PTBN’s Weekend Playlist 6/12-6/14 – A Dusty Tribute


Yesterday, the wrestling world lost a very special person. Dusty Rhodes wasn’t just a common man, he was THE man. The word, “icon” is used often to describe various individuals in the industry, but no one fits that term better than the American Dream.

Instead of the usual Friday playlist of music, I wanted to pay tribute to a legend.  A man of charisma. A husband.  A father.  A man than gave so much to the business. The son of a plumber from Austin, Texas, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

Some recommended classics from WWE Network:
vs Ric Flair – Starrcade 1985
vs Lex Luger – Starrcade 1987
Team Rhodes vs Stud Stable (War Games) – Fall Brawl 1994
Dusty and Sting vs Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard – Clash of the Champions II
vs Steve Corino (Bull Rope Match) – Living Dangerously 2000
Dusty and Sapphire vs Randy Savage and Queen Sherri – WrestleMania VI
2007 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony