiser. Marseglia and Bruiser start trading strikes. Bruiser hits a crossbody and Taven breaks up a pin attempt with a springboard elbow. Young clotheslines Taven on the ropes and then misses a dive on Marseglia. Marseglia goes for a sunset flip from the apron on Bruiser who splashes his chest. Taven hits Bruiser with a facebuster and then trades strikes with Young. Taven goes to the top and gets crotched on the top rope. Young hits him with a clothesline. Marseglia ggoes up top and Young hits him with an enzuiuguri and gives him a superplex. Bruiser does a top rope splash to Marseglia while Taven does one to Young and the referee counts both pin attempts. Taven and Bruiser brawl to the outside where Bruiser hits a cannonball off the apron. Marseglia slams Young in the ring. O’Ryan hands Bruiser’s cigar to Marseglia who lights up. Marseglia goes in the ring and goes after Young’s eye with the cigar but Young fights him off and hits the Misery Spinning TKO for the pin with the cigar in his mouth. Fun little tag match here, Bruiser is always a blast to watch.

3) ROH Six-Man Tag Titles: Bully Ray and Mark and Jay Briscoe (champions) vs Hangman Page, Tama Tonga and Tonga Roa

Bully Ray does a promo and says he didn’t think there could be anymore firsts in his career but tonight he will face Tama Tonga and Tonga Roa, his students. Tama and Mark start off and Tama shoulder-blocks him to the mat. They trade elbows. Mark headbutts Tama and hurts his head but comes back with red neck kung fu. Jay tags in and hits Tama with uppercuts and a dropkick. Roa blind tags in and clotheslines Jay and stomps him down in the corner. They trade boots to the face and Jay starts headbutting him. Mark tags in and trades chops with Roa. Jay does a clothesline from the second rope but Roa powerslams him. Tama chokes Jay on the bottom rope while Roa distracts the referee. The Tongans double-team Jay who tags in Bully Ray who says this has been ten years in the making. He asks to shake their hands and they do but they pull him into a double shoulder-tackle. Tama and Bully Ray roll around start punching each other. Roa tags in and bodyslams Bully Ray. They start trading slaps in the corner. Tama comes in and he and Roa whip Bully Ray in the corner and he gives them a double clothesline. He knocks down Page and then does a lateral press from the top on all three opponents. Bully Ray and Jay then hold Page spread eagle for a “What’s Up” elbow by Mark. Bully Ray yells “Get the tables” which the Briscoes attempt to do but get cut off by the Tongans who brawl with them at ringside. Page is slapping Bully Ray in the corner of the ring and they trade punches. Page hits the ropes and Bully Ray spears him. Mark tags in and knocks Roa off the apron and hits a missile dropkick on Tama. Mark takes Tama up top but gets knocked off only to catch Tama in a uranage. Roa tags in and takes strikes from Mark. Jay tags in and gives Roa a lariat while Mark goes to the top and does a Froggy Blow off the top to Roa outside. Page then does his shooting star shoulder-block off the apron to Jay. Roa gives Jay a blue thunder bomb inside and Page tags in. He’s moving slowly and Jay clotheslines him and kicks and headbutts him. Page goes to the apron and hits a slingshot lariat but Mark tags in and gives Page a brainbuster. Roa tags in and takes an STO from Bully Ray. Tama and Mark are in and Tama hits a splash in the corner. Page goes up top along with Tama to superplex Mark but Jay and Bully Ray put them on their shoulders for a doomsday device by Mark. Jay and Mark then pick up Roa and Bully Ray gives them the 3D for the pin. This was pretty fun, the crowd really was into Bully Ray and the Briscoes.

4) Jay Lethal vs Cody (bullrope match)

In the pre-match promo, Coy says he will bring the cowbell and bullrope that his father used with Superstar Billy Graham in 1977. Lethal comes out in a cowboy hat and jeans. Cody is wearing jeans and a t-shirt that says “Lethal Sucks Eggs” in a Terry Funk reference. Cody is hesitant to get tied up at first but then does so. We’re told that the rules are for one fall or a stoppage rather than dragging your opponent to all four corners. Lethal chokes Cody with the rope. Cody fights back and elbows Lethal in the head but ends up with the ropes between his legs and Lethal crotches him with it. Lethal chops Cody in the corner and pulls his shirt off. Lethal hits Cody with two clotheslines. Cody drops down to the mat and punches Lethal to take control. Cody whips Lethal to the corner but takes a boot to the face. Cody rolls to the floor and ends up tied up in the rope. Lethal slaps him around on the floor and hits him in the head with the cowbell. Lethal rolls to the other side of the ring and pulls Cody into the ringpost. Cody starts to crawl under the ring and somehow comes out busted open. Lethal gouges the cut with the cowbell. Lethal takes him to the apron and ties him to the ropes and works the cut with the cowbell again. Lethal goes outside and brings a chair inside and lays Cody out on it. Lethal goes to the second rope but Cody throws him onto the chair. Cody then starts punching Lethal and goes for an elbow but Lethal low blows him with the cowbell. Lethal does a handspring but Cody pulls him with the rope to stop him. Cody starts working the knee and goes for a figure four but Lethal kicks him into the ropes. Cody hits Lethal with the cowbell from outside. Cody goes under the ring and first finds a facemask that he throws away. He then grabs a table and tries to suplex Lethal through it but Lethal hits a dropkick from the second rope. Cody then does a springboard dropkick into the ring on Lethal. Cody then applies the figure four. Lethal breaks it with a cowbell to Cody’s head. Lethal beats on Cody with the cowbell and then goes up top only to have Cody throw him through the ringside table. Cody rolls him inside and kicks him low. Cody does the beautiful disaster (dropkick off the second rope) and the Crossroads for a pin attempt. Cody takes Lethal to the top rope and takes off his cowboy boot and hits him in the head. Cody goes for a superplex but Lethal knocks him to the mat and hits him with an elbow but Cody gets the cowbell in the way. Lethal blocks a beautiful disaster and hits the lethal injection for the pinfall. Cody gives Lethal the bullrope after the match. This was another great match on what has been a great show.

5) Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara vs Shane Taylor and Rhett Titus vs Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

This match is from earlier in the night and is being shown during the live intermission. Cheeseburger and Titus start and Titus hits a shoulder-tackle. Cheeseburger kicks him in the face and tags in Ferrara who hits an elbow and then does a battering ram with Cheeseburger’s knees. Sabin tags in and trades roll-ups with Ferrara. Shelley tags in and throws Ferrara to the floor. Titus comes in and takes double-superkicks from Shelley and Sabin. Sabin press slams Cheeseburger onto Ferrara at ringside. Ferrara hits a press on Titus inside but Titus rolls through and slams him. Taylor tags in and Ferrara does a sunset flip but Taylor legdrops him. Taylor elbows Ferrara in the head and Titus hits Ferrara with a dropkick. Cheeseburger tags in and unloads chops on Titus who no-sells it. Cheeseburger superkicks Titus and Ferrara does a slam on Titus out of a fireman’s carry. Cheeseburger hits Titus with a flying knee. Titus gives Cheeseburger a German suplex. Taylor slams Cheeseburger and Titus does a top rope splash with Ferrara making the save. Ferrara gets beat down. Taylor takes over but gets thrown outside by Shelley and Sabin. Ferrara does a dive on Taylor and Shelley and Sabin hit Taylor with kicks off the apron. Shelley and Sabin go back inside and Cheeseburger crotches Shelley on the top and hits Sabin with shotei palm-strikes. He hits Titus with shoteis as well but gets taken out by Taylor. Titus gets double-teamed by Shelley and Sabin and they then hit Cheeseburger with the double-Michinoku driver (or something like that) for the win. Ferrara talks down Cheeseburger after the match and seems ready to turn on him when Punishment Martinez comes out and runs off Ferrara. Martinez then hits a spin-kick on Cheeseburger anyway.

6) Punishment Martinez vs Frankie Kazarian

This is also from earlier in the night. Kazaraian goes after him right away and hits a legdrop on the ropes. Kazarian goes to the top rope and Martinez hits him with a spinning head-kick. Kazarian rolls outside and Martinez does a huge tope. Back in the ring, Martinez gives Kazarian a high backdrop and starts hitting running elbows in the corner. Martinez gives him a release German suplex and a rolling senton off the second rope. Kazarian hits a lungblower and a DDT followed by a senton. Martinez gets him in a rack driver. Kazarian does a slingshot DDT and then slingshots to the outside driving Martinez’ head into the apron. Kazarian goes back inside and dropkicks Martinez who is on the apron. Kazarian gives him a slingshot cutter but Martinez kicks out at one. Kazarian does three springboard legdrops. Kazarian goes to the top but Hangman Page runs out. Kazarian runs him off but Martinez grabs Kazarian in the South of Heaven chokeslam for the pinfall.

Back to the live show, Bobby Fish comes to the ring and says he is sure there are a few people in the audience a little shocked to see him here tonight but the fact is that he is not done with Ring Of Honor. He says his list of those in the back that still has issues with is long and top of that list is Jay Lethal. Fish says a contest as close as they had in Vegas is a bitter pill for him to swallow. Silas Young comes to the ring and says up until two minutes ago he had a completely different view of him when he came out and made excuses about why he couldn’t beat Lethal. He says excuses are a dime a dozen and Fish ain’t nothing but a dime store chump. Fish says Young has come too far toward the ring to goes back and challenges him to a match.

7) Bobby Fish vs Silas Young

They start rolling on the mat and spill to the outside where Fish kicks Young and throws him into the guardrail. Young rakes Fish’s back and throws him into the guardrail. They return to the ring where Fish whips Young into the corner. They spill outside again and Young jumps over Fish who takes out the referee’s knee. Young hits a springboard lariat on Fish on the floor. Young brings a chair into the ring but Todd Sinclair comes out and grabs it. Young knocks Sinclair down and Sinclair calls for the bell. Fish spears Young to the floor and then spears him into the guardrail. Fish tries to suplex Young through two chairs on the floor but Young reverses and gives Fish a spinebuster through the chairs.

8) Will Ospreay and Volador Jr vs Dragon Lee and Jay White

Ospreay and White start and trade holds. White grabs a wristlock and Ospreay does his multiple kip-ups and then does a strut. Ospreay points to someone in the crowd and gets White to do so and grabs a headlock. They fly all over the place and come to a stalemate and Volador and Lee tag in. They do a rapid exchange as well and the fans start chanting “Lucha Libre”. Volador does a springboard and rana’s Lee who lands on his feet and hits his own rana. Volador goes to the outside and Lee hits a tope. White tags in and Lee does a tilt-a-whirl on Volador. White hits a back elbow on Volador and then chops him in the corner. Ospreay and lee are in and Ospreay hits a springboard clothesline. This starts moving too fast for me to type. Ospreay hits a double Pele kick on his opponents. Volador hits them with a springboard moonsault and Ospreay hits a top rope spinning senton. Ospreay is in the corner and Lee rana’s him to the outside. Volador does an Assaii moonsault on Lee. White hits Volador with a tope. Ospreay does a Sasuke Special but White catches him and gives him a brainbuster on the apron. White gives Ospreay a sit-out missile dropkick in the ring and Lee hits a frog splash. Volador charges White but gets dumped outside. Ospreay throws quick chops at White who gives him a German suplex. Ospreay gives White a Spanish Fly and Lee hits a dropkick. Volador chops White in the corner and then backdrops him to the apron and hits an enzuiguri. Volador goes to the top where Lee and White hit enzuiguris and Lee does a double stomp. Volador starts throwing superkicks. Volador and Lee start throwing strikes and Volador hits a big kick. Lee gives Volador a German suplex but takes a spinning DDT. Volador does a Canadian Destroyer on Lee who rolls outside where Ospreay does a springboard shooting star. White and Volador are inside and Volador does a top rope rana for the pinfall. This was a crazy high-flying and fast-paced match that was pretty amazing to watch. What a great show. The fans chant “That Was Awesome” and aren’t overstating it.

9) ROH World Title: Christopher Daniels (champion) vs Dalton Castle

I’m really hoping for a title change here, even though I like Daniels as champion. Castle grabs a wristlock to start. Daniels fights out and hits a leg lariat. Castle falls backward into the corner and The Boys fan him. Castle takes Daniels to the mat but Daniels gutwrenches him. Daniels falls into the corner for The Boys to fan him but they back off. Castle does a shoulder-block and then goes for a roll-up. Daniels throws him outside and grabs The Boys’ fans and taunts them. The Boys come into the ring and try to get them back allowing Castle to take Daniels down to the mat. Castle splashes him and bearhugs him. Castle clotheslines Daniels over the top rope and teases a dive but holds back. Daniels kicks Castle in the face but takes a suplex. Castle bearhugs him again. Daniels get up and hits elbows and a clothesline. Daniels hits an STO and a tilt-a-whirl sideslam. Daniels applies the Koji Clutch but Castle gets to the ropes. Daniels is throwing elbows and Castle throws a headbutt and an elbow. They trade chops and punches. Castle hits a belly-to-belly suplex, a gutwrench suplex and a German suplex. Daniels hits an elbow in the corner but Castle does a running knee. Castle drapes Daniels on the floor and hits a knee-lift to the head. Daniels whips Castle into the corner but he spins around into a rana. Castle rolls him back inside and gets to the apron where Daniels knocks him to the floor. Daniels does an Arabian moonsault onto The Boys and then Castle hits him with a tope suicida. Daniels catches Castle with a blue thunder bomb on the inside. Daniels gives him an iconoclasm. Daniels does a judo throw and goes the Best Moonsault Ever but misses and Castle gives him a bridging German suplex. Castle throws forearms and gives Daniels a Saito Suplex. Castle gives Daniels Bang-A-Rang for a near-fall. Castle picks up Daniels who slams him to the mat and applies a Koji Clutch. Castle powers out and stands up and drives Daniels into the corner. Daniels kicks him in the gut and goes for the Angels’ Wings. Castle blocks and goes for Bang-A-Rang. Castle kicks him in the quad and rolls him up for the pinfall to keep the title. Fun title match and I am ok with the result, Castle had a good showing and seemed to set himself up for a future title run although he should have been in that position earlier. Cody comes in and attacks both Daniels and Castle and Kazarian makes the save.

10) ROH Tag Team Titles: Matt (MH) and Jeff Hardy (champions) vs The Young Bucks of Matt Jackson (MJ) and Nick Jackson

This is a ladder match and will probably be crazy. The ROH tag titles are hung above the ring but the Hardys are holding the Superkick tag titles. They throw them to the outside and MH says “Delete”. Both teams start brawling and MH bights Nick. The Hardys do their fistdrop/legdrop. Nick goes for a superkick but MH blocks and throws the boot into MJ. MJ superkicks MH. The Hardys take over and hit stereo Twist Of Fate’s. The Hardys go outside and grab a ladder from under the ring. The Bucks dropkick them and then hit topes. The Bucks bring two ladders into the ring and climb them but the Hardys pull them down and start chopping them in the corner with the fans chanting “Delete! Obsolete!” The Hardys whip Nick into a ladder and do the same to MJ. Nick gets thrown into the ladder again and takes a double DDT. The Hardys start climbing a ladder and MJ pulls them down. Both Matts square off while Jeff grabs a ladder, rams it into Nick’s head and knocks him through a table at ringside. Jeff stacks two ladders on each other in a seesaw manner. The Bucks are on the top rope with Jeff and MH gives MJ a crucifix powerbomb. Jeff punches Nick and he gets crotched on the top rope. MH sets up two tables at ringside and attempt to suplex MJ through them but he fights them off. MJ whips Jeff into the corner. Jeff tries to float over but takes a superkick and the Bucks seesaw the ladder into his face. Nick then does a moonsault onto MH at ringside. MJ sets up MH on a table at ringside and Nick does a top rope 450 splash onto MH through the table. MJ climbs a ladder inside but MH follows him up and they trade punches at the top with the fans chanting “Delete”. MH rams MJ’s head on the ladder and he falls off. The Bucks then do a powerbomb enzuiguri combo on MH in the corner. The Bucks lay a ladder across the rope with MH on it. Nick superkicks Jeff. MH throws Nick across the ring and Jeff clotheslines him. The Hardys then slam Nick through a ladder with an inverted wheelbarrow. MJ rams a ladder into MH’s ribs and then does a Tornado DDT to Jeff on the apron. MJ superkicks Jeff at ringside and lays him on a table. MJ then climbs a ladder in the ring but MH cuts him off and back suplexes him. Nick climbs a ladder and MH knocks it over. Nick lands on the second ladder which keeps falling and then Nick hits a springboard senton onto Jeff on a table outside. MH and MJ climb a ladder for the belts inside and trade punches with the fans chanting “Delete” and “Suck It”. The ladder falls and they land throat-first on the top rope. The Bucks set up ladders again and MJ and MH climb up one while Nick and Jeff climb up the other. MH bights MJ but MJ knocks him off. Jeff’s ladder gets knocked over but he lands on the one MH is on and they trade headbutts. Nick pulls Jeff down and they hit double clotheslines. MH bights MJ’s foot then knocks over the ladder pushing MJ through the tables at ringside. MH climbs the ladder inside and Nick springboards onto the ladder and knocks MH down. Jeff brings Nick down and he and MH stomp him down in the corner. Nick starts throwing kicks and elbows on both Hardys. MJ returns outside and Jeff goes for Whisper in the Wind but takes a double-superkick. The Bucks superkick MH but he bounces off the ropes and clotheslines them. MH backdrops MJ through a table at ringside. Jeff gets knocked through a table at ringside. Matt gives Nick a side effect through a table at ringside. MH and Nick roll back inside and MJ and Jeff follow. All four men climb ladders and trade strikes at the top. The Bucks superkick the Hardys off the ladders and grab the belts to regain the titles. This was a crazy match and the Hardys certainly didn’t wrestle like two men who have a surprise ladder match ahead of them tomorrow but I don’t know that they would try to hold back. MH takes the mic after the match and says they have wrestled every tag team in the world and The Bucks are the best tag team they have ever faced. MH says he and Jeff don’t know how much longer their vessels will allow them to keep doing this but they know that tag team wrestling will be kept alive and main event cards. Jeff takes the mic and sings “We’ll fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete”. They shake hands and the Bucks celebrate.

This was one of the best ROH shows I have seen in a long, long time and I would say is the show of the weekend at this point even though there has been some other great stuff.