PTBNXT #18: NXT TV 10/30/14, 11/6/14 & 11/13/14

On this edition of PTBNXT, Tim, Jenny, and Jake continue their tradition of new gimmick names, then discuss NXT TV from 10/30/14, 11/6/14, and 11/13/14. The crew break down the debut of Finn Balor, Itami being outshined, Sami’s Road to Redemption, Neville accepting Sami’s challenge, Sasha going after Charlotte, guys who will never leave NXT, Marcus Louis’s break from sanity, Jason Albert’s bad commentary, Jacob Goodnight, Queens of the Ring, performance center propaganda, Vince’s cinematic ideas, rating matches without stars, and much more.┬áSo set sail at Full Sail for some top tier analysis and complete nonsense because We Are PTB…NXT!