PTBN’s Rewatch Party: Raw Live Watch 6/28/93 and 7/5/93


IT’S A NEW DAY!!! The Rewatch Party continues as the crew reviews the June 28th and July 5th, 1993 editions of Monday Night Raw! Will Steve Wille make a successful leap to the host’s chair, or will he fall into the hole left from the slam heard round the world? Join Steve and special guests Jordan Duncan, Roger Morrissette and Glenn Butler as they discuss the WWE Network’s streaming issues, Rick Steiner’s buffoonery, Adam Bomb, Mike Sharpe, Barry Horowitz, and what exactly was Men on a Mission’s mission? So put on your American flag windbreaker, do some light stretching and make sure you lift from your legs, as we’re about to open a new chapter of the PTBN Rewatch Party!

Note: this was recorded prior to the buffering issues being resolved with the WWE Network.