Ring of Honor TV Episode #241 Recap

Welcome back to this week’s placeholder episode from ROH’s trip to Japan back in February prior to the 14th Anniversary show. Global Wars is this Sunday – expect some PTBN reaction from that show in a couple different forms.

With that said – be sure to check out our complete Honor Rising coverage, courtesy of Dave Musgrave here (night 1) and here (night 2) for the matches shown on this episode.

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Here’s what’s shown this week:

Moose, Michael Elgin, Tomoaki Honma and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. The Bullet Club (Tonga, Hall, Tagahashi and Fale) – a nice showcase for Moose here as he goes over Hall for the win. Elgin and Moose got the most time it seemed for the TV cut. Some nice matchups with Moose going against another heavy in Fale (and Hall is no slouch – guy is huge).

Before we get to the main, we get a bit with Truth Martini and Jay Lethal talking about getting massages in Tokyo and then we also get, as a bit of a bonus, the last couple minutes of Lethal vs. Lio Rush from Supercard of Honor Night 1. Finally, with Global Wars a week away, we get the Colt Cabana appearance and parts of his promo with Lethal, plus their encounter from Night 2 where Cabana pins Lethal with a surprise roll-up before the Lethal Injection (note: this weak looking roll-up and Colt’s subsequent goofy reaction sucked). Better late than never. This worked to plug the main event of Global Wars.

Back to the Lethal/Martini skit and they find Delirious leaving the massage parlor very happy. Then we see them outside the NJPW dojo and Lethal is upset he’s not on the billboard so he’s going to go break all of Okada’s stuff. We wrap with more Truth and Lethal, plus clips of the guys out eating and Dalton Castle at a cat café (a real thing – worth watching). I enjoyed these bits a good bit.

The Bullet Club (Gallows and Anderson) vs. The Briscoes – at one time I had a fairly hot take that I enjoyed this matchup at the 2014 War of the Worlds show over the ROH match of the year Bucks/reDRagon bout. While I kind of skirted back from that ledge after re-watching the Bucks, I do like the chemistry these guys have. Hard-hitting regular affair in one of Gallows and Anderson’s last appearances before heading to WWE. No Jay Driller here but we get a neck breaker into froggy-bow for the win. Nice opportunity for the Briscoes to get a big win in advance of their tag team bout at Global Wars.

We get a nice music video to end the show which recaps the two nights of Honor Rising, with cool backstage glimpses and what not. I hope that makes the DVD release.

Next week’s show is a Global Wars preview a day in advance of the show. I know our man Kevin Kelly has been hard at work in the ROH studios recording so I’m confident this will be a solid preview to get any last minute buys for Sunday.