PTBN’s NBA-Team Podcast- 2017 Playoff Preview: First Round

The NBA’s second season, the beloved Playoffs, are about to tip off so Adam Murray and Andrew RIche of Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team are ready to give you every angle, viewpoint, and opinion you need to know about the next two weeks. How will Adam’s Boston Celtics handle the pressure of being a 1 seed against Jimmy Butler and the Chicago Bulls? How many games will the Blazers or Grizzlies actually win against the Warriors and Spurs, respectively? Can the starters and offensive firepower of the Washington Wizards take out the flexible, defensively driven Atlanta Hawks? Riche and Adam also discuss the much-anticipated James Harden/Russell Westbrook MVP match-up, the Cavs being able to flip the switch on defense, the young vs old battle between L.A. and Utah, and much more! So suit up and take it out with the NBA-Team!