Rank & File #4: Christmas Movies

What’s that? It looks like one more present! How did you forget to open this one? In a late Christmas gift exchange, Rank and File is here to ring in 2021 by taking a look at the greatest Christmas movies of all time. Jordan is back with Erich, and while Aaron is still away on a trek through the Great White North, they’ve got someone in as a guest this time! It’s Place To Be’s own Andy Atherton, making his North/South debut! 

Join the guys as they vote on a bracket of 16 Christmas classics to determine once and for all the best Christmas movie of all time. Along the way, they discuss what actually qualifies as a movie, what makes Die Hard a Christmas movie, and in a surprise twist, they learn what Christmas is all about! Also Erich’s heart grows three sizes, but we are happy to report that doctors say he will survive! Tune in and start your year off right!