Rebel Moon: A New Hope (2023)

Will Rebel Moon save the galaxy?

by Paul Bernardo

Zach Snyder’s epic saga Rebel Moon has premiered in LA and is having a limited run in theaters before landing on Netflix on Dec 21 2023, just in time for Christmas.

Here’s how I see it. Zach wrote a spinoff story to Star Wars with Lucasfilm. Once Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, Disney killed it and put the project on the shelf indefinitely.

Once shelved, Zach and his writing pals Kurt Johnstad and Shay Hatten reworked the film to try and have as little to do with Star Wars as possible. I don’t know if it is, but that’s the intent.

Zach has said Rebel Moon is inspired by The Seven Samurai, Heavy Metal magazines, and of course Star Wars. So it is a much more mature take on things.

Zach has been shopping this project around for a while. It was pitched as a video game and also as a film to Warner Bros, who passed on it, “a couple of times”. Then producer Eric Newman picked up on it, and developed it as a television series. After the success of the Army of the Dead (2021), Netflix gave Zach the green light to make Rebel Moon as a film for their platform.

Now we’ve had major flops by major people recently. The Marvels tanked, Marty’s Flowers of the Killer Moon tanked even harder, and Ridley Scott’s Napoleon mega-tanked.

Now we have Aquaman 2 coming up – which basically people think is DOA, and will go nowhere, and we have Zach’s Rebel Moon releasing on Netflix. Which, if anything, will help the project immensely. It doesn’t have to carry a big box office number, it doesn’t have to have a great turnout in theaters. Like Army of the Dead, it can slowly and silently become a success and cultivate a cult following without cold hard numbers being thrown at it.

If you want to start a completely new IP tentpole, i think streaming is the perfect way to do it. You don’t need a big opening to make or break your project. No one has any idea what numbers it does, so it gets judged by it’s merit and quality alone, which is something a start up IP needs.

I hope Rebel Moon does well, and I hope more creators follow suit. Lord knows we need new ideas and new projects. That’s one of the reasons why DC and Marvel are failing so badly at the moment. They have become shallow, cookie cutter movies, and fans are sick of it.

Good luck to Zach, I hope it’s a huge success, and I hope it makes one helluva cookie.